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Launched in India in 1990. Sunny is not in production now.

Sunny was one such iconic brand from Baja Auto Ltd which had changed the fortunes for the bike maker at early stages. This scooter was launched in the year 1990 targeting ladies and teenagers of India. This scooter has made many young girls of India to step over to the motoring world.

Scooter sits on a small 50 cc, 2-stroke petrol engine, producing a maximum power of 2.8 bhp @ 6000 rpm with an automatic transmission. It can hit a maximum speed of 50 kmph and can also carry a payload of 120 kg. Fuel tank capacity of sunny was 3.5 litres. With a spectacular mileage of 50 kmpl it was one those two wheeler, which is reliable in all means. Front suspension composed of a leading link with coil springs while rear features a hydraulic damper with coaxial springs.

In India license was granted to teenagers at the year of 16 for automatic scooters and this is what Sunny targeted the most. By 1997 Bajaj stopped the production of Sunny and they later introduced Sunny Zip with a 60cc engine. Unlike TVS Scooty and Kinetic mopeds, this one uses automatically engaging gear system, which enhances smooth riding experience.

Sunny stands a symbol for the Indian motoring world. It was one those two-wheeler with handsome looks and styling. One of the posters of Sunny featuring Sachin Tendulkar was quiet famous in those days.

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Bajaj Sunny Price Rs. 12,000 [Ex-showroom, New Delhi]

Bajaj has stopped the production of its scooter Sunny and hence the given price is not relevant. If you want to check the price of second hand Sunny, try our Bike Valuation Tool.

The given price can change depending on the colour and other features like alloy wheels, disc brakes, accessories etc.

