Bajaj M80

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Launched in India in 1986. M80 is not in production now.

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Technical Specifications
Vehicle TypeMoped
Engine Displacement74.08 cc
Engine DetailsAir Cooled 2 Stroke
Engine StartingKick Start
Maximum Power4.7 bhp @ 6000 rpm
Maximum Torque.55 kgm @ 4500 rpm
Chassis and Suspension
Front SuspensionHydraulic shock absorbers and leading link
Rear SuspensionVariable rate coil spring
Front Tyre2.50 x17.4 Pr
Rear Tyre2.50 x17.4 Pr
Length1920 mm
Height1025 mm
Wheelbase1170 mm
Weight79 kg
Ground Clearance135 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity3.5 litres
User Reviews of M80. Write Your Review
Very Very good.
Please new lunch m80 request to company
By on 12-12-2023
My m80bike oder now plzz new
By on 25-11-2023
I brought it in 1993 I'm still using it in 2023.i have grown with this bike.
I Went out of country for few years came back for health check up now both of us have picked up and doing good
Both of us are gone old but I still love to ride it my first moved 💝
By on 11-09-2023
Our first scooter was Bajaj m50 later we brought Bajaj m80 after selling Bajaj m50 scooter. I liked it very much infact I learned my driving on it. I want such scooters Bajaj m80 to come back again in the market.
By on 03-09-2023
I love M 80 as like as my son since 1997, now it is running on road
By on 09-07-2023
I loved it
By on 12-05-2023
माझ्याकडे चालु रनिंग मध्ये M80 बाईक आहे
ति मला विकायची आहे कोनाला हवि असेल तर
7219772346 काँल करा
By on 26-01-2023
Please call 9952756592
By on 25-01-2023
Pl manufacture BAJAJ M80 once again in 2000 model only
By on 31-12-2022
Front fibre frame got broken is it available if so price thank 6294471686
By on 16-09-2022
I have a m80 plz contact me phone no:6235544369
By on 07-06-2022
I need m80 . please contact with me . My ph. No.- 7029016112
By on 08-02-2021
Im very happy read about bajaj m 80
Present i modified old m80.......
By on 19-12-2020
Ilike bike
By on 28-11-2020
I love m80
By on 17-11-2020
Hi Sir,

Myself Neelagandan from milk man.Our own user MIT equantlant vehicle bike.

Kindly delevped same vehicle
By on 02-11-2020
Superb moped,,, Bajaj company should relaunch it. Challenge it will grab the 2 wheeler market. Waiting for it's relaunch...
By on 24-10-2020
I am having a Toyota Fortuner, Isuzu D max Cross, Royal Enfield bullet desert storm 500 cc,Honda Unicorn, Honda Grazia, etc.But I would like to have a Bajaj m80,as it was an amazing vehicle in my experience. I never got such a riding experience ever. HATS OF M80.
By on 29-07-2020
I love Bajaj M80 because of its powerfull pickup and its strong body.
By on 27-07-2020
My home first bike lots of love and very powerfull pick up learning bike
By on 16-07-2020
When I was undergoing Diploma, at College of Military Engineering Pune Maharashtra in the year 1995-1997 I was too much attracted towards Bajaj M-80. But failed to buy this Super Bike due to certain reasons. The dream remained unfulfilled. Hope for its relaunch.
By on 17-04-2020
Want to purchase the m80 bike
By on 18-03-2019
M80 is one good bike I always wanted to posses. proudly today I own 4 M80s which I bought in a govt auction. all four are 1988 models. Any takers contact 9823083319 or
By on 29-11-2018
Why Bajaj is not producing M80 LIMITED VERSION Again. Loved M80 Cause like Pearl Yamah, suitable to be handled by Weaker Persons
By on 09-10-2018
plz call me 8369186614
By on 28-07-2018
Ingan oil leveal
By on 02-06-2018
I love because engine strong, better pickup, good looking light weight , luggage carrier.hand gears.
* I hate because the kick is very hard.
Waiting for improved relaunch.
By on 24-05-2018
when i was born my father purchased m80 bike it was awesome to ride it has a good pick up
By on 24-03-2018
I am use m80 it will so power full
By on 24-01-2018
*I dont ride this m80 scooter please Tell me Bessic activity of thise*.
By on 31-12-2017
supper and honest
By on 28-11-2017
I am using my M80 Major 2 stroke bike since Feb 2000 till date for last 17 yrs. No complaints at all. Bajaj should look at producing such bike again and it is going to be a big hit for sure. Yes mileage is 60 kmpl. Strong engine and all metal body. Easy for males as well as females to drive.
By on 18-08-2017
A very good bike to load in villages. I need a bike
By on 28-07-2017
I was using M80 from many year ago. But now it's parts are not available then I think I want to modify this vehicle. I want to running my m80 from bettry. Then you tell me. Is it possible or not????
By on 25-02-2017
Ple launch new M80 pleeeeeee sir we neeed ple call no 9998888713
By on 26-01-2017
I am happy that my m80 can go in all condition road and fielde
By on 22-01-2017
im very happy m80 electric vehicle very best performance plz new m80 vehicle production start required my need....

