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Hero Hastur

Complete details of Hastur Motorcycle

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Launched globally in 2014.
Hero Hastur is not yet available in India.

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Not Available
Special Features
Twin projector headlights.
Upside-down forks.
Huge disc brakes (two up front and one in the rear)
17 inch Pirelli Diablo tyres
Technical Specifications of Hero Hastur
Type Motorcycle
Engine Displacement 620.00 cc
Engine Type Water cooled parallel twin
Fuel System Controlled Swirl Injection (CSI)
Cooling System Water Cooled
Maximum Power 80 PS @ 9,600 rpm
Maximum Torque 72 Nm
Transmission 6 speed cartridge type transmission
Acceleration 0 - 100 kmph in 3.8 seconds
Top Speed 240 kmph
Front Brake
Chassis and Suspension
Wheel Type
Length x Width x Height 2015 x 820 x 1120 mm
Weight 160 kg
Ground Clearance 130 mm
User Reviews of Hastur. Write Your Review
looking an awesome indian bike.
superb look
i xpect this bike to be of atleast 1000cc engined.
By on 03-08-2014
I think we are still not free, 125% duty on CKD kills. Modi ache din is all bullshit, the other day I was charged Rs 400/- for overspeding in Delhi 50kmh. Now the driving allowed speed is 100kmh will the police refund my 400, or it was charged to clear its target as admitted by the police officer.
By on 18-08-2014
2 years back the FZ ruled the roads, now its the Duje, when this comes out, however the price be, I'm sure every guys dream is to pwn speed, and this would be the closed on thing they can get that relates to that.

Awesome bike, though I doubt I can get one, still would live to wait for its official release!

People are saying it would be priced at 5-6.5 lakhs. Maybe even more. Nothing is confirmed so far!
By on 19-08-2014
I love this bike very much due to its aggresive design . A true sTrEet figHter.hastur King of street . eagerly waiting for this machine.
By on 27-09-2014
impulse is a very neat off road motorcycle I wonder why hero discontinued i just want to buy made in India motorcycle which packs a punch like impulse,in motorcycle industry its all about being unique
By on 25-05-2015
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