New Honda CBF Stunner Fi- Preview

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) made a national launch of Honda CBF Stunner Fi in the Indian market with not much fanfare. The aim of the launch of the new CBK Stunner by the company is to bolster the Japanese company sales in the two-wheeler segment and Honda targets almost 12 per cent increase from its last year figure of 10.7 lakh units of two-wheelers in India.

Additionally, Honda management says that the new CBF Stunner PGM-Fi will be instrumental in achieving the aforesaid target of the company. However, the target customers for this new sporty and stylish Honda CBF Stunner Fi 125cc bike will be youth in the age group of 18-24.

Honda CBF Stunner Fi

The CBF Stunner PGM-Fi sports bike is an upgraded version of Honda's 125cc stunner. Honda's new Stunner is equipped with what is called as PGM-Fi (Programmed Fuel Injection) technology, an upgrade over its predecessor Honda CBF Stunner. The innovation improves fuel efficiency whilst giving enhanced performance. The new CBF Stunner PGM Fi will hit the road in sparkling colors of red, yellow and black in a weeks' time; by June first week.

The new Honda CBF Stunner PGM-Fi reflects a sporty look with integrated front cowl and not otherwise bikini fairing. It features telescopic front fork suspension, split seats and a trendy foot step holder. The hydraulic shock absorber is fitted at the rear end. The braking system is a combination of contemporary disk brakes (240mm) at the front and the conventional drum brakes (130mm) at the rear. But, it would have been an incredible competitor if it had disc brakes at both the ends. The new 125cc Honda CBF Stunner PGM-Fi bike comes with tubeless tires at both front and rear ends and that's some respite for bike lovers who looks for value addition to their money.

The PGM-Fi technology of the engine makes it environment friendly and it would adhere to the BS emission norms and regulations. It is also this innovation that is expected to bring down emission levels to at least one-tenth of existent emission norms in India.

The new 125 cc CBF stunner is powered with a 4-stroke, air-cooled self-starting engine. It would generate a power of 11.6 bhp @8000 rpm. The mileage is expected to be around 65kmpl, although it sounds over optimistic, even if it is around 50 kmpl its good enough. Sources from Honda claim that from standstill position, the bike can touch a speed of 60kmph in 5.2 seconds. The kerb weight of the bike is 129kg and the fuel capacity is 10 liters with 2 liters in reserve.

Smoothness, reliability, upright ergonomics and pleasure of riding all comes as a package from the new Honda stunner at premium price of Rs. 64,630 (ex-showroom, Delhi) for the basic version. The New CBF Stunner will be available in three variants. With the punch line Absolute Sensation Reprogrammed, the new Stunner Fi is expected to entice the young bike enthusiasts.

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I need some details for stunner 125cc PGM FI b bike lunching date in Tamil Nadu.
Mobile number : 9087379723
By Viknesh on 05-07-2019
I need some details for stunner 125cc PGM FI b bike lunching date in Tamil Nadu
By Viknesh on 05-07-2019
Pgm fi ye bike india me kab aaye gi
By Rafsan on 09-09-2014
my sugesion to honda engnrs plez availe this byke with 150cc with digital speedometer,fuel and trip meter and change the front look of this byke make it heavy look like pulsar 220 and plez make it vibration free engine sothat byke run smothly ovr100 kmph
By Jitendra on 08-07-2014
Plz sent this bike total installment details
By Debojyoti Banerjee on 19-06-2014
i like dis bike
By Premkumar on 30-01-2013
Pls send the instalment details of honda cbf strunner bike
By Krishna Ghosh on 19-05-2012
tell me this avrage
By Viccky` on 12-04-2012
nice bike i love ..this bike but update the bike with oil cold full engin coverd .....
By Robin on 12-03-2012
Will it reliable to buy this bike.....??

What is the on road cost of stunner cbf fi.....??
By Pankajg on 10-02-2012
I was my love is came (VP)
By Vyankatesh (vp-love) on 18-01-2012
By Sagar(sb) on 18-01-2012
By Rohan(rg) on 18-01-2012
By Vyankatesh (vp) on 18-01-2012
like this bike in looks but not in the performance of this bike this bike should be launched in 150 cc in place of unicorn dazzler
By Ajit (jyoti) on 21-01-2012
superb bike. i think this 125cc is inadaquate to this model .i would like to request to honda company to rise up the engine cc.
By Sulthan on 27-11-2011

