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For almost 25 years, Erik Buell had been brooding over his dream to build motorcycles 'without compromise'. And in 2009, his dream came true.

The founder of Erik buell Racing had his taste of success in bike racing, before starting the EBR. Perhaps during the course of his race, he must have got that spark to design and manufacture his pown bike for racing purposes. And yes, that was it. The Erik Buell Racing was born.

EBR is an amalgamation of the American spirit and world-class technology in every single EBR bike that is designed and produced in the US.

Previously, with major shares from Harley-Davidson, Erik had started off with the Buell Motorcycle Company in 1983, which however was shut down in 2009 by Harley-Davidson to focus on its major brand. This was actually a good step for Erik as now, he didn't have any other superpower to dictate over him and his designs, with the remote in their hands.

And so, Erik didn't stop with that. Instead, he launched his independent company, which specialized in the production of race-versions of bikes such as the 1125R. EBR marked its presence in the automobile scenario with a slow start, but it did make the rival big league manufacturers look at the newbie in the segment. But later on, Erik shifted his focus and began producing updated versions of the 1190RS, suited for both the tracks and streets. EBR also came about with better 1190RX model for the streets and tracks.

In 2013, one of the major companies in the Indian automobile scenario, Hero MotoCorp, bought 49.2% of the shares in EBR for a price of Rs. 150 crores. With this joint venture, EBR began to distribute Hero motorcycles and scooters in North America since 2014. The world saw Hero's EBR engineered Leap hybrid scooters and superbikes with this joint venture.