New Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Review

Bajaj has given a new look to its 180cc variant of the Pulsar and christened it as 'The Phantom,' with the support of online pulsar fans. The new Bajaj Pulsar 180cc is rolled to give a competition to the new TVS Apache RTR Menace 180. Surprising the Pulsar fans the news of the new Bajaj Pulsar 180cc comes in less than a week's time after the TVS pronounced of the Apache Menace launch.

Pulsars has always been a hit in the market, and this time the new-look Pulsar 180cc is available in blue and limited editions of orange color with lots of similarities to its sibling Pulsar 200cc. The orange color; however is an inspiration picked from the Kawasaki models.

The changes in this upgraded version of the new Bajaj Pulsar 180cc mentioned hereunder:

In terms of looks, all parts right from forks to engine reflect black matte finish, carrying the legacy of the successful black theme. However, the fork assembly at the front measures 37mm and is stouter than the earlier version. The handle bar is clip on, a feature quite resembling that of Apache RTR. The side panels of the bike are redesigned to reflect sleeker look with more aggressive rear end. The LED tail lamps in the new Bajaj Pulsar 180 cc are the latest in the Indian Bike industry. Additionally, an orange colored digital instrument console will appeal the bikers. There is an analog tachometer dash, an easy-to-read speedometer.

What's more? Backlit switches and self-turn cancel indicators, which are new features in the 180cc segment of bikes in India.

In terms of performance, the power is a little upped as compared to the earlier version. The new Bajaj Pulsar 180cc model generates 17.02PS at 8500 rpm. The clutch system is improved further and the acceleration is great. The gear system is unchanged, but the engine is equipped with an all-new airbox, and retuned exhaust TEC and new cam timings.

Pulsar 180

The ignition in this new Pulsar 180cc model is through battery with no kick lever. However, the model gets a new O-ring chain and sprocket. The fuel efficiency is close to 48-52kms/liter even in high traffic zones, a small improvement from the 45 to 50kms per liter mileage given by its forerunner.

The new Pulsar 180cc reflects a similar look with the 200cc variant in terms of the split grab rail and split seats. The wheelbase is 25mm longer than the existent one implying there will be greater stability on twists and turns of the road and also makes the bike more agile than its earlier model.

The box section swing arm of the new pulsar 180cc is similar to the one in Bajaj 220cc with larger forks in the front. However, the kerb weight has gone up by 4 kgs from 143 to 147. Again, the tank has not gotten any modifications and does not sync with the aggressive rear end. Maybe it should have been more edgy. The model does not have rear disc brakes and it should have come as an option. Additionally the engine must have been a DTS-Fi.

All in all, the new Bajaj Pulsar 180cc will be great if you take value for money. This is because you get all new additional features packaged together at same price.

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i want to buy pulsar .shall i buy 150 or 180 cc

what mileage is gibving ur o
pulsar 180 cc bike
By Nithin Vinayak on 05-01-2016
I owned pulser180 2013 model on june 1..I got 50kml after and before first service. can I get this mailage after 3 more services¿¿¿???
By Answer Me on 19-07-2013
I got 50km mailage
By Unknown on 19-07-2013
Hi friends
which bike is better pulser 180cc / apache 180cc
can you tell me the mileage , power, on road price , advantages
of both bikes ? which bike is better? could give me advise ? it is my dream.
by hopefully your friend.
By Tolin Thomas on 19-03-2013
i want to bey the 150 dtsi pulsar nd 180 pulsar
who better??????????
By Aman Cheema on 07-03-2012
Please mujhe batiye ki pulsar 150 cc ,180 cc ka kiya mileage h...
please tell me...
By Yash Saini on 26-02-2012
By Yash Saini on 26-02-2012
Pulsar 180, 150 cc m se kon si better h pleaae mujhe 2no ka mileage batio..?
By Yash Saini on 26-02-2012
hw bout changes iin 180 cylenser to 220's ne prob?????
By Akarsh on 25-12-2011
Hey guys pulsar 180cc can give mileage about 40 to 45 only yar and it depends how u guys ride it....
By Geri on 26-12-2011
Frinds we have many cars and bikes my big bro have a suv name safari he is a pilot in india air force he have bike yamaha R125 my 2 bro have honda cbr 250 but i say my dad that i love new bike 180 my dad say take other bike like bulet but i like pulsar 180 the bike is cool finaly i got it last week all the people like my bro also like it.
By Deepak on 28-11-2011
hi kisi bahan ho to batau muje cho.__na hai plz call me 882758386_ ek apni marji se laga lo plz batana na ok byee
By Harsh on 22-11-2011
bought p 180 latest model 2011 october model
1.golden teflon coated engine rear grab rail and handle
3.more power 18.3 bhp turning radius.
fnZz this new advance version is god of 180 segment p 180 can beat p 200.difference between p 180 ans p220s is oil cooled engine n silencer nothing bike i had ever used .can beat r15 easily and even karizma r with ease.karizma zmr and 220 can only beat pulsar 180
By Nivesh on 28-10-2011
i m goin to buy this new pulsar 180 in few days. but i have littile doubt on its mileage. can u tell me right mileage???
By Nitin on 23-10-2011
i want to know real milage of new pulsar 180 and 150 plz tell me ....
By Suraj on 25-10-2011
I am planing to buy this monster but what is the exact mileage of this beast...... Someone plz suggest me???????
By Rishabh on 12-10-2011
hi buddy its correct state ment i only get in city 50-52 kmpl and in highway 62-65 kmpl k but now it is too dropped
By Srinivas on 12-10-2011
hi friends past 2 year i get mileage of 50-52 kmpl in city and 62-66 kmpl in highways for normal ride but nw the mileage is too dropped now it gives only 30 kmpl in city in highway 35 pls anybody suggest me
By Srinivas on 12-10-2011
Hii Every body

