TVS Star City 110cc Review

TVS Star City 110cc the super hit model from the Chennai-based TVS Motors was launched as an upgrade replacement to its predecessor the TVS 100cc Star city. However, TVS Motors had simultaneously launched other bikes along with the Star City 110cc and they included the 125cc Flame, Scooty Teenz and the Apache RTR 160.

The TVS Star city 110cc is the affordable bike among the four models. Star City comes with new features including a new stylized design, some cool and appealing graphics, trendy silencer and more than all the RCF technology.

The TVS Star City is designed to give comfortable ride as well as presentable looks with the aerodynamic shape and braced up with the Roller Cam Follower (RCF) technology which helps the bike to give better mileage. The easy handling combined with comfortable ride sets apart the Star City 110cc from the rest of the bikes in the market in the 100cc plus segment.

Looks of the Star City 110cc bike
The new TVS Star city is adorned with plastic colors unlike TVS' previous models that would feature chrome metal colors. And why the plastic colors? They definitely make the bike look more appealing. The graphics is another striking addition to the beauty of this machine- that as if a horse is galloping. The fuel tank is stylish and the 5-spoked alloy wheels are attractive as well.

As regards the gadgetry, the speedometer comes with a blue backlit display and the 2-way adjustable rear shocks are new additions. And the bike also comes with optional electric start variant. The trademark TVS mirrors are unchanged and the control levers and palm grips make the bike easy to handle. The chrome-finish mudguards are an added advantage.

Engine, performance and handling
The TVS Star City is powered by a 110cc a CVTi or Charge Motion Variable Timing Intelligent Engine. The air-fuel combustion is based on the principle of 'Swirl & Tumble Induction' and this reduces emission. The CVTi engine generates a power of 6.1 KW/8.1 bhp at 7500rpm and a torque of 8.1Nm at 5000 rpm. The major part of the credit for better fuel efficiency goes to the CVTi engine. The exhaust note in the new 110cc Star City is healthier as compared to its predecessor. Additionally, the clutches are cable controlled and this enables appropriate progression level as well as weight to the rider. The improvised motor will make the ride effortless even at high gear and low speed.

Star City 110

Price and Color
The TVS 110cc is priced anywhere between Rs. 38,000-44,875, which can prove to be quite an affordable price for many bikers. The Star City 110 is available in silver, black and blue.

The Star City 110cc has features of easy handling and comfortable for city commuting with attractive price but there have been instances that the bike suffered few hiccups after the first service. There are also complaints that the service after the sale of the bike is not satisfactory and the self-start sometimes gives a lot of trouble. It is also observed that in hilly conditions the TVS 110cc will make your rider tougher. But the light bike will be light on your pockets too, now that might compel you to think again. Basically this 110cc bike for commuting on city roads and it lives to its tagline of being the tidy handler on Indian roads.

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I am really confused with all the reviews and opinions from different talents, but I certainly want to purchase a bike with at least 50 km/per Liter, which will include all the hurdles and worst road conditions to be faced.

kindly guide if Star City is a good Choice or not for a person with family and this is quite an inexpensive deal for me.
By Manab on 07-06-2014
You must go to school.It is not U, It is 'You' .got it ?
By Binu on 11-03-2014
Dear All,

Please let me present best two wheeler with better mileage, good performance and less cost
By Prakash on 08-06-2013
U r responsible. Who said it is coming only 434 km/l? You do not know to drive this machine. It comes more than 75 for me. There is some mistke in your driving approach. tar city rocks
By Intel on 10-04-2012
u also go to school. It is not wat, it is WHAT? got it redhead?
By Intel on 10-04-2012
Go to school, einstein
By Intel on 10-04-2012
How dumb ? Log on to the website and see for ytourslf. Dont you know the technological advancements?> Are you in stone age, caveman?
By Intel on 10-04-2012
worst performanbce, when petrole is costing 75/ltr
My Star City 110 Just within 5000 kms the bike efficiency came down to 43 kms/ltr. who is responsible, javid/MubbashiR NEVER GO FOR TVS BIKE
By Mubbashir on 19-02-2012
worst performanbce, when petrole is costing 75/ltr
My Star City 110 Just within 5000 kms the bike efficiency came down to 43 kms/ltr. who is responsible, javid/Mubbashir
By Mubbashir on 19-02-2012
please tell me mileage of start city 110cc bike
By Rambabu on 23-11-2011
plz gime a feature and conclusion of tvs star city
By Aruna V T on 31-10-2011
am using starcity bike from past one year in the city the mileage s 65to70 and in the highway the mileage s 75to80 i love my starcity bike thanks for TVS to launching like this kind of bikes
By Subramani.n on 16-10-2011
Wat an english!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Jammy on 26-09-2011
1.mileage problem.per 1/lite--40km 2.Engen sound. going to long gerny onTVS-STARCITY--110CC we have no satishfy.because am not satiesfy.AM PURCHESING date 22-03-2010.
By V Epaphras on 20-08-2011
please let me know that the tvs is going to launch a new victor?

and what is the pric of tvs star city 110cc & 150cc
By Suman Nandi on 11-12-2010
i am impressed
By Anupam Purohit on 25-11-2010
Hi Prakash,

There is no need to ask any body about any thing in this cyber age. Just Log on to and get all the info you need. Bye
By R Sai Srinivas on 06-10-2010
please let me know that the tvs is going to launch a new victor?
By Sachin Salunkhe on 19-11-2010
Good Morning Sir/Madam,

i need some details about star city 110cc with how many colours available in that model... also if it possible means please inform any latest model or colour comes to the market before this month?...
By Prakash on 14-09-2010
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