Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme - Review

The legendary Hero Honda CBZ which wooed the youth in the late 90s is back again, but this time with near perfect technical stipulation of every bikers dreams and a design that makes you fall in love again. But this time not just with body stickers and few new graphics.

Hero Honda CBZ went for technological upgrade and style and design tweak and came out as the new Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme.

The competition in the segment of 150cc motorbikes is so fierce, and the world's largest motorcycle manufacturing company Hero Honda is not deterred by its arch rivals TVS Motors and Bajaj Auto. This has been proved by the unveiling of Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme.

Honda had to phase out the CBZ model as the vehicle had some engine troubles and it has been a model giving low fuel efficiency and release the new CBZ X-Treme. The company believes it has come up with the whole new refurbished model in the X-Treme and pitted it against its adversaries such as Bajaj Pulsar 150cc and TVS Apache.

As regards the looks, it's the cool look of the bike that is appealing to most bike lovers and its designing has taken more than six months by a team of nerds that included members of Honda Japan as well. The designing style of Hero Honda CBZ X Treme 150cc bike takes has resemblance with many 600cc bikes abroad such as the CBR.

It comes in 5 color options of Black, Blazing Red, Sports Red, Boon Silver Metallic and Vibrant Blue Metallic. The headlights are completely different from its predecessor; a trapezoidal look with the turn indicators completely merging with headlamps and the LEDs giving altogether new looks.

The grip handlebars for the pillion riders are changed to reflect contemporary styling. The knee recess helps six-footer and an average height person ride the new Hero Honda CBZ 150cc with comfort. The black alloy wheels and the fuel tank go well with the contour of the body. Tail lamps are changed and they are now quite an attraction besides the new digital console and body-colored rear view mirrors. The attractive windscreen resists wind speed and adds beauty to the beast.

CBZ Xtreme

Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme runs on a power mill of 149.2 cc engine which renders good pick up and better mileage than the erstwhile CBZ. The 4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled engine generates maximum power output of 10.6KW@8500rpm and maximum torque of 12.8 Nm@6500 rpm. Transmission is 5 speed constant mesh and the top speed with CBZ X-Treme is 113kph and it becomes the USP of XTreme.

Fuel efficiency of this bike is approximately 48kpl (although it could have been better than this). At the heart of the bike is Hero Honda's ATFT (Advanced Tuble Flow Induction) Technology) similar to Honda Hunk. The AMI (Advanced Microprocessor Ignition) System makes it efficient and the self and kick-start options coupled with disc brakes makes it one reliable performer. The new engine provides with maximum efficiency even on wet road conditions.

Comfort and Handling:
Riding experience on Xtreme can be best described as exciting and thrilling and comfortable. The tuff-up tyres to give stress free experience even when the tyre gets punctured. With comfortable seating position, the bike has satisfactory ground clearance capacity.

This bike is priced at 54,500-56,500 (Ex-showroom, Delhi). If you look for safety, comfort coupled with glamorous looks in a bike, the new Honda CBZ Xtreme could be just the one and cannot be compared to its peers such as Pulsars or Unicorns. But unfortunately it's not gone to people as much as it should have really gone.

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Last updated on 09-05-2012. Published on 26-08-2009.
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excellent comments... yes I am a proud owner of CBZ xtreme... this bike wont let you down....
By on 16-10-2009
By on 17-09-2009
High way rider
By on 20-10-2009
what is kerb weight kerb weight includes
By on 07-12-2009
1.power is can be expresses in___________
2.brake fluid used in discbrakes is ________________
3.power is can be expresses in______________
4.what is the value of 1 Ps ____________________
5.AMI takes in puts such as ________&_____and gives advance spark ignition timing for better fuel efficiency.
6.what is the main function of CDI?
7.In which gear Torque with speed?
8.compare the relationship of torque with speed?
By on 07-12-2009
im thinking of buying cbz xtreme, but i feel it wil be 2 big fr me to handle.
im lean and about 6ft tall. i feel 150cc bikes r heavy fr me to handle..would u recommend cbz x for me??
By on 09-12-2009
hi freinds..i do not know more about bikes...i had a hero honda glamour..i got cbz xtreme atft on dec 09......now i have done 4,700 kms and two services are finished...the bike is good...but the bike gets stuck at speeds of 100-105-refuses to go futher..but in my freinds cbz xtreme i have done upto 115....is the engine needs to the opened up?help me guys...,my mail id is pravinneethu@gmail.com
By on 27-05-2010
I have a cbz xtreme bike. I think it's a very good looking bike. It is very comfortable bike for any one. But if you are very short then it's not for you to control.
If any one wants to buy a perfect bike then i will say that cbz is one.
By on 26-01-2010
which one should i prefer either cbz or pulsar150cc.
what are the differences in their milages and their maintenance costs.
By on 10-03-2010
i want to buy the bajaj pulsar 180 dts-i,what do you people think i buy that are i dont,are i buy the cbz xtreme,reply soon ok.
By on 03-03-2010
pulsar is really a worst bike .. aftr 5-7 months it engine start noising .... , its nt a duranle bike,..

cbz is a bike u can trust upon.. its barand name HH gives u a gud resale value also ..

