Hyosung GT250R in India

The Kinetic group had rolled Comet GT250R in the year 2005 that had a price tag ranging up to 1.8 lakhs. Since then the Korean manufacturer Hyosung did not bother much about their Indian customers who owned Comet and Aquila but the company now has realized that India has a great potential for the two-wheeler market in terms of sales figure.

Without any further delay the Korean manufacturer is all set to unveil their Hyosung GT250R in India that is targeted to give a tough competition to the Japanese Kawasaki Ninja 250R. And the company is also providing optimum service & also sufficient back up.

Hyosung GT250R

What is new in the Hyosung GT250R Bike?
The new Korea red baby Hyosung 250cc bike features full fairing and it looks more like 600cc than a 250cc. The engine comes with oil-cooled DOHC 4-valve, 90° V-twin that generates 27Hp @ 10500rpm and the torque is around 16.73lb/ft @ 8000rpm, which simply amazing.

The fuel system is braced with twin carburettor mikuni BDS26 that is common feature in the US made bikes. But there is one negative point for the Hyosung GT250R - it has only five gears and the sixth gear would have made the bike more efficient.

Want to know more about the Hyosung 250?
The Hyosung GT250R features vacuum fluorescent display that is more common in luxury bikes and the two stage headlights are provided to make your ride easier during nights.

The Hyosung 250cc bike has incorporated the dual lateral frame to minimise the weight and reduce the gravity.

The front tyres are of 110/70-17 54H and the rear tyres come with 150/70-17 60H that enable the rider to get a better grip in tough conditions. There is no specification of when this Korean baby will kiss the Indian roads but the Hyosung 250 is expected to have a price range of Rs 2.25-3 lakhs, which makes it a high end vehicle and is likely to shake up the Kawasaki Ninja 250R.

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Last updated on 07-12-2016. Published on 24-10-2009.
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ghoda maidan jab samnay ayega toh automatically patachaljayega time will prove roads will prove petrol will prove resale valve will prove accidents will prove reports of sucess and failure will prove wait and watch nand kumar
By on 07-11-2009
By on 05-11-2009
NO MATCH and giving hard time to Ninja is "too good to be true".
Though I am not an expert to comment on these bikes of today but still I am pretty sure that Hyosung is going to lose its shirt in this race with Kawasaki Ninja 250 R if it tries to launch a bike against Japanese bikes and I dont think that it could sell even 5% of the total sale of Ninja.
There is no two wheeler manufacturer in the world, forget Koreans who are way behind, to match the performance, economy, price, versatality and maneuverability of Japanese bikes but we never know.
By on 05-11-2009
nobody will buy korean comet bike mileage 18 to 20 km per litre. no mechanic will touch the bike spares will be costlier compare to other fuel efficient bikes and even a common roadside mechanic will repair with few tools RAMULU
By on 15-11-2009
THERE IS NO NEWS FOR LAUNCH OF COMETGTR250 AS KINETIC NO LONGER EXISTS IN INDIA MAHINDRA HAD TAKEOVER KINETIC. ITS ONLY SOMEGUY are COPYING AN ARTICLE FROM A SITE NAMED BIKES4SALE.IN AND COPYING IT TO DIFFERENT DIFF BLOGS AND U WILL FIND THE SAME SETS OF PEOPLE REPLYING WORD TO WORD IN SAME MANNER. This is all crap dont waste ur time talking dreaming or waiting for this bike, even launch of Honda VTR 250 is dropped by honda company after considering response of comet, aquilla and ninja.
By on 11-11-2009
from so many months i am looking for mew karizma (zmr)2009.i am from hyderabad,in hyderabad karizma did'nt lounched here.plz when it will get pzl send me a message.
By on 20-11-2009
Mr. Arif... are you a referee?.... how can you say "NO MATCH" on what grounds ??? (or on impulse) without even knowing/testing/riding - the pros and cons of the two bikes ???

Have you test ridden both the bikes?? ...and compared both of them ?- theoretically, practically.?..do you know the technical specifications of both the bikes, and their advanced management systems ? have you compared the specs? quarter miles, bhps, maximum speeds, speed in all gears ? Their ELF (engine life factor), did you test the brakes from 100 kmph to zero in how many seconds.