Pulsar 180 DTSi is the one & only Bike to Rock on Roads,Please i suggest to all bye Pulsar 180 DTSi,

i brought in 2010 Dec 7th,Its rooking bike i really like it,its free to ride Nice pick up,Its like an Fully Loaded "AK47" machine Gun,

Low price, Good look,v v v very good Millage,

"BAJAJ PULSAR " is the one & only King in Bikes manufacture,

By Sarat on 11-10-2011
Can anyone tell me what was the price of pulsar 180 in 2010(Sept).. please.
By Dj on 02-09-2011
Who says pulsur 180cc gave mailage 60-70 km/hr..i think dis is false story. It gave 35 an above mailage in town. In highway below 50..
By @@karthik@@ on 09-08-2011
hey buddy i want to buy pulser 180 ..
but i want that urgent basic...
so please tell me when u will lunch that product in market...???

and i also have sum techinical q..??

can i use 220 cc front light in 180 cc ??????
what type of change need to use 220cc hood in 180 cc pulser..???
By Varun on 29-07-2011
By Mohammed Thoufic on 07-07-2011
nice dude... 180 cc is my.... good performance over all...
By Mohammed Thoufic on 07-07-2011
to b sure the mileage in city is 48-52 and on highway its not more than 55. and for better results should not cross 4X1000 rpm below 50 speed in top gear
By Rakshit on 20-06-2011
can any body tell me plzz.........were can i buy pulsar 180 in the look of 220...if anybody knows plzzz tell meee
By Shashank on 16-06-2011
I want to ride pulser 150cc i have a pulser 180 and tvs apache and i am not happy from its mileage but pulser 150cc looks like dev rath and its mileage is very nice iam not go to petrol pump after 30 days its mileage surpries me
By Pranshuu on 07-06-2011
bajaj bikes engine too bad.with in 1.5 year it same same scrap.
By Chandra on 13-05-2011
bajaj bikes engine too bad.with in 1.5 year same same scrap.
By Chandra on 13-05-2011
U telling lie even p150 cant gives mileage of 55 -60.
By Ravi on 29-01-2011
Many bike give chain prob. After 2,3 dont worry abt it go for p180.
By Ravi on 29-01-2011
Hi sandeep If u want fuel efficent bike go for p150 and for performance bike 180 is better for you. I personlly like 180 .but i have new a p150 i bought yestday . It look like same as 180 but 180 have wide tyres and my fav split seat .
By Ravi on 29-01-2011
Your giving funny comments to up anyway thanks for your lieB-) you know am also mad about pulsar180 cc but i'll give only 42-46 only
By Raja on 23-01-2011
Hi friend you had said unbelievable mileage for pulsar 180cc Bajaj company too won't accept your comment so don't make fool others
By Raja on 23-01-2011
Hello Guyssssssssssssssssssss
i m Planning to purchase a new bike (21Feb 2011), right now im reading the Review of new Pulsar 180cc but mostly people told me about 180cc pulsar (chain problem, means -sound problem and back pain but gud speed, gud all) so plz tell me im full confused
By Sandeep Babbar on 17-01-2011
Plz can anyone tell me about its mileage .i have little doubt about it bcz in above comment some say 50-60 and some say 40-50.
By Ravi on 13-01-2011
Hi Guys,

I have a plan to buy a bike on jan 2011. I have few choices
1. Pulsar 220cc
2. Pulsar 180cc
3. Apache 180
4. Fazer.

