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Bikes are the first love of every youngster and needless to say they become the most valuable asset in their lives. Although a super bike is the greatest dream of every youngster the expense will seldom help you in owning one.

But, there is no need to be disheartened because there is way to make your dream come true and that is to modify your existing bike- giving your bike a facelift and beautifying it will enliven your fantasy. Yes! You can now transform your bike to a "super bike"!

There are options to transit the engine to give a better performance or you can just make some changes to the look of the bike; making it sporty, jazzy or stylish, you choose one, it can all be done.

Custom Bike

Enhancing the look of your bike
It requires a lot creative ability to disguise an ordinary bike to a swanky machine. The most common modifications in vogue include fitting an extra silencer, inserting a wider tyre at the rear, altering the handle bar, opting for alloy wheels and replacing the shock absorbers.

Usual bike modification does not involve altering the engine but making changes in the body parts; most times just the cosmetic appearance. The bodywork is processed with the help of Fibreglass-Reinforced-Plastic. Bright paints and stylish graphic stickers will be used to give a trendier look to bikes.

If you are harbouring a dream of driving a Harley Davidson while you have an Indian bike, you can give the HD impression when you ride by fitting a diffuser to give that sound effect and also by inserting an exhaust to get the feel of a powerful engine. But remember all these extra fittings will cut short the mileage of your economy bike!

Transform your bike to a racer...
You may own a 200cc Pulsar, or a CBZ or CBR and they can be easily converted into a sports bike, which can turn heads around while you vroom on the roads.

It is possible, but the condition is you need to get the right professional bike modifier to get the desired result, not everyone or anyone can turn GF 170 to Suzuki Hayabusa! Bike modification is an art in itself and it can well be a lucre profession if someone has the niche and passion to transform ordinary bikes to super bikes.

But as a bike enthusiast who is contemplating on some modification, if you wonder how much it would cost for transitions, then, that depends on the complexity of the customization- the maths is simple: The lesser the work the lesser is the expense and the more hi-tech personalization you opt that much more you will spend.

Eco-friendly Bikes
How often do you give a thought about the environment when you ride a bike? The answer will probably be a negative one. Isn't? But, in case you want to save the environment from further damage you can power your bikes with solar, wind or electric energy, which will give you ample mileage for city riding. These modifications can be done on your existing scooters or bikes. However, these engine conversions are not every mechanic's job and therefore are not available everywhere. So you will have to do thorough research to find an authority in specific engine conversion.

Word of caution though...
All is well with your modification process; still, you need to be aware of the fact that with every single change you make to your bike you are also depreciating its resale value that much. Even the bike makers send a red signal regarding bike modifications, as they can dampen the performance of the vehicle. But a slight few modifications in terms of the look of your bike will certainly not harm the bike.

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My bike pulsar 220 change into using r15 bike
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My contact 09590105556
By Ismaeel Shaikh on 30-03-2016
Any one tell me how do i convert hayabusa sound in r15
By Ismaeel Shaikh on 30-03-2016
Hi I want to modifiy my discovery 125st to sports bike please help me my cont no is 9618827171
By Natraj on 17-01-2016
hello, I have pulsar 150 dtsi and I want to transform it into a sports bike if any could me I would really appreciate ... thank you
By Abhishek on 29-11-2015
Sivaya nagar? Bro its not der in blor.
By Sufi on 19-07-2014
Hii...i have a black pulser 150
I want to trans form it in 220..
Can u halp me...
By Deep Nagarsheth on 08-07-2014
i want to change my cbr bike front dhoom to r15 doom is it possible or not and how much cost does it requires
By Siva on 19-04-2014
i have a yamaha r15 v2.0 and .i wan to put bumper plz give some idea .
By Rajkumar on 09-01-2014
hi i have yamaha fzs i wanna change my doom of r15 any 1 can help me my contact no 8894764610
By Ranju Bhardwaj on 10-07-2013
I have Discover 135cc i need that bike modification, painting, modification sticker Pictures
By Vignesh on 11-05-2013
hello guys can u plz tell me how to fit new silencer with noicy sound in yamaha fz16...
i directly connect it wid converter ya without converter...????
plz its urgent for me...
By Gaurav on 01-04-2013
Hai,nishanth go to bangalore there will be a place called sivaya nagar there will be r15 doom for rs,1000 its real dont mis it?
By Santhosh on 30-12-2012
i want to change my cbz xtreme handlebar with pulsar180 or new cbz xtreme
By Shakti Singh on 22-08-2012
dose the handle bar of honda cbr 250r fits to cbz extrem??
By Mohan on 26-05-2012
i wnt to change my front part of fazer 150 to r15.
is it possible??
if yes thn wht will it cost????
plzzzzzzzzz let me knw
my email is -
By Shubham on 22-05-2012
I have Honda unicorn i need to change the handle.
Is pulsar 150 ordinary handle fit correctly to unicorn?
Is there Any problems such as accelator part switch parts etc?
By Shafeeq Kc on 30-04-2012
Hey frndzzzzz pls guide me,meri honda unicorn sports bike me modified ho skti hai....pls tell me
By Manish on 29-03-2012
Hello Friends, I need advice to modify my CBZ Xtreme to a Karizma Look. Please Help. my
By Shah on 19-03-2012
I want to change my discover bike sticker (model 2010)
please guide me please pleaseplease
By Shariq on 21-03-2012
THIS Data can help u out!!!