I am asking you one simple question ..Plz ANSWER.. How and from where did you get those two magical words...." No Match" ha ha.ha... easier said than done. These days it is very easy to criticise anything, any product! Isnt it (of course without knowing the a,b,c of that product).

Mr Arif... the product you see in the showrooms Ninja is a CBU (from thailand).. plz wake-up and update your knowledge it is not made in japan (could be made 'as' japan)... so here we are talking about Korea and Thailand and their RELIABILITY FACTOR. The product ninja ... may be PERFECTED, given shape, life, when it WILL be done/updated indigeniously by BAJAJ and i have full faith that Bajaj will make see change in the quality, reliability and perfection in NINJA (You have a fine classic example in front of you... the honda and hero honda... now where is honda (YAWN) (india) GONE and where is hero honda - CHURNED OVER A MILLION BIKES IN A QUARTER, MARKETED GLOBALLY) it will be a similar case once Bajaj touches NINJA with his magic wand !

Kindly do not decide on the impulse... all that glitters is not always gold... japan is not a heaven that whatever it produces is a superior product in the whole world. No sir. Example ... buy a Royal Enfield bullet, there is a guarantee that a person can use it for 5 years initially without a major breakdown and next 20 years his or her children will use it and again the bike can be restored to shipshape in 3 days... we still have royal enfields of 1950s plying, reliably running... can you match with your japanese bikes with it and with its durability. Will they last half century.... Gaajar ki Pungis.

Technically, both the machines... the comet and the ninja are advanced machines that will deliver optimum performance... but as per my experience the Comet has a clear edge on ninja as follows:

Comet Ninja

a) 75 Degrees V- twin Crank pegged at 1 Point Parallel twin..Big YAWN
b) Hence less crank weight (short crank) Long Crank for parallel twin
c) 27bhp 24bhp (Big Yawn)
d) 4 Camshafts 2 cams (small yawn)
e) INVERTED FORKS (IF YOU UNDERSTAND) Conventional/Gigantic Yawn
f) 150/70-17-69H Rear rubbers 130/70-17 Rear rubbers

Above are the minimal goodies of Comet. If you want to read what our Indian brothers say about Ninja... Plz read their comments plz.... then decide it for yourself .... Match or No Match..... Plz dont read a book by its cover and decide pronto like a computer or a robot.

Last but not the least ... to each his own. Let the enthusiasts and fans of Comet/Ninja decide..... I am feeling sleepy.... Yawn.
By on 06-11-2009
Nobodu is going to buy at that price.
Reason: If there are enough fools to be fooled for that price, then they have already been fooled by bajaj with the shit of ninja and people think that there is no bike in the world other than ninja.
so even if GT250R is better than ninja, people wont buy it they will go for ninja, coz they are already fooled by bajaj, and they have strip of ninja on their eyes.

Hyosung please dont launch it if you expect more than 2L.
By on 31-10-2009
@ Ashok Plz dont take it at heart and there is no use of getting 1-1 with arif.
U looks like to be a despo lover of comet. Believe it or not NINJA have technology advancement then comet. N dont go one to one its all about sharing views, no debate is going on here
By on 04-06-2010
This is a reply to Mr Javed . I knew people like u were total ******, people like u dont think before talking you just says it because it makes you look cool. NOW U *** GO AND COMPARE THE SPECIFICATIONS OF THE NINJA AND HYoSUNG AND FIND OUT THE DIFFERENCE AND GET TO KNOW WHY THE PRICE IS HIGH GO AND DO THAT NOW U ****. HYOSUNG IS THE CHEAPEST BIKE IN THE WORLD , CHECK THIS VIDEO ON YOUTUBE HERE'S THE TITLE " MCN Roadtest: Kawasaki 250 R Ninja v Hyosung GT250R"
By on 16-01-2010
By on 16-01-2010
hi guys comet is one of the best in class and cheap machine ninja is great bike with a best manufacture name but coming to bajaj iam not happy both the ninja and comet r best in there own characters both r awesome machine but wen they make it to india by deales r others like kinetic and bajaj there name and use of this bike is getin bad no mechani and no spares other part of the world enjoys these bike s like a common pulsar ,,,!!!!!!?????? the tvs and bajaj r the companys responsible fr cheating us like this fr this much long yrs but now companys r lookin at india in future we may have good quality bikes till then cheers
By on 28-04-2010
Hi Guys,

