New Honda Aviator - The reliable and perfect family commuter

HMSI (Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India) Ltd has rolled out their New Honda Aviator. Now this obviously is launched pitted against the Mahindra's two new scooter variants Rodeo and Duro.

The HMSI's General Manager for sales and marketing Naresh Kumar Rattan revealed that the company sold about 10.7 lakh Aviators during the last year and that they are now aiming to sell about 12.5 lakh two-wheelers, which will include this new Honda Aviator.

The former variant, the Honda Aviator was well received by the Indian metrosexual scooter commuter. The enhanced version of Aviator is on the hunt for the middle-aged married men rather those consumers falling in the age group of 30 to 40 years.

With the entry of the New Honda Aviator the earlier version will soon vanish from the Honda stands. And of course you will need to shell out some extra bucks for this new tweaked Aviator 110cc version. For the two-wheeler market new Aviator was no surprise though. In fact, after the recent launch of the New Honda Activa auto pundits expected that an upgraded version of Honda Aviator too to follow shortly. They did guess it right.

Design and looks
The new Aviator 110cc has an enhanced look that is definitely the brownie point for the vehicle, and the design rules well above the other two wheelers from the Honda stable and even other scooter models you see today in the Indian market. As the bike is targeted at middle-aged men, Honda has incorporated a tough look rather than some aggression, which is inspired by the Fireblade version.

The headlamp is in the shape of a smiley and the grab rail also looks cool. Superior quality metal panels with plastic add a touch of class and give the scooter a solid look. The tail section features wraparound turn indicators. In terms of the design and looks New Honda Aviator scores better ranking than the Activa or the Dio. The underseat comes with large space wherein one can fit many of one's belongings including the helmet.

Aviator Honda

Engine and performance
The new Honda Aviator is powered by a 110cc engine that gives a power output of 8 bhp at 7500 rpm and a torque of 9 Nm at 5500 rpm. A 110 cc engine is to ensure that it's a reliable scooter to take a 2+1 family.

However, still better is its mileage; the new Honda Aviator gives greater fuel efficiency and mileage, which is actually about 15% higher than its predecessor, and the company has achieved this feat by integrating a combination of superior technologies into the new variant. The new Honda Aviator is thus a far more economical vehicle as compared to other two-wheelers from Honda.

The new Aviator features superb suspension and the inverted forks in the front is another highlight of the vehicle and the front suspension enables a smoother ride for the rider and the pillion. The combined braking system or the CBS, which is an added advantage that comes with the new Honda Aviator Deluxe model, and this technology offers less chance of accidents.

Price and colors
The Honda Aviator 110 cc standard model is priced at Rs 45,180 and the deluxe model will be costing Rs. 50,410. The new Aviator is available in five color options of neo orange metallic, rebel red metallic, pearl heron blue, grey metallic and pearl black.

There are some flip sides too to the New Honda Aviator
The warning indicators are hard to spot in sunlight and there is no penta/quadra locking system. The vehicle does not feature mobile charging point as well which has become almost a regular feature with every other rival scooter these days. Apart from these minus points the New Honda Aviator is definitely in the market to stay for a long time and you will not regret buying this reliable and perfect family commuting scooter! Happy Aviating.

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Last updated on 09-05-2012. Published on 17-11-2009.
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i have sold my hero honda passion plus for this indulgence of honda scooters
just dont think go and buy a activa or aviator they are both no hassel vehicals these new age scooters combines the advantages of scooter (storage space,your feet and legs are covered on muddy roads) with all the advantages of bikes (handling, pickup, ground clearance, control). I can see the future of motorcycles in danger.....yeah i mean it..
just one thing aviator is for men and activa is for all
By on 16-05-2010

As I am thinking of buying an aviator, I was just surffing the net... I have come across somany complaints about mileage and vehicle performance. I am not finding any response from the side of company.

Does it mean that the allegations are correct! If then I am now Afraid to go for it or not... Pl. give a correct picture about this new aviator with respect to perfomance and mileage...

Also clarify ... is there any guarantee for this vehicle from the company's side..........?

Hoping to hear from you... And looking forward to purchase this model.... just waiting for your reply.
By on 07-04-2010
Very Good
By on 09-03-2011
hi, i have purched honda aviator last week, aviator looks very good compare other scotty,mileage approx.50+ ,my friends are say very good looking,iam happy with my aviator.
By on 21-06-2011
i love my aviator. its really cool and comfortable to ride.
By on 04-08-2011
I dont like aviator... My vote 4 activa. Activa is best....
By on 22-09-2011
bought aviator on 12 sep milage of 30-32km/l..pathetic milage..
By on 29-10-2011
By on 03-11-2011
Hi , just suggest me 'Honda activa' is better or 'Honda aviator'????

(W.r.t milage, comfort, look, performance)
By on 02-02-2012
aviaror and activa are good for millage and good for ridding
also they have good looking bike
By on 22-05-2012
Hi Guys,

I was one among the first ten customer in India and 3rd in Bangalore when I bought Honda Aviator in July 2008.

Its very good scooter that I have used till date. I have rided all the scooters including Activa, Deo, Scooty and others but find Aviator is King of All, when compared to overall performance.

At present also my Aviator gives a mileage of around 38-45 KMPL in City and crosses 50 KMPL when I go for long ride on it. To get this mileage you need to take care of it properly in terms of timely service, Filling Air in the tyre once in 15 days, riding it between the speed of 40-50.

Honda aviator is lighter in weight than activa and has better quality of suspensions, better mileage and wider tyres compare to Honda Activa.

Also I enjoy its USP benefits like low fuel indicator, battery recharge indicator, low oil indicator [unique in aviator], pass light [unique in aviator].

So I'm still enjoying my ride on AVIATOR AND NOT WILLING TO CHANGE.
By on 05-06-2012
Hi Gaurav I am very appy with your comment. I also have aviator and I have exp of long ride on it at top speed 80kmph. Its also good in top speed, no vibration and smooth ride.
By on 10-07-2012
hey Subir how much price take full cash payment including insurance in guwahati showroom?pls infor me.or msge no 9954154027
By on 05-08-2012
no its best scooty ever n its acceleration is also awesome than other scooters.u should buy it :D
By on 07-10-2013
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