By on 22-11-2016
in 1988 i purchased bajaj m-80 and used it for 12 years and sold it in 2000.again i purchased bajaj m-80 in 2000 and till date i run the is very convenient and easy to drive and the weight is moderate to wife feels to sit very convenient than any other is super
By on 01-11-2016
Good service Avarage 55/lit,low mentanance cost,very short pick up so you can carry a 1ton lpad easyly,and hydroliks are very good for carry goods.
By on 10-09-2016
i like this bike and i miss this bike very much and it's pickup is very good and goods carrying capacity is also very good please launch this bike ones again
thank you............
By on 29-08-2016
I love m80 very much.but like tvs xl100 m80should start new auto matic transmission.really bajaj Will lead in mark et.
By on 27-04-2016
i like M80 Very much. I have 1986 model. It will superbly suit for luggage carrying purpose. Its pickup is awesome, so many times i have filled Kerosene for more sound amd smoke to attract people during my high school holydays.
By on 30-01-2016
i use it from 2003 now it engine condition is so good, and it can carry 218 kg on bombay road at west bengal with 55 km/hr.
By on 06-01-2016
babaj m80 is a wonderful bike who stolen my heart and intellectual propoerty, I am ready buy the product when It can be available in the market which relaunches with latest feature with 4 stroke mode.
By on 25-12-2015
it is very best vehicle in the world for middle class people and work groups business.we want the same new vehicle the company want reproduct
By on 14-12-2015
It's the best in class
One day one hero Honda splendor bike hit but he felt down and my M80 BIKE stands like a bull.and another day me and my friends 5 members travel on that bike but its speed and mileage is constant 50kmpl
By on 11-09-2015
Mazya Babani 2000 madhe new Bajaj m80 major kharedi keli. Tyani ti kadhich nahi chalawali. Maza Bhavu & mi geli 15 varshe hi gadi wapartoy. But still its amazing. Ajun pan 66km/ltr average dete. It is wonderful bike. I loved it very much & more.
By on 28-07-2015
My father have a bajaj m80 . But I want to sold the bike. Tell me who want the special bike .In low prices
By on 30-05-2015
It is my first bike. In 2008 I have bought it from its first owner for only Rs.4200/-since then using it. You can not compare this scooter with any other bikes. It is amazing bike. I love so much.
By on 05-04-2015
I Want to modify my M80 bike

u can modify please . .send message me
plz plz plz plz. . . sir u can do it
By on 04-02-2015
M80 - The ultimate two wheeler for fishermen. The unofficial vehicle for those who sells sea food. Good in mileage and performance.
By on 25-01-2015
I have been using M80 Bajaj for many many years now
No complains. I love the bike. If bajaj motors restart manufacturing I would be the first person to buy a new one again coz my M80 is a 1985 model. I got it coloured and remade before around 1 year I love the bike. Though it is difficult to find parts
and cables thank God they are available from here and there.
By on 08-01-2015
I had used when i was in school. I want to buy one. Is there anyone interested to sale please write to: or call 9711002240
By on 21-09-2014
bajaj m-80 is finest bike ever made ,it can go throgh any road,it is mainainence free bike,i had taken my m-80 from terrain jungle in maharashtra .not a single complaint had came till now .i m using for 6 years
By on 14-09-2014
My father bought the m80 in 1999. At that time my uncle was driven that bike (m80) for 5 year. And after that it was driven by uncle's brother for agricultural purpose for 3years. Then that bike standing for 2 year and it was driven by my father in local purpose. After year still my brother and me drive the m80 that is jet. During the driving it give the good feeling and give the maximum speed and millage. It is majestic m80.
By on 03-07-2014
My dad Has the M80 i often told him to take a new bike bt, he is too tell itz d beest ! once i was n urgence n gettin late to some work . has i already missed d bus ! nd i don't had money to hire a taxi or auto i putted a petrol of just 1 ltr! nd it so amazing rodeing d bike whole day i was rideung over superb milage of 60kmpl amazin loved it! i still want to modify and use it
By on 21-06-2014
I like M-80 very mush. As it moped, but have gear & light weight & easy for ladies also as far as height is concerned.
By on 02-06-2014
We have BAJAJ M80. My dad bought it in 1990.on my 1st birthday. its still working fine. it is aopprox. 24 years old now. still its each part is working fine. One year before the speedometer got resetted to 00000 again. now it has again completed its 1224 km. thus total 101223km completed.
By on 30-03-2014
I'm using M80 Since 1999, It's Zero Maintenance bike, Strong Enough for Indian Roads (As Compare with today's Plastic & Fiber made bikes). Milage that I'm getting is 60 km/lit (Always 60). (I use Standard 2T Oil to mix with Petrol)Great bike For Economy class & Rising Petrol Prices.
By on 10-10-2013
i like my M80, it came to my home when i was born . now my father has purchased new bike pulsar 200NS. but i like to ride M80. it was the only one which came with us where ever we go . i love my M80 very much.
By on 18-09-2013
M80 id maintenance free, average is quite good, you can through even heavy trrafic due to its compact size. I have been using this moped since last 6 years it awesome.
By on 14-09-2013
i have been using m80 bike for 15 years. Average of this bike was 40kmpl in city and 55 kmpl in highway. 4 members are easily ride this bike at a time. laguage purpose this bike was very comfortable. it have a very good pickup.
By on 26-08-2013
I have been using M80 for many years now it is 1985 model and I drive almost 98-100kms non stop I like the bike very much no complains.
By on 21-08-2013
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