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Global Automobile, launched in 2007, was West Bengal's initial bike assembling plant, brought out around 3,60,000 units of two-wheelers every year. Expression, Expression Plus+ and Rock 100 are its major brands. By 2009, the company had arrangements to dispatch bikes, autos, transports and trucks.

The company was formed as a result of a joined venture between Xenitus Group based in China and the Guangzhou Motors company. Global Automobiles entered the bike market with the launch of four variations of its motorbikes, Xoom, in 100cc, 125cc, 150cc and 180cc. Guangzhou Motors had provided the company with specialized backing to set up the mechanical production system, generation methodology, administration system, item method control, display and pricing. Other than motorbikes, the organization likewise had brought out gearless scooters in the country as well.

The company was fairly successful until 2010, when due to internal clashes and lack of work opportunities, Global Automobiles started to stoop low. The workers went on a hunger strike in 2013, complaining that they were asked to assemble and dismantle a bike continuously for months over, due to internal disputes among their employers. Moreover, the workers weren't given their basic salary as well. When the disputes went high, the company was forced to shut down later on.