State, City Ex Showroom Price On Road Price
Delhi, New Delhi Rs. 12,000 --
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Easy kick start.
Spare wheel.
Overall Mileage55 km per litre
Technical Specifications
Vehicle TypeScooter
Engine Displacement50.00 cc
Engine Details2-stroke
Maximum Power2.8 bhp @ 6000 rpm
Top Speed50 kmph
Chassis and Suspension
Front SuspensionLeading link with Coil springs
Rear SuspensionHydraulic damper with coaxial springs
Front Tyre2.75 x10 Pr
Rear Tyre2.75 x10 Pr
Wheelbase1165 mm
Weight63 kg
Ground Clearance100 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity3.5 litres
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I want Bajaj Sunny scooty. I want to bye sunny in good condition.
By on 22-10-2023
I want to buy only sunny
By on 14-09-2023
Is this bike still available to us?
By on 13-05-2023
Bajaj sunny ke sath bachpan ka ek sapna hai ki mai isse kharidu kintu tabtak scooty ka menu facture bandh kar diya gaya tha krupaya mujhe mail lare.. jaha bhi upalabdh ho.,.
By on 01-05-2023
I want to buySunny.Is it available in the market?
By on 25-03-2023
50 cc scooter woth full milage make soon and introduce .bajaj has to make sunny zip again
By on 17-03-2023
i very much like sunny miss you
By on 19-11-2022
Excellent bike
By on 22-06-2022
Bajaj Sunny Price
Rs. 12,000 [Ex-showroom, New Delhi]
एक महीने पर इ एम आई कितनी भरनी होगी।
By on 20-05-2022
I want a sunny bajaj scooter
By on 14-05-2022
I want Bajaj sunny scooty. I love it
By on 13-04-2022
Loved my Sunny which was gifted by my dad on my birthday in1993.
Smart ,Very safe ,easy to handle.
Want it now for my daughters.
Wish they start manufacturing Bajaj Sunny again
By on 05-04-2022
How can I buy sunny
By on 01-04-2022
I want a bajaj sunny i am handicapped easy to handle one should have pl contact 6374492373
By on 07-01-2022
I request please relaunch Baja sunny scooter I love Bajaj sunny scooter
By on 27-12-2021
It's portable
By on 25-12-2021
One old Bajaj sunny price 10000 rs
By on 14-12-2021
i want to buy Bajaj SUNNY old bike..please contact me on 7013745485
By on 02-12-2021
I want bajaj sunny please recchout 9380622598
By on 31-10-2021
I like sunny, please relaunch it.
By on 14-09-2021
I want second hand sunny scooter please cal 9739170930
By on 05-05-2021
I like Bajaj Sunny scooter I purchase that pls contact me cell no 7898112759
By on 28-03-2021
Hello, excellent day, I need a BAJAJ SUNNY 50cc 1998 engine and transmission.
By on 22-02-2021
I need one Bajaj sunny, pls let me know if anyone selling
By on 26-01-2021
I have sunny bike..old bajaj
By on 19-01-2021
Hey I like this bike wanna buy one please let me know if available 9653388100 , 8050088100
By on 10-01-2021
Plz relaunch sunny
By on 10-01-2021
By on 08-12-2020
Naku chala isstam sunny bike ante plz malli relanch cheyandi plz plz plz ma ladies ki chala avasaram
By on 22-11-2020
में बजाज सनी को बहुत पसंद करता हूं क्युकी सनी एक सबसे सस्ती चलाने में आसान सिखने के लिए सही गाड़ी थी इस गाड़ी को इसी मोंडल में अगर बजाज लांस करता है तों यह लोगों की पहली पसंद होंगी
By on 15-09-2020
I lobe Bajaj Sunny too much..bcos it is very very eazy to handle and procides lots of fun while riding.
By on 13-09-2020
I want to buy a new or used Balaji sunny zip plz share your detail to my mail ID
By on 06-09-2020
I like sunny scooter from my childhood now I want to ride this is my dream.. I want Plz inform
By on 06-09-2020
Yes,I am so glad to read this rewiews of sunny bike lovers,I thought I am only the one eager to bike. I pleased Bajaj company to relaunch again No modifications ,same bike.
By on 04-09-2020
I like very much
By on 02-09-2020
I like sunny since from my childhood now I want to ride. Please start production
By on 30-08-2020
I love sunny because I am short highted and it s easy to use plz start production.
By on 16-08-2020
I like sunny scooter
By on 06-07-2020
by this sunny bike
By on 09-06-2020
please send booking details..
By on 02-04-2020
Nice scooter
By on 16-11-2019
By on 13-11-2019
I am a low height lady please arrange sunny bike to me
By on 26-09-2019
I want to learn to ride thr bike and i want sunny bajaj.Very light convenient for old people cango and come slowly.
By on 20-09-2019
Bajaj sunny very compact and good to use, bajaj should restart the new sunny production by giving new sunny with 70 kmpl petrol
By on 30-08-2019
For ladies use.
By on 28-08-2019
Is this available call me 9247291794
By on 01-08-2019
I like sunny Bajaj very much. It suits very much for old people who wants to go shopping as it is weightless and easy to handle. Please reintroduce this bike Bajaj. I need this bike immediately
By on 25-07-2019
I like sunny bike. So pls reproduce this bike model
By on 01-07-2019
I want to purchase it
By on 18-05-2019
Please reproduce sunny again it is easy riding scooty like short height ladies we r waiting for sunny relaunch
By on 28-04-2019
Bajaj sunny is most beneficial scooty for ladies n old age man
By on 02-03-2019
I need bajaj sunny vechile
By on 16-12-2018
By on 30-08-2018
I want to restore my sunny ...Please help me
By on 22-07-2018
Because i want this. Colour is black.
By on 27-06-2018
Yes, I want this bajaj sunny before Durgapuja as your price written here like 12000/- ex showroom, delhi. So, I want fast this sunny scooter in Bengal. I have good faith always in Bajaj. It may cost about 20000/-for bengal, it does not matter what I am purchasing. I knew that it will a value worth item for me. No-8582984368/7998037779/9073341420
By on 23-06-2018
Is this available call me 8146782720
By on 07-06-2018
Sunny was a very good scooter.if bajaj start manufacturing I will definately buy
By on 27-05-2018
I feel happy and easy to drive Sunny. I suggest to re-produce the Sunny vehicle with self starter at the earliest as I can
By on 01-05-2018
its easy to balance for learners and for height less persons and easy to ,light in weight i want immediatly one . please arrange atleast one for me urgently
By on 23-03-2018
Sunny shooter dubara market ma lavo femail shorthight mate him log intjar karta rage he
By on 09-02-2018
this beautiful bike was introduced at a time when ladies just took to riding. so the sale could have been tardy but at this time when a whole lot of ladies enjoy riding , i think if it is relaunched again it could be the number one perferrene of ladies today for it sleek and light weight and most beautiful look if launched by bajaj i would be a great success as there is no match to sunny that bajaj introduced from leslie a bike analyser
By on 30-01-2018
I love sunny scooty
By on 26-01-2018
By on 28-12-2017
I love sunny scooter because Iam short women please I buy it
By on 29-10-2017
Please come to back the sanny re modal to markat all pipils are wait from bajaj scooter. Bajaj scooters was good safty and good saving cash sanny scooter was wary good parformig for all times that for halp fram ladis comfartabil and safe drive and weight and strong vechel.
By on 11-10-2017
Miss u Sunny! Please come back. Feeling bore with heavy and high cc scooter options just for males :(
By on 06-10-2017
I used Bajaj Sunny Zip from 1997 till 2007 and later purchased Bajaj Crystal and used it from 2007 till 2012. If I am to compare both products of Bajaj, I would give 80% more marks to Sunny for the following reasons:-
1) It's light vehicle for ladies with short height.
2) Very easy maintenance
3) Easy parking.
4) Low cost vehicle for middle class families.
5) Accident rates are lower compared to other two wheelers.
By on 18-08-2017
I love sunny because it was my first scooter.If Bajaj reproduces it surely I will buy
By on 04-07-2017
I have one of these in like new condition which was say in a shed for 20 yrs with only 1000km on it looks brand new and it iss so much fun
By on 15-04-2017
I still have this tiny tot ,unfortunately in out of good shape can anyone provide complete overhaul and address p.pandian dorai @
By on 06-03-2017
Love it!. It serves a boon for short structured ladies. Please introduce Bajaj Sunny to the market. It gives ladies a special confidence to drive two wheelers.
By on 20-02-2017
Respected sir ,
I want a bajaj sunny bicky any information so plz call me 9172696919.
By on 08-02-2017
i cant drive any bike.thats why i purchase this bike.and it is very good looking,small and light weight.and hight wise comrtable.plz relounch.
By on 21-01-2017
I want to buy a new bajaj sunny
I am staying in Maharashtra Mumbai so can you tell me or help how can I get details about purchase new one sunny bajaj
Please share your details on
Thanks you
By on 17-01-2017
By on 15-01-2017
Red old man riding purpose
By on 11-01-2017
Sunny Bajaj - a light and sleek 2 wheeler is a wonderful vehicle for single use and middle aged mature individual. Unfortunately not not available either new one or second hand nor evse spres
By on 23-10-2016

