Preparing bikes for long rides

If riding motorcycles is a passion, you are sure to go for a vacation riding on your dream street machine. To make your journey enjoyable and safe you need to do some homework or say prepare your bike to be the perfect companion for that perfect long ride.

Before embarking on a long distance ride, ensure that you carry a detailed map with you.

Study it to know about the road conditions, whether there are tunnels, mountain passes or sharp curves, gather information on speed limits and availability of gas stations and know the weather conditions so that needful can be done. But most importantly it is the bike that needs to be checked thoroughly starting from the clutch, rims, chains, forks to light and mirrors.


Here are some tips and advice to prepare bikes to enjoy comfortable riding experience.

- Ensure that the bike engine is running without any hiccups. Should you have any doubts don't hesitate to take it to your reliable mechanic. Most importantly, do not attach too many gadgets to bikes such as extra lights, mirrors or even side boxes so that the weight of the bike remains the bare minimum and moreover in rough road conditions those may lead to greater vibrations.

- Most important is to have a new set of tubes and tyres. By this you are less likely to face tyre puncture and also will help you get a better grip on the road surface. Besides tires, it is alloy wheels that are best suited for long distance riding. One must also check on the wheel bearings and the rim of the wheel. Balanced rims ensure smooth riding.

- Shock absorbers should be in good working condition otherwise it gets difficult riding your bike in rough terrains. Another important aspect is the clutch of the bike. It needs to be checked and adjusted, especially the primary chain so that the riding is reliably smooth.

- Again, the bike seats should not be too high or too low for long distance riding. The handlebars should also be checked for the right position. The right adjustments of seat and handle bars is necessary. All the rubber components of the bike should also be checked such as air filter tube, carburetor hose so that there is minimum wear and tear.

- Bike earthing should be checked too and one must also learn few repair skills so that problems get easily solved without much long wait.

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