9 + 1 ways to prolong the motorcycle road life

The road life of a motorcycle can be prolonged by proper and regular care and maintenance with monthly tuning of the essential parts. Starting from the engine to the chains, everything needs through inspection and timely maintenance. However, different

1. Tires of motorcycles should be always checked for appropriate tire pressure and also for wear or tear to get better mileage as well as life. Too high air pressure will result in unwanted punctures and too low pressure might drink away more fuel.

2. Oil level is again very important and one must check that by keeping the bike on a flat and level surface. Keep it at desired level always.

Motorcycle Oil Level Checking

3. Brakes need to be well tuned. Also grease them from time to time for greater performance on road. The fluid levels also need checking regularly.

4. Light system needs to be checked prior to any riding. Do not forget to check for the turners and brake light.

5. Engine oil needs to be changed at regular intervals for better performance and long life of the engine

6. Change of gears should be done smoothly. The word of advice is to never shift bike from fifth gear to first gear as it screws up the piston rings.

7. To avoid the screeching sound of bike, ensure that the brake pads are replaced periodically.

8. The bike should not be accelerated suddenly, harshly and rashly.

9. Throttle should be regulated and not be overused.

10. Bike should be checked for any kind of leakage of oil so the engine performs well and also fuel not wasted.

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