I Want this sunny, where i purchase this sunny now
By on 01-10-2016
Its weight and height is manageable by under weight ladies also
By on 14-07-2016
I want bajaj sunny it is useful for short heights ladis. If bajaj starts manufacturing I will definitely ready to buy
By on 02-07-2016
I bought a Sunny in the year 1994. I cannot expain the joy of riding . Complete soundless.Milage !! oh My GOD! I ould save a lot from my Pocket Money!! While riding Sunny i got always feel as i am flying in air. It was in good condition with out a single repair Till 2009. after taht because of lots of misuse during our new house building , still there was no complaint. but there is a limit to everything . after continuous misuse it stopped. But i could not throw as this two wheeler has given me so much pleasure in driving, so comfortable, never stooped on road. i feel gulty when i see it. just to save money i misused you during my house constuction. i wanted to gift the same two wheeler to my Kid. But unfortunately i dont get it to buy again. SUNNY Please Come BACK .
By on 06-05-2016
Small in size, simple & stylish. Weightless, i love this scooter. If a brand new one is available now, i will purchase.
By on 25-12-2015
It is good bike I like so much please relaunches the bike
By on 23-12-2015
i am selling my baja sunny good condition.
mobile number:9995575307
By on 13-12-2015
Sunny was a very good scooter. I will tell bajaj to reproduce such types to scooter once again. Customers are waiting for bajaj scooters
By on 13-11-2015
please re introduce bajaj sunny scooter model with electric starter at earliest for the sake of small and low height persons.
By on 10-11-2015
Can we purchase a brand new bajaj sunny from bajaj dealer or by special provision from anywherelse
By on 09-10-2015
i love sunny as it is useful for short heights ladies. if bajaj starts manufacturing i will definately buy !!!
By on 07-10-2015
It most suits for short thin body built ladies. Easy to operate. Im looking for such a two wheelar in a matket. But none is available. Even today if bajaj company produce with same feature vehicle without any modification im 100/ ready to buy.
By on 25-07-2015
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