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By Crd Mods on 14-02-2012
I wanna change my pulsar 180 front to R15's how much does it cost? Can any guide me..........
By Nishanth on 08-01-2012
I wanna change my pulsar 180 front to R15′s how much does it cost? i live in uttrakhand please give me some guide
By Suraj on 16-01-2012
By Narendra on 24-01-2012
i have yamaha fz-s
i dont lyk its handle. I wanna change its handle with r15's handle
will it look good?
And will there any problem in its handling?
Plzzzzzzzz tell me what to do
and its priblem
also can u plz tell me the cost of yamaha r15's handle
By Vishnu on 04-12-2011
I own a Discover 125, want to give a good look. I know it's funny. But??? Any ideas?
By Rajeev on 08-10-2011
I have old rajdoot bike.Can I modify it?
Plz tel meeeeeeee
By Piyush on 08-08-2011
hi i am from banglore wanna modify my bike doom to r15 can u help me guys on this no plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 9591514323
By Shamshuddin Khan on 12-07-2011
hi i have yamaha fzs i wanna change my doom of r15 any 1 can help me my contact no 9591514323
By Shamshuddin Khan on 12-07-2011
Hey I want HID setup in my bike. I am from Gurgaon, can any one tell me from where I can get them in my bike.
My contact Number : 9899691173
By Yogesh Kumar on 27-06-2011
hii friend i have Pulsar220F i wanna convert to Suzuki Hayabusa!...what the cost of convert the bick & also when we convert that that time my bike look origanal Suzuki Hayabusa! or any "modify bike"..

please guid me please please please....
:D :D :D :D :D :D

By Hari on 28-06-2011
3 wheels are possible, that bike was built in real ,, and check the internet for more proof
By Krishna's Friend on 13-05-2011
Abay krishna chutye wo film hai actual mein aisa nahi ho sakta dude !
By Rama on 29-04-2011
hey is it posibl to modify a bike into a 3 wheel as shown in golmaal3..
By Krishna on 17-04-2011
i want second hand bullet with big fuel tank and with two sillencer could i get
By Ritesh on 18-03-2011
I want bullet with big fuel tank.
By Ritesh on 18-03-2011
i am having a cbz extreme 2007 model and want to change into karizma.will any body guide me in modification and want to know wheather karizma's tank suit on cbz xtreme.sent me patrs photos if possible...plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
By Asil on 08-03-2011
there's no point modifying 100's or 150's into sports bikes, because you can't do it, be a man do your test and get a 600
By Sam on 05-02-2011
i want to modify my chachu,s yamaha rx 100 bike .
By Mehran Majeed Sodagar. on 04-12-2010
hi, i want transform my bike pulsar 150 as a sports bike... could u tell me...
By Vinay Ahuja on 06-11-2010
Hi, i want change my bike 150cc (Pulsar) as a sports bike. Could any body can guide me, My Contact number +91-9986826769
By Rathinam on 28-01-2010
my bike pulsar 220 dome extra fitting
By Vishnu.vr on 16-11-2009
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