Bajaj Discover 150 F Mileage

Actual average mileage of Discover 150 F Motorcycle

Mileage of Bajaj Discover 150 F is given below. If you are getting a different mileage for your motorcycle, feel free to share it.

Mileage in Highway Driving --
Mileage in City Driving --
Average Mileage 72 kmpl
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Mileage Under Standard Test Conditions--
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Latest Comments. Share Your Mileage
Give me the mileage of city
By Abhiroop Sengupta on 18-09-2014
i got 56 kmpl in city
By Anshu Singh on 25-11-2014
I got 70 in high ways. 😊
By Midstriker on 23-04-2015
35 only.
By Karthick on 22-01-2016
55+ overall
By Shubham on 20-03-2016
55-60 only.
By Kush Remix on 30-03-2016
I love discover 150F bike.. because it's very powerful & so attractive.. I can ride 30-40kmpl in SL..
By Ruwan Sudarshana on 31-10-2016
city mileage aroun 36km/litre and highway around 40km/litre. nothing more then that
By Murtaza Hotelwala on 02-02-2017
Yr I think dt roads of kashmir decrease mileage of my bike
By Rayees Dar K.p.payeen Pattan on 22-05-2017
By Panakj Kadam on 05-06-2017
40 to 45 maximum but who tells 70 km is total fake and liars
By Hemal Khandhar on 18-07-2017
I am in Rajkot Gujrat...
And my discover is world's worst bike...
It gives me 35_40 average...
And that's all...
I hate that bike...
By Khan Saab on 12-12-2017
What is the mileage you are getting for Discover 150 F? Mention the kilometers you have driven. Please specify whether city mileage or highway mileage.


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