I need fuel efficiency of atleast 40-45 per ltr inside city. I am a little tall of 6feet. So the bike should be matching for me not like small kids bike. It should me a MEN bike. Pls give me an idea to take an bike.
By Manshar on 28-12-2010
I wanted to buy a bike which is good pusor 150 or 180 please suggest me immediately which is good mileage.
By S. Ramesh on 14-01-2011
its a great bike...looks,mileage,power all are awesome...i bought my pulsar 2 months ago...its efficiency and pickup is getting better...only fullstand is a bit lower....otherwise none can beat this bike
By Lakhi on 01-12-2010
Hi guys,
Finally I managed to get yes frm my dad for new bike. there was 2 bikes in my mind pulsar 180 and yamaha FZ. But after doing research on net and reading all the reviews finally i decided to go for Pulsar 180.
Its amazing bike....., great look, good mileage.
In coming next weak I'll grab it frm showroom.
By Nash on 21-10-2010
I purchased this bike on last july.Its giving me mileage 60-64,
Its really unbelievable while pulsar 150 getting milage of 55-60
and lowest model pulsar 135 getting a mileage 58-62 .
its fantastic bike expect its silencer looks dull & lack of rear disk brakes
By Robins on 08-10-2010
hi frinds...........
i'm confuse new 150 ya 180 pulsar.....
plz ans me my email...
By Mahesh Jadhav on 22-10-2010
hi,myself anil i purchased pulsar 180cc on this 1st october,itz pickup is awsome,
stablity and riding qualtiy is very good.
after my 1st serviving
i am getting 58-61 km/liter in city riding around the speed(55-65 km/hr)
and in highway i am getting 65km/liter at the speed(65-70 km/hr)

my pulsar 180cc is rocking......mileage speed pickup .everything is PERFECT
By Anil on 12-11-2010
By Malik Rehan on 03-10-2010
i want to know about pulsar 180cc, after 1 year what is the real condition of bike. ( mileage or maintenance ) plzzz... tell me. i am confusing to purchase a new bike. reply me guys fast... i am waiting....
By Munna on 27-09-2010
hey dude i like the head light and back part of pulsar 180 cc it lools are super
By Sathish on 27-09-2010
how much millage getting this bike in new condition, i also think about brought this bike nearabout 2 days, hav its any bad features. also tell me about its price ? plz
By Dipankar on 05-11-2010
hi guys... i am planning to buy a bike above 150cc. so plz suggest me whether
to buy 180cc, or 200cc, or 220cc. which is the best. i am 90kgs and 5"11" height, with good body structure.
By Jai on 25-09-2010
pulsar 180cc is d best.....
By Shetanshu on 11-09-2010
ha ha ha great solution
By Asis on 23-09-2010
dear i have pulsar 180cc bike bike is verry good nice perfoming but chain ia too sound why. many time i take to service centre but no use ,and milage allso less
By on 02-09-2010
aah........well...... i got new Pulsar.... Its superb yaar....... Bole to jakkas....... lelo bhidu 180cc Pulsar.......
By Jimy on 04-08-2010
nahi he bhidu available 200 cc
By Jimy on 04-08-2010
Hi It's Raj,
Few Months Ago I Buy Pulsar 180 ,What A Bike Is This ...B'coz It Has Stylish Look ,Superb Performence, And The Power Of Demon...