By Joshy on 29-09-2011
i want to buy this will any one send to me
hole discription about this bike
By Maneendra on 17-09-2011
It is a very good bike. I m driving it for the last 2 years. The top speed is 110km/hr. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
By Shikhar on 21-06-2011
wow it is a beutifull bike. i am get its new bike.bye bye
By Chetan on 25-06-2011
i'll prefer this bike if it has 2 piece hanlde and gear system without lever. Plz tell me if some1 know about it
By Govinda Gurung on 29-06-2011
I Purchase the CBF Stunner Fi 125cc It's Realy Comfort & Cool Bike...!
By Santosh Sharma on 15-03-2011
my lovely bike
By Anil on 13-02-2011
its very very nice bike its look is good
By Anil on 13-02-2011
By Anuj Kumar Manki on 11-02-2011
My new stunner is superb
By Pukar on 04-02-2011
By Sahil on 28-12-2010
I wanna sell this bike its 8 months old i get average around 65 to 70 anyone interested contact me on 9870658578
By Ali on 12-12-2010
i want one ...........if any body is interested to sell .do contact
By Rajat Batra on 05-12-2010
its very nice loking
By Neeraj Bhati on 28-10-2010
nice bike yarrr
By Rejeesh on 25-10-2010
By Rejeesh on 25-10-2010
Looks cool it will be nice with Digital speedo meter
By Ramesh on 20-11-2010
i like this bike in looks but not in the performance of this bike this bike should be launched in 150 cc in place of unicorn dazzler
By Sarthak on 13-08-2010
i love this bike i buy this bike and it is very nice..
By Dhruv on 31-08-2010
125cc bike @ 60k + worth less to buy one should get 150cc bike in this budget its worth less to buy 125cc in this amount.
By Vipul on 16-07-2010
yes i will bye this bike in last of is really good looking and nice bike i love stunner,,,,,i am w8ing for that when i will bye this
By Saif Ahmed on 02-04-2010
It is look very sporty bike, But customer complaints more than reach 65km engine get more vibration. Another one mileage not cross to 45kmpl. But vehicle details at long travel its given at 65-70kmpl per 1 liter pertol. Please give me a clearance. I always confuse. Please give my questions answer. Then i am purchase a new Honga STUNNER PGM FI bike.
By Manish Arora on 29-01-2010
this bike is wonder full bike, every person purchase this bike easily because bike price is very minimum, and i like this bike, I want to purchase but I dont get good showroom for purchase this bike, really this model is very good, I want to say thanks Honda's company.

satish chandel
By Satish Chandel From Nagpur City on 10-06-2010
guyz its a nice bike...u must prefer that coz its pick up is very good.
By Sandeep on 08-01-2010
Is it possible to exchange the cbf stunner with the new pgm fi..i took my cbf for 60000,and it is now declined to 45000..
By Danny on 14-02-2010
thanks to honda company to introduce tha honda stunner fi but i will buy the bike when if company ready to give the milage of the bike is 60 to 65kmpl .
By Rakshith on 20-07-2009
yes,it is cool bike but any body knows that ,tubeless tyre and age,&capacity of that tyre.
and if it is reliable. then how we get tubeless tyre for that bike if model is closed due to low response.I heard tubeless tyre of four wheeler but it is still question about two wheeler.if any body got plz paste reply.on this site
and its prize in pune ex.showrroom is 73,000/- only. its horrible one !!!!!
By Abhijit on 28-07-2009
@ aman

yes Honda Stunner is stunner in the truest sense. It sports a digital speedometer, a digitalized neutral indicator, a digital fuel indicator, the high-beam and normal beam indicator, and the side blinker indicators...all of these should make your daily commuting (night or daytime) cool!
By Aram on 18-11-2009
this s complte bike fr india
By Shivam on 11-07-2010
thats so amazing to watch out it over all but the price is not comparible
By Nayak Kashyap on 04-12-2009
i have been dreaming to get that bike if some some one can tell me wat is the on ride price of the bike in chennai and will it be availabe for down payment
By Solomon on 29-07-2009
it is agood byke but it is only a 125 cc i wish it be a 150+ cc byke
By Shahzad on 27-06-2009
HI guys..i owned this byk....performance is outstanding...very smooth costs 73309 in chennai(on road) ..even though the price is little xpensive it s worth to buy..i get 59 kmpl
By Deepak on 03-09-2009
it is nice to introduce stunner with fi but still advantage with tachometer rpm, side stand light, monosuspension, rpm indicator, because since its cost is 64000 so extra advantages should be there to say the name it is honda and the power of light should be very high at in night time.
By Sheik Mokamad on 14-07-2009
is it have a digital meter ?

please anyone tell me
By Aman on 13-10-2009
i love this bike she is my dreem bike. i get it as soon as possibal.
By Dheeraj on 16-06-2009
i'll just get this bike any how......!!!!
By Husain on 04-11-2009
look is so beautiful but price is very high compare to another bike
By Raman on 07-09-2009
I have Stunner CBF. i am very satishfied but some items not given by Honda like Elec. Meter. Low Power Engine. In future pls give 180CC Engine & Elec. Speedo Meter
By Manoj Yadav on 11-09-2009
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