Basic Bike Repair and Maintenance every biker should know

Bikes are every guy's dream and the other dream to follow would be to go on ride with their beloved. This is a secret dream of almost every man and some are such ardent bike lovers that the bike they own becomes their identity. It won't be wrong if you say that this passion for bikes is the secret behind the success of motorbike companies all over the globe or rather it is the motivating factor for the motorcycle companies to constantly upgrade the bikes. The sheer power, speed and the looks are the driving forces for men to go gaga over bikes.

Today's bikes are much better....
The increased reliability of bikes we see today (thanks to the bike makers who have been responding to today's bike riders' needs) has indeed created a generation of bike riding enthusiasts that simply lacks any clues regarding the basic working of motorcycle and/or bike parts.

There is so much to cheer or hail about the bikes but amidst the pleasures and comfort you derive from the bike should not make you ignore the fact of taking care of the machine. Even the modern generation bikes need some basic maintenance to ensure safety and peak and more than that give ride experience without breaking down.

Know about your bike and know about the machine
Knowledge about machine is extremely important to experience the man-machine relationship prospering to glory. Getting familiar with your vehicle is the first step to show that you care your machine. Stay informed about the technicalities of your bike. Of course, you cannot achieve the knowledge of an engineer in one day. Slowly and steadily you will know how your bike reacts to various conditions and its requirements. You will get to know what steps to take if there is an emergency breakdown. And once you get familiar with your bike then handling any kind of unexpected situation can be solved quite easily.

Knowledge about your machine also means that you would be paying less on the motorcycle repair as well as maintenance.

Bike Repair

Be cautious and prepared
Have no two minds about your bikes' reliability they are no doubt dependable and a true companion but there are times that the machine might develop a snag, which could put you in a trouble. Just imagine if you are getting back from office or a party late and your bike develops a problem or if you have an important appointment or a meeting to attend any technical fault in the bike can disrupt the order of day. You need to know how to handle the situation without getting panicky. Prevention is better than cure makes a lot of sense in this context, so carry a toolbox always and you need to have some basic idea, as to what the problem could be and that knowledge comes with experience. And with that knowledge you can repair a minute snag all by yourself.

Things you need to do before going on that ride
Why get into that uncalled trouble? With proper maintenance and regular overhauling of the bike you can save yourself from unpleasant surprises at wrong times.

Keeping your bike in Prim and Proper shape and superior form is always helpful and it is possible by following scheduled services and engine tune ups. These will assure you of safe riding experience. However, in any case you need to be a smart rider because your bike is after all a machine that can develop a problem any time and you need to be aware and well prepared to repair the bike. If it happens to be a serious problem, you need to get an expert but there are a few things you can do it yourself.

Before mounting the bike check the tyres; confirm if the inflation is right or not and also see if there is anything unusual about them, as a safety measure. Check out if the chain and belt are moving smoothly, as a worn out chain or belt can create hell lot of problems so make sure you replace them. Also carry a first aid kid if you are accident prone or otherwise; remember it is a safety measure. And ensure that the toolkit contains extra fuses and road flares. Store the number of your mechanic or the nearest service station on your mobile just in case of emergency and of course never ever forget to carry your mobile phone; it can save you from the biggest problems.

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Very much useful information...I read all articles ... must know for evry riders. Thanks
By Manju Prasad on 06-12-2015
ur information is soo good.i have a honda unicorn 2005 model bike in good condition.actualy im beginer in bike riding so want to know more abt what all maters should know frm begning.and what the basic conections frm engine like tubes wires etc.coz sometime when i see something tubes loose i got i think understanding basics is great.waiting for ur reply
By Rimin Razak on 29-12-2014
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