Then Wt U Will Be Waiting For GO For It . . .Be The FASTEST INDIAN .
By Raj on 05-08-2010
The 180 only 28 km mil
By Jamsheer on 23-08-2010
I have Pulsar 180 ug4. Its only 400 km. Its pretty good bike.
But i feel little back pain while driving long. But perfomance wise its very good and smooth.............
By Sajan on 12-07-2010
hi.,.plz mujhe batao k pulsur 200cc ab avaliabel hai k nai. Aur p200-20 ka average kya hai? Mai confused hu yaar plz help me.mujhe kuch dino m bike leni plzz reply me fast!?
By Salim Qureshi on 11-07-2010
The one and only amazing ,powerfull and stylish bike FOR Indian roads . no doubt in that .
By Pavanrahul on 07-07-2010
hi friends, i m buying new pulsar 180 cc with in a week time.
can anyone tell me the price range in chandigarh- panchkula.
By Pushp Raj Thakur on 27-06-2010
hi,frnd i am very confused which bike i sud i buy but i really made of my mind in pul 180 is it good choice plz suggest me...................
By Anupam on 26-06-2010
well guys ihad this bike from last 6 months and its performance is very good its fuel average is 45-50 in city and 50-55 on highway. And i got the top speed 120km/hr on my bike in first 2000 km its an ammasing mean machine to rock the roads across india.
By Tanul on 30-03-2010
Amazingggggggggggggggggggggggg Bike
By Mani on 30-03-2010
If U Want 2 purchase a bike,u surely go with pulsar180cc
By Mani on 30-03-2010
Hey guys i m frm mumbai and really ned urs help....I am planning to buy a bike on 25th april 10.....but i m really confused which buy shud i go with..... i was planning to buy new hunk but it has 3 mnths waiting period n i can't wait that long...... now i have made up my mind to go with new pulsar180....., i hve often seen that the bike doesn't perform well after 2 yrs or so n needs to pour money like water for it's maitene
ance, is that the case? ? .......and i wud also like to know how much days wud it take for delivery if i book it on 25th april......
By Vinu on 01-04-2010
Hey guys i m frm mumbai and really ned urs help....I am planning to buy a bike on 25th april 10.....but i m really confused which buy shud i go with..... i was planning to buy new hunk but it has 3 mnths waiting period n i can't wait that long...... now i have made up my mind to go with new pulsar180....., i hve often seen that the bike doesn't perform well after 2 yrs or so n needs to pour money like water for it's maitene
ance .......i wud also like to know how much days wud it take for delivery if i book it on 25th april......
By Vinu on 01-04-2010
well VINU..i think u have to go wit d PULSAR 180cc NEW model..well its awesome n an amazing bike...n about ur query on the bike not performing...well thats not i have known people using the bike 4 5 years n more without any all depends on how u treat it ..thats it..ur CHOICE buddy!!
By Darshan.s on 17-04-2010
i got pulsar 180 in last week. i got mileage around 60kmpl in city and 70-72kmpl in highway.
By Suren on 02-05-2010
buy TVS Apache RTR180 OR 160.because ,apache is a good pickup bike and also good mileage, comfortable and good throttle racing response to give high speed without shakes
By Suren on 02-05-2010
Thanks very much dear ur comments has make my mind for pulsar 180..........i m student of 12th commerce and fond of bikes i dont have licence but....m in need of nice bike for my schools, tutions ,etc ...........i was thinking of fazer , fz-s , apache , and pulsar 180-----

thanks for ur advice am taking pulsar.....plz for giving me any extra comments ....plz send it to me on 9427661245 ,
By Kunal Mehta on 03-05-2010
the new bajaj pulser 180cc is the best bike.
By Pradeep Kumar on 03-05-2010

i have faced the lot of problems with my 180 cc bike

within 1 month my engine has had a work.

first cam shaft bends
the after 15 days of replacement of that

again same problem happen
also i faced alot of prob. with my bike
By Prashant on 05-05-2010
awesome bike 2 ride
By Ankur on 15-05-2010
which bike for best 150 or 180 all
By Divyanshu Dixit on 07-03-2010
Pulsar 180cc is the best for it new features I have owend it 2 weeks back. I feel comfortable driving it. I mostly use my bike on highway. It has a better milege even. So, dont think of 150. GO for 180 and rock the road.
By Vijay on 10-03-2010
i purchased my bike pulsor 180 ...The bike is amessing...power,pick up,mileage..
my bike give 55 onroad..& on highway give 60-65..
bike locking gud...
By T@nm@y on 26-02-2010
well i was mentioning bout the PULSAR 180CC 2009 model
By Darshan.s on 12-03-2010
well its been 6 months owing the bike...n to tell yo it performs great ...just fantastic..the feel of the bike is unbeatable....well bout the mileage expect aroun th 40-45 km/lit...i just wish it had a rear disk brake but i think the front ones really get yo out of tricky situations...well it has been the best bike i have ridden till now go ahead n rule the road with this BEAST....
By Darshan.s on 12-03-2010
I require a Pulsar silencer, if anyone is planning to sell a good condition silencer please do contact me at
By Kann on 25-01-2010
Hi All.
The best bike on Indian Road, by far and all is the Pulsar 180cc Bike .
Why Race it with other bikes to prove a point .
Roll ur marbles ,go through the stats, performance and feedback people give .
To name a few, the bike has following featues.
>G4 borrows the box section swingarm from its elder sibling pulsar 220cc
>UG4 model comes with clip on handles as it is in p220.
>UG4 has come up with split seat which extra comfort on ride.
>It has fabulous tank scoops
>UG4 has come up with tubeless tyres; which is one of the good features to compete with other bikes in premium bikes segment.
UG4 - Front tyre 90/90 X 17, Rear tyre 120/80 X18 In UG4 (1345mm), wheelbase has increased compare to UG3 (1320mm).
>UG4 also gets a new rear sprocket and the O-ring chain
>UG4 comes with thicker front fork which is 37mm
>UG4 comes with only self start. No more kicks needed.
Now many people have Phobia regarding this
eg:-will it work in cold conditions,bla bla bla
if u dont trust technology , then why ride machines
understand the concept of 12V DC
>Total kerb weight of UG4 is 147kg
last not the least
the great feature of p180 UG4 is that power of the engine which is figured 17.6 BHP