Hyosung bikes are too good, they are biggest in its class. If one places these bikes besides each other, any one will easily choose Hyosung over Ninja. Only thing I will be worried about is the parts & how it rides on Indian roads as this is heavy compared to others, but its a pleasure to ride one. If the price is kept right, this bike will easily beat competition.
By on 28-04-2010
Guys dont fight.
here we are talking about the ninja with original parts made by kawasaki tested in us or japan or whatever but not in india.
the bike launched in india is a kind of modification with parts added by bajaj and changed spec, doesnt give a 33bhp.
shouldnt pay 3L for a thi made bike customized in india.
By on 18-03-2010
When it will launch in mumbai....
And where will be the showroom.... And proper price.... And will i get loan on it to buy... Pls let me knw the details...

By on 30-08-2010
interested in buying comet ,contact me.my number is 9874601523.it is in a very gud condition.i am importing a suzuki bike so i am willing to sell my comet.
By on 28-09-2010
i hav a comet in a very good condition ,i had a race with ninja ,and beleive me or not my 5th gear of comet over took ninja .ninjas first 3 to 4 gears was competation.i am willing to sell my comet for 1,10,000 those interested can contact me.9874601523
By on 28-09-2010
i have a comet 250 ,interested in buying contact me .my number is 9874601523
By on 28-09-2010

M making my mind to buy second hand Comet 250. Pls give me some master suggestions. I have Pulsar220.
By on 14-11-2010
intersted in buy the vechile hyosung gt 650 R test drive and process of purchase
By on 22-10-2010
hey illetrate dude,
nw read d blogs n newz on idff site for hyosung bikes,its cumin in collobration with garware motors n i knw dat nw dis illetrate person wil ask who or wat is garware motors,bt let me tell u garware motors is a 65 yrs old company wich startd gtin rolls royce,jaguar types of biggies in india in 1940-1950,
i hope nw u dnt hv ny other queries,u typ of suckers insults big companies n dats y its a gud sayi dat "LITTLE KNOWLEDGE-DOUBLE DANGEROUS".......
By on 09-12-2010
inform me when it launch it to india . i present i am trying to import a bike from usa . i think i am the first person launching the hyosung gt250r in india
By on 05-01-2011
Hi, I have Hyosung GV250 Aquila bike. Any one interested to buy email.
By on 23-02-2011
hi , i m interested to buy comet bike , so plz let me knw or contack me those who wants to sel .9007791879
By on 05-03-2011
its true ,bajaj has cheated us by seling ninja at high price, i bought 2 .86 lakh.blody even no digital system.
By on 05-03-2011
pls send me a few pictures of ur comet and the exp price.
By on 21-03-2011
please send some picture of u bike to my id
By on 21-03-2011
can u send few picture of ur bike to my id, please..........
By on 21-03-2011
can u send few image of ur bike to my id. please........
By on 21-03-2011
well lots of conversation going on here. Ninja a lovely bike but ya its true that it is expensive reason is it is a CBU from thailand. No digital console,yup its draw back but dude its kawasaki. In 250cc SBK's ninja have created a market for itself just see to the reviews in youtube if u want. see the comparision between hyosung gt250r and ninja 250r ninja won. you can spend money on ninja but on hyosung no way. korean company has already come to India when kinetic was in market but it failed. simple reason is notmost of the people have liked the hyosung bikes. now it have launched gt650r and s7 with a very stipulated price tag. Even there are roomers in web portals that Hyosung is launching GT250r with in 1.5 lakhs to compet with Honda CBR 250R.
By on 12-04-2011
Dudes.. Get a Royal Enfield Bullet and enjoy the long term satisfaction than a short term pleasure.
By on 28-03-2011
Yes Vijay I agree.
I am a cruiser fan..and I had a GV 250 it good at that price and I have touch 130 KMS in few seconds and used it for 6 years, but ST7 is too expensive at 6.5 On road Pune...ideally it should have been price at max 4 lakhs on road..
Garware got Arjun Rampal to market the bike.
I feel either the Garware"s are arrogant or over ambitious.
If they want to be successful they should re-think about price. I would gone ahead by now had it been below or at 4 Lakhs.