i luv dis bike,...
By on 13-04-2010
mileage depends upon how u drive in all bikezz
By on 14-04-2010
sajjan CBz xtreme is for rough nd tough gyzzzzz where as pulsar is for soft nature gyzzz............once u give accelerator in cbz it will tempt u to go fast
By on 14-04-2010
den it will be better 4 u 2 take scooty
By on 27-03-2010
abe fool dont worry abt weight itzzz all abt balancinggg do y know rossi a racer he drives 300cc bikes he is damn lean nd would weight only sbt 45-50 kgzzzz not only himm all racerzzzzzz....ITZZ ALL ABT CONTROLLING ND BALANCING THE MACHINE
By on 14-04-2010
for engine life -- hero honda
for style --- yamaha
for smoothness- - suzuki and honda.
tvs apache -- low maintenance
By on 23-02-2010
for power and looks --- bajaj
By on 23-02-2010
brakes -- hero honda..
mileage --- suzuki is the best..
By on 23-02-2010
Yamaha mileage is so-so, the maintenance cost is much expensive. Yamaha is jst all abt style n speed.
By on 16-07-2010
hi friends....i like to buy yamaha fz16...wats ur opinion abt it.i mean mileage,maintenance etc
By on 13-07-2010
Iam intersted to buy used CBZ 2009 model...Iam having a back paint problem.pl advice about the shock absorber condition.
By on 20-08-2010
frndz i interested to buy cbz extrem. i am using honda shine 125cc plz advice abt millage, maintanance etc my mail id is mukeshbangaru@gmail.com
By on 05-09-2010
want to purchage good condition hero honda cbz x-treme 2009 in kolkata call me09836265776
By on 09-09-2010
is hh launching new cbz xtreme in 2010
By on 03-12-2010
or in 2011
By on 03-12-2010
i m also searching it out, but unfortunately i m not getting any positive answeres
By on 11-03-2011
cbzxtreme bike very nice . styel,milage,pickup super foungctions.
By on 14-05-2011
By on 14-05-2011
it's on never cbz
By on 14-05-2011
cbz is perfect bike,for rough use.its good looking,its back light is very attractive.cbz is bettre bike in 150cc.
By on 16-05-2011
1.power is can be expresses in -Kilowatts KW
2.brake fluid used in discbrakes is- an incompressible liquid
3.power is can be expresses in- torque
4.what is the value of 1 Ps - 745.7watts
5.AMI takes in puts such as ignition timing and rpm and gives advance spark ignition timing for better fuel efficiency.
6.what is the main function of CDI? -Common rail direct fuel injection(CDI)-it is a modern variant of direct fuel injection system for petrol and diesel engines.

7.In which gear Torque with speed? 1st gear..

8.compare the relationship of torque with speed?- torque is only a function of speed if you are refering to the mechanics of generating torque. IE. engines have optimal speeds for generating maximum torque. but torque is a measure of twisting force, and is independent of speed...:)
By on 27-07-2011
Hi Friends,
I bought CBZ KS 1 month back with on-road price Rs :- 70900, unfortunately I got a chance a to go abroad for 3 years. Hence I am planning to sell my Great Beast. It just completed 1st service
and completed only 1200 kms and also I have never crossed 50kmhr speed till now. It having Butter smooth engine and comfort. if any of you have a plan to buy it, pls mail me to jeganstin@gmail.com or call me at 8754402263, Chennai.


Good looking, Good Pickup, Good Mileage(45 -55kmpl depend on ur ride), Excellent Engine ( No sound U can hear),
Good for Family usage, Comortable Seat for both Rider and Pillion,
Very GOOD ROAD GRIP(Magnetic Grip).
By on 03-08-2011
Hero Honda CBZ extreme possess a great style, design and performance. Truly a hear-touching bike. I have the latest model of CBZ extreme.
By on 06-09-2011
m buy a new cbz xtereme in 2 disc but rear disc some sound on press please give advise me
By on 13-10-2011
will the height really matter???? im 5ft 5inch will dat cause difficulty in handling cbz xtreme???? im cmfrtable with pulsar 150.
By on 25-11-2011
Hey i hve CBZ Extreme.. Its a awesome bike.If u want to feel true biking take a ride of CBZ extreme..My bike has completed 2 yrs still it give me average of 45 km & same comfort...& maintanence is very low..So dont think too much buy CBZ Extreme !!!
By on 13-02-2012
I bought the New model CBZ Extreme 2011 . Bike is good. It gives good control and milleage.
Digital speedometer s awesome.
Split handle is too good.

Dont give your bike to service @ Sri Chandu Motors @ Singasandra Bangalore.

The Bike Service they offer is VERY VERY BAD. Dont give the bike to them for service.

I had 2 bad experiece with them. Once after the service i found there is SCRATCHES on the Silencer. They dont know how to clean the Silencer if it has the mud. Asked them how this happend they would reply it was there. we did not do anyting.

Second time they damaged the handle part. If you go and ask them they wont accept their mistake and point it as it was there previously.
They would give all logical pathetic reply
The Service of Bike is VERY VERY BAD.

Bike will be returned to you with Scratches.

Till you buy the bike they will talk nicely after that They Treat you Very BAD
By on 08-03-2012
tvs apache vs hero honda cbz xtreme, which is better??
By on 30-07-2012
I'm 5.9 ft tall.bt my wt is only 45 kg.it is better to buy new cbz.plz suggest me frnds
By on 29-09-2012
Mohammad bhai... I belong to rohtak (haryana) but here is avilable new hero extreme only not hero honda cbz xtreme. The showroom owner (kamal mittal) said - only hero xtreme will avilable in future, what should i do ? Please help me....!
By on 01-12-2012
Mohammad bhai... I belong to rohtak (haryana) but here is avilable new hero extreme only not hero honda cbz xtreme. The showroom owner (kamal mittal) said - only hero xtreme will avilable in future, what should i do ? Please help me...
By on 01-12-2012
I am a regular customer of Singasandra, Sri.Chandru Motors. Right now i am facing some problems with my bike after the 12,000Kms Service. I would like to know did u find any other good service center or mechanic?
By on 30-09-2014
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