So apart from looks it has awesome features.
Mileage >
ride it at 60-65 will give u aveg of 47-55km/Litre
ride it at 65-85 will give u 40-45km/ L
85 and above it gives U 35+km/ L

tested and proved on my bike
Woundering which bike is it
Its Pulsar 180cc UG IV Jan 2010 Model
Imp> It all depends on ur luck as well.

all parts are asembled at the factory level itself, however it also depends on the way it has been assembled.
every Machine has a Zero Error.,iam sure U must be knowing this fact
what iam trying to say is no two sets of bikes can perform exactly the same.
at all levels .

yes there are engineers assisgned to take care of such things , but but but
i actually spoke to one of them , dont wanna name him Or share his identity .

So bottomk line everyone loves his /her own bike , and tries to prove a point to other , however i would say , even TVS and Hero Honda produce good bikes.

End of the day , its how u handle the machine

By Sunil Verma on 29-01-2010
Sunil thank u so much for ur suggestion abt new pulsar 180 ug4 my all doubts about ug4 is almost cleared out but tel me 1 thing that what is the actual speed before ma first service how can i boost ma average after 2 or 3 services????????
By Ashu.b. on 03-02-2010
hi kumar ,
iam also planning to buy this bike(i.e.,180cc new model) next month . so can u give me the exact price . plzzzzzz
By Mahesh on 02-02-2010
i m goin to buy this new pulsar 180 in few days. but i have littile doubt on its mileage. can u tell me right mileage???
By Adhish on 15-06-2010
pul 180 is an awesome bike.
i purchase it 12 days ago
By Dhruv Patel on 08-06-2010
It's Anurag
I have new pulsar 180 ugi4 and this bike really killer on da road
the pulsar 180 have great milage near about 50km ,having powerfull torque of 17.2bhp and it cross speed of 140 easily
Thi bike is really a powerfull bull
By Anurag on 09-06-2010
i m goin to buy this bike. i hav a doubt on its mileage of 50km/lt.plz help me
By Adhish on 15-06-2010
I am goin to buy this bull. My frieng has one and its simply superb, it got great pickup and he is geting a mileage of 50km/ltr . Outstanding mileage for a powerful bike like dis. Go for it guyz.............
By Monish on 18-06-2010
this is deepak just read this

i have purchased this new model 180 its very good and the stunning looks to others dnt expect huge mileage with this. this is a powerful vehicle comparing to the old 180cc it was upgraded vehicle in 180 series, i was observed all 180cc vehicle i have changed all models of 180 series and using latest model i m using this 180cc from launched vehicle. if you have any doubts about this vehicle just mail me to thanq
By Deepak on 17-06-2010
i think this bike is best in its segment ........................ i owned this bike it is awesome.................................pulsar 180 rocks....................all other
By Rajat Pepe on 09-01-2010
pulsar150,200,220 are useless. p180 is best bike
By Ajay on 18-02-2010
my pulsar180 2010 jan model gives me after 2 servicies 40-45kmpl in city
By Ajay on 18-02-2010
Hi, Guys i just want to know about the services iam in UK iam coming to india for a short vacation and after that nobody's going to drive my machine 180 cc UG4 how can i manage the servicing is there any ways to pospond the seriving after 2 year can we complete the quota of servicing please let me know ,,if some knows please tell me iam waiting for u r responce
By Freetap on 16-02-2010
I bought my beast in Sri Vinayaka Motors,Kachiguda, Hyderabad. Costed Rs71613 (On Road Price). They gave me accessories free of charge, i didnt like the helmet they offering,so took without helmet. Overall im happy with the deal :)
By Anand on 26-12-2009
I just got this RED 180 Beast yes`day . Itz simple awzome ! Pulsar 220 is merely waste for its price , im sure one will be happy with the power and mileage offered by 180cc . but jus Drive sensibly :) Happy Holidays!
By Anand on 26-12-2009
is der any problem in self-start in pulser-180.... in monsoon??????
and if it is,den wat to do??????
selfstart service has any problem?????
By Jatin Patel on 24-12-2009
Hi ......