Any new on GV 250 / or any other cruiser 300+ cc coming to India do inform me..people
By on 30-04-2011
bull shit and fk off.... i think u must be riding yamaha gladiater
By on 12-05-2011
msg me
By on 31-05-2011
nice reply@ hyosung..
i think gt250 twin is most better than ninja 250 twin..b'cause dey r sellin dat
ninja for more den 3lakh with anolouge meter(old model) but, hyosung
250 released with latest digital meter and etc... which is suitable 4 youngster
By on 14-06-2011
the price sucks in front of honda cbr 250r it is too much for a 250cc
By on 29-06-2011
hi , i have interest to buy your comet bike
By on 26-06-2011
i have a bike kinetic comet and unfortunatelly the camdrive of 2nd cyclinder of my bike has broken down. so iwant to know that the exact place in india where i can easily get my bike engine parts.if u have any information about that so plesae send me the location where i can get this on my this email id .
umesh kumar
mobile no.... 9639639012
By on 11-07-2011
hello nasir bhai, am adil from hyderabad, 8885308850 ye mera number hai agar bike abhi bhi sale me hai to plz contact kariye, mujhe comet chaheye bro...plz
By on 14-07-2011
bhai apka number work nahi karra mai bohat try karliya so u do msg or call to my number 8885308850..
By on 14-07-2011
There is a reason why its a Ninja... check out the comparo here youtube.com/watch?v=WkqDzeCVkX0
By on 04-08-2011
whatever said above are just a list of fool tales...in india bike sales records sre marked by only looks n service..bajaj pulsar220f and karizmaR hav poor fuel economy yet r in sale due to there looks..hyusung gt250 has a look of a complete superbike and if they r able to provide good service then i may work as a success for the korean company..
By on 09-08-2011
Awesome bike, but i fear servicing of bike and availability of spare parts would be a problem.
If we consider worst case scenario of Hyosung not being successful in India, they will pack there bags and run away but the buyer will be at loss as non availability of spare parts & servicing will hit the buyer.Same thing happened with their earlier launches - Comet & Aquila.
Kindly share your views for the same.....
By on 27-08-2011
Send me pics....
By on 04-09-2011
Bull shit.. who will buy NINJA for 3.2 lac .. it is worth buying hyosung bcoz they made a GT250R like 1000cc other bikes.. and it looks superb compared to NINJA..
By on 08-09-2011
Hey who said now all hyosung bikes will launch from garware motors..
By on 08-09-2011
Oye telugu pilla do u have hyosung bikes? better contact any hyosung dealers.
By on 08-09-2011
ninja 250r is a class apart...so no comments please..... it has got six gears..... its from kawasaki..... a renown company all over the world........ if the price is around 1lakh 60thousand or 8othousand then people can think of buying it.....i have a pulsar 220...atleast i will spend my money on ninja...if the prices are same...
By on 23-09-2011
the bike hyosung gt 250 is gud but its standard is not as per ninja....
By on 23-09-2011
what is the top speed of this bike that it can reach reply fast
By on 08-10-2011
To all the bike lovers the experts and illiterate nerds discussing nonsense above.
Guys grow up . First if you need power you need to forget the whole thing about fuel efficiency . If you need both with value for money you better forget it and go for the honda250 .
Next if you are so desperate for a ninja or hyosung prepared to be spending 3L on them go ahead and fool yourself up . Or if you feel you don't need anything more than this power in life .
My suggestion would be to wait till 2012 or 13 save another 3-4lac and buy a 600cc which will blow your ball@s and retain some fuel eco too . Buy a car for 2_3 lac instead of a korean or japanese crossed thai bike and enjoy comfort and protection and 80horses of power like a lady behind the weel with makeup on her. Serious bikers are born to ride bikes and reach speeds. Not complain about spare parts and fuel economy like married women bargaining at a vegetable shop!
By on 13-10-2011
I am a Ninja owner, but i will be giving my reviews without getting baised. Well as far as technical spec are concerned,
33Bhp at a much lower rpm 8k, 4 valve/cyln, Liquid-Cooled, 22nm, FI.
27Bhp at 10500Rpm, 2valve/cyln, Oil-cooled, and is a Carburetor powered.

