Bajaj CT 110 Variants

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The CT series, introduced in the 1980s, was conceived to provide rugged, reliable transportation. The CT 100, a timeless classic, laid the foundation for its modern successor, the CT 110. In its 2023 iteration, the CT 110 seamlessly marries the enduring charm of its heritage with contemporary design. Powered by a 115cc DTSi engine, it delivers both power and class-leading fuel efficiency, catering to daily commuters and weekend adventurers alike.

What truly distinguishes the CT 110 is its capacity to effortlessly handle challenging terrains. The suspension, featuring telescopic front forks and twin SNS rear shock absorbers, ensures a plush ride, regardless of your destination. Augmented by its high ground clearance, the CT 110 excels in off-road scenarios, making it the ideal companion for those who relish uncharted journeys.

While remaining loyal to its roots, the CT 110 embraces modernity with a digital instrument cluster, offering essential real-time data at a glance. This harmonious blend of tradition and innovation embodies the essence of Bajaj. The Bajaj CT 110 proudly carries the torch of the iconic CT series, symbolizing not just a motorcycle but a tribute to a legacy that endures. It stands as a timeless classic, ready to shape new adventures and leave lasting impressions for generations to come.