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Bikes are sweethearts for some and a passion for some, as they would have gifted you many pleasant unforgettable memories and some joyous rides. Some may even treat their bikes like babies; yes that is the charm of a motorbike! Taking care of it is so much important that most of them schedule to perform a thorough cleaning on every weekend almost ritualistically. But there are a section of people who do not find time to clean their respective vehicle, blame it on their busy work schedule or they are simply lazy; the list of excuses being endless. Amidst all this one forgets the necessity to keep the bikes clean for longevity and to enjoy smooth rides. Let's check out a few tips to have sparkling bike for great rides.

Bike Rim Spoke Cleaning

Before cleaning
Just remember to not begin the cleaning process immediately after returning from a long ride, as the engine needs to cool down to avoid any serious damage and so turn off the ignition. Also, have a thorough look at your bike for wear and tear that could have resulted with any rough riding.

Necessary tools for cleaning your bike
The perfect equipment to clean your bike would definitely be a brush, mild detergent, water and a smooth cloth.

But it is always recommended to use a good quality cleaning solution(bike shampoo) or good wax product that are specially made for bikes to ensure no harm is caused to your bike in terms of fading the paint or reducing the sheen of the bike. Your shoe polishing brush will serve as an ideal tool and to clean the tyres it is preferable to use stronger bristle brush with a wooden handle for easy cleaning. To pamper your bike further use leather cleaner for the seat.

Begin with soaking
In areas where is a lot of grime or grease deposits it is always better to soak it with cleaning agent so that that dirt is easily removed without damaging the chrome. Once you are done with the cleaning of soiled areas, cover the electrical and leather parts with plastic sheets to keep them safe.

Motorcycle Mudguard Washing

Now start washing...
Gently scrub the vehicle with water on a low pressure, rinse it thoroughly to ensure the cleaning solution is completely removed. And do not forget to clean the creases and narrow areas too. Then move on to clean the tyres that can take extra time, after which clean the entire bike with a dry cloth otherwise the bike will develop rust.

Oil treatment
Once you are done with the cleaning process put some oil to the chain to add a finishing touch. And now, there stands your bike all new and scintillating for you to give you yet another blissful ride.

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