Well the above is sufficient to say which bike will be better. The only good thing about GTR is dual front disk brakes and border tyres. Price could be a plus point for GTR but not the performance. Top speed for the bikes are almost equal.

Thanking you.
By on 14-10-2011
I want to sale my comet excellent condition contact 9831777040
By on 30-10-2011
GTR250r is good bike :D. should have been with liquid- cooled n SIX gears would have rock solid in India. Is hyosung trust worthy? and how about CBR250R? did it even stand in the race.?
By on 06-11-2011
Hey...hey...hey....!! actually some people don't know about Ninja 250R, it is the best bike in comparison of 250cc segment...!! No other 250cc bike can defeat the Ninja 250R it gives the power 32bhp to 33bhp... i know Hyosung GT250R is good bike at low cost, but it can never defeate Ninja 250R.. Hyosung gives the power 26bhp-28bhp... Hyosung can defeat CBR 250 but can never to Ninja 250R....Ninja is costly coz of it's features guys if you want smooth ride then purchase Hyosung, but if you love racing the go for Ninja.....
@Kawasaki I Love you Ninja.....!!
By on 12-11-2011
By on 23-11-2011
did u tell anything abt me? >,<
By on 18-11-2011
I am living in india in state- rajasthan city- kota and wanna buy this bike how and when should i get it....... Coz there is no housung showrooms in our city.
By on 29-11-2011
if anybody wants to sell there ninja 250R please contact 9820282051 (preference green color & the bike owner should be from mumbai)
By on 28-11-2011
i love gt250r caz in indian road it is most better bike in this class
By on 02-02-2012
i like hyosung because the indian road this is the most suitable bike
By on 02-02-2012
infact ninja is the kid. and btw , he is talking about baby ninja not the actual one
By on 05-02-2012
24bhp for ninja!!!..fk u...it has 32 bhp...nd most facts u showed up with are wrong.....get ur facts right!!....and please....buy a hyosung n then comment here!!!...then we'll see ur comments ho much this hyo shit is good to u!!!
By on 14-12-2011
By on 14-12-2011
U suck!!
By on 14-12-2011
Sunny bro i think u need to relocate urself instead of getting one to ur location.. if ur city cannot release such bikes then wats worth riding it their?
By on 25-01-2012
wo wo wooo.. dont 4get honda cbr 250r is available in market as compare to the price range.....
By on 23-12-2011
how can u even compare ninja engine with this "kid"
By on 23-12-2011
PLZZ tel me hyosung what is ur official date 2 launch the gt250r m all ready with the money i want to have da 1st booking of that beauty!!

pls rply!!
By on 01-01-2012
I'll still go with Hyosung GT250R but hope that price comes under 1.8-2.3 lacs band. If it shoots to 3 lacs they are not going to enjoy Indian market.
By on 08-01-2012
Dudes ninja is a good bike but it does not have such a great look . it simelarly looks like karisma zmr and it just has a single disk in front. comparing to hyosung the engine power may be less then ninja but hyosung has a great look and multi disk at front.. it simelarly looks like 1000cc bikes HOW EVER WE NEED THIS TYPE OF BIKE TO IMPRESS GIRLS. DO U AGREE...
By on 02-03-2012
What happened son?o.O
By on 04-03-2012
thatz absolute truth sanjeeth...
By on 16-03-2012
guys what is the mileage of hyosung gt250 r
By on 19-03-2012
Guys can any one tell when it is going to launch in hyderabad
By on 16-06-2012
25 kmpl
By on 10-06-2012
This is Fantastic Super Sport Bike. This Bike is Known as Road Sport Bike
The Milage Of GT-250R is 25-30.
By on 29-06-2012
I have some New as of used parts of Comet 250 & Aquila 250.
Any one interested pl call on 9923232346 or mail at bankofspares@gmail.com
By on 28-10-2013
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