Apache RTR 180cc review

The two wheeler sale of this third largest Chennai-based bike manufacturing company TVS Motors has posted positive profit even in the first quarter of 2009 amidst hovering clouds of recession across all industry sectors. The company is constantly refurbishing old models to add dynamism to their new products. The Apache RTR stable got its new colt in the form of TVS Apache RTR 180cc, carrying the legacy and characteristics of the old Apache RTR 160cc.

TVS has always been on the tracks to develop better racing products through intense research and development because of the company's active participation in the domain of racing.

The new Apache 180cc model has been designed and manufactured keeping in mind that the machine should perform well on the streets without losing its focus on the racing tracks. This Apache RTR 180cc bike is christened Menace to symbolize threat or danger to its arch rivals on the street.

What looks new in this RTR 180cc?
The basic look of Apache 180 resembles old Apache RTR 160cc but with no front scoop fairing it has a killer appeal with sporty design. The naked beauty of Apache 180 is further enhanced with a part of exposed titanium engine. The chiseled look of the bike with aerodynamic features steals an enviable glance of every passerby on the road as well as in the parking lots.

The graphics are all new in Apache 180 and logo of RTR is prominently applied on the tank scoops to make it bolder. LED tail lamps, new grab rails, petal disc brakes on front and rear end with optional aluminum foot pegs, all add to its beauty. However, the suspension of this bike is a bit stiffer than its competitors. This is not a flip side considering racers will like it for a sportier appeal. The digital instrumentation looks same as old Apache with minor tweak in the color of the dial (to a lighter tone so that it becomes more legible and visible).

Engine and Performance
This new Apache 180 is powered by a 4-stroke, mono-cylinder, 180cc engine that generates almost 17.3PS @8500 rpm higher than old Apache RTR 160cc that was producing 16PS. The torque of RTR 180cc is also significantly increased to 15.5Nm @ 6500 rpm from 13.1 Nm at 6000 rpm. Greater torque range only ensures increased power even at low rpms. With the new exhaust system, this performance bike is designed to adhere to all pollution norms in India and be environment friendly as well.

Apache 180 RTR

Comfort and handling
The ergonomics of this bike is sculpted to provide ultimate maneuverability for the bike. With increased wheelbase as much as 26mm more than old Apache RTR 160cc, Apache 180 is more stable on roads. It is more street friendly also giving assurance of greater safety than its predecessor. Again the wheels are of 17 inches, a change from old Apache RTR 160cc that adopted 18 inch rear wheels. On the bumpy roads, it is allowed comfortable riding experience with its monotube inverted Gas filled shock absorbers.

Price and color options
Equipped with both kick start and electric options, Apache RTR 180 is available in three colors of pearl white, black and titanium grey. It is priced at Rs. 63990 ex-showroom Delhi and is in direct competition with Yamaha 15 and Pulsar 200cc. However, it is the competitive pricing of this bike that will help TVS to capitalize on larger market share. Value-for-money and performance are the key factors to zero down on a particular bike and industry news say that TVS Apache RTR 180cc bike suffices both the criteria.

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Today i bought my dream bike apache 180 cc by exchanging RTR 160 cc it is very nice bike to ride
By Muthu on 23-02-2012
Apache rtr is awsome but looking is a not at al but fazer is better than Rtr
By Sri.prince on 14-12-2011
Apache rtr is awsome but looking is a not at al
By Sri.prince on 14-12-2011
hav u ever experienced such a bike in ur life , experience it then u wil forget ur life only
By Deva on 21-04-2011
its a hi performance bike
By Neel on 11-03-2011
very beautiful and excellent and smooth drive, pikeup mileage and good colour models and very careful riding bike
By Dinesh on 24-01-2011
very useless bike in the world
By Dinesh on 24-01-2011

it'$ now or never !
By Aakar on 01-01-2011
By Suresh on 11-10-2010
Fabulous performance on the streets and its great to be part of one to experience it
By Shasi Kanth on 13-09-2010
yaar iski mileg kitni he . aur mentenece aur auto parts
By Dileep Thakur on 02-09-2010
apache 180 best bike in racing and i think this model is very queet and engine very powerful
By Narendra on 13-08-2010
apache is royal
By Narendra on 13-08-2010
Zhakaas BIKE
By What A Bike Yar ! Baki Bikes Ki To Fad Dali Isne. What A Pow on 13-03-2010
mast hai guru ... abhi papa ko bolunga yahi vali dilaoo.. pulsar vulsar bakvas hai... Jst hv atest ride on it n bhul jaoo sabkuchh.............
By Kundan on 23-03-2010
our byke,your bye all byke,apache 180 ,i like this bykeeeeeeee!!!!!
By Surajhere on 13-12-2009
Apache 180 is the best buy....affordable n eye catching
By Bonny on 14-10-2009
apache180 is racing bike.this bike is unbeteble and if you think pulsar180 is better forget this think.
By Kartik on 27-09-2009
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