Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi Wallpapers

Once known as the fastest Indian. Treated as the flagship motorcycle of Bajaj until the entry of the Pulsar 200NS. The Pulsar 220 might be the biggest fan following motorcycle in the commuter class in India. Now check out the dashing wallpapers of the Pulsar 220.

Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi Wallpaper

Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi Wallpaper

Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi Wallpaper

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Last updated on 27-01-2017. Published on 25-06-2009.
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i just love bikes
By on 28-10-2009
i like this bike very much
By on 16-09-2009
wat a fag
By on 06-11-2009
this is my dream bike.... i like very much
By on 09-10-2009
i like bikes
By on 27-06-2009
i like u
By on 27-06-2009
All the above comments sucks!! I am challenging everyone here, if u guys r riders then race with me, i got M80.
By on 11-12-2009
i like fz yahma byce
By on 11-12-2009
Yes man P220 rocks !! i own one !!

Before commenting anything about P220 just go through technical and mechanical specification and compare with your karizma and all.

P220 is very much ahead. 19 nm torque, 21 PSI power. who gives this.
I hate all other overpriced bikes. Just show sha !!

P 220 Rocks !! i already beat all apaches and karizmas in highways riding it !!!
By on 18-11-2009
everyone sucks! Dare to try kinetic Comet!Its a dream machine for real Riders!
By on 27-11-2009
I think rajat it was sensless comment.. just read thru wat u've typed. who sells this bike, apart from customer service problem bajaj pulsar is still the largest selling premium category of bikes in India. unlike karizma it started all its innovations after pulsar 200 release. because it could beat karizma in highways. i don know about ZMR but the headlight really sucks. Hero Honda never come with innovations. they bring new models with same old engine like Splendor and Passion have the same engine..ho ho now they have added "pro" to it. they roled out Fi engine of 125cc segment but they stopped due to lot of trouble. they released CBZ then CBZ star then CBZ Xtreme.. wat a shame nothing clicked. then the so HUNK, even then it was rated more stylish its so funny tat peolpe didint choose tat bike. BAJAJ always rocks.. Hamara Bajaj.. all those Hero Honda and Yamaha lovers watch now there 'NINJA' gonna come...
By on 15-11-2009
shut up
By on 24-11-2009
shut up u all karizma rocks.just race with me.the real rider is here.
By on 24-11-2009
i think this is most wanted bike because every people sell this bike don't like this bike
By on 22-07-2009
i love yzf-R15 very much......................
By on 01-01-2010
This is My Heart Beat
By on 06-02-2010
when & where let me know
By on 27-01-2010
adonnumalla makkale nte cycle is the best coz tintumon ROCKZ.......
By on 16-01-2010
Best bike i love 220F Rockssssssssssssssssssss
By on 15-10-2010
next weak i going to buy a india no 1 sport bike pulsar 220f
By on 08-07-2011
pulsar rocks sssssssssssssssssssssssssss
By on 10-12-2011
booked 220 today
By on 01-07-2013
just like u
By on 30-09-2014
hyy gayz... don't fight OK ....... what's u r think that's u r choices..... in bike's
220.... speed bustard.........
By on 19-12-2015
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