I'm plannin to get Pulsar 180cc 2009 edition in one month..
Could anyone pls tell me abut the Stylish n mileage,,
Cos i have visited showroom..But i couldn't find ,not even a single Bike of 180 cc 2009 edition...
n i need to wait for a month to get the bike itseems...

k Guys..
Ur Suggestions pls.....
By Sakthiprabhu Gs on 29-10-2009
but 180 cannot beat the power in 220........
220 is the FASTEST bike presently in India
By Ashwani Kumar on 25-08-2009
cooool man what a description..... new 180 anyday desrves such praises....
it truely rules the road>>>>
By Ashwani Kumar on 25-08-2009
if in any case ur self start does not work,drag ur bike put the bike in 1st gear and leave the clutch...... this funda always work , whether its a scooter or a super bike.....
By Ashwani Kumar on 25-08-2009
there will b no problem , Bajaj has been giving only self start in 200 from past 2 n half years. don worry this self start is not the 1 which u get in activa or in kinetic...
"BUT" u can face the problem with self start "ONLY" if u don use ur vehicle for months.. at that time its battery dischages
Remember:::::::: every time u go for a ride ur battery always automatically gets charged up...
So don worry ... Dont give second thought , bike is gerat, anyday>>>>>
By Ashwani Kumar on 25-08-2009
lot of positive points as u might have read through other reviews. i feel the only prob with 180,200 and 220 is sitting position for the person who sits at back,,,,, always pain in the knees , as the foot rest is fixed very much upwards..
also for the rider longer distances without breaks gives the pain in knees and in thighs....
By Ashwani Kumar on 25-08-2009
no fuel injection in 220 cc this time, so mileage always a question in 220 cc, company says new 220 gives the same mileage without fuel injc, also...
but it is still a doubt..... but lookswise 220 always wins...
accordin to me 180 is best deal anyday
By Ashwani Kumar on 25-08-2009
first of all , obivously the 20 cc difference.the exhaust in 200 is very much appealing. but the handle in new 180 cc is simply awesome... Really great experience to ride with those handles similar to 220 cc.
new 180cc is 17.02 bhp and 200 was i think 18 bhp...
the looks r very much similar of both bikes, but expert eye can always differentiate.(200 has broader exhaust,and the handle diffrence)
By Ashwani Kumar on 25-08-2009
i bought this pulsar 2 wweks ago and this is kind of a out of the world kind of experience . best looking and best riding byke on indian road go get it/////////
By Sumanta on 26-10-2009
how is the maintenance of new 180CC pulsar. does it creates heavy maintenance after 1 year
By Harshal Shinde on 28-10-2009
what's the difference between new pulsar 180 and pulsar 200.

I am waiting your answer ?
By Jaikishan Kanojia on 20-08-2009
hii me rakku chaudhary frm chd.. college going boy. i just bought 180 cc pulsar.. its damn cool bike...and lookis awesome.. i had karizma.. but i like 180 cc pulsar most .. coz of its smooth driving and gud milage...and also great greak look.. its look like big machine... i donyt knw exext milage of this bike coz i bought it only yesterday...i think it will give me 45 kmlp coz my frnd saurabh had 180 cc pulsar he is saying its milage is 45 near in the city...
By Rakku Chaudhary on 18-07-2009
Can any one suggest the positive and negative of changing the silencer of new pulsar 180cc 2009 edition with the silencer of pulsar 220cc i am planning to modify this at the time of purchase itself so would be thankful for the reply
By Dev on 26-08-2009
after getting reserve in fuel then how can we check the fuel avilable
By Ravi Kant Thakur on 04-08-2009
i have booked the new pulsar 180 and on 26th of june im gonna get my love after a long waiting period as the colour blue is not in stock i am just going crazy behind this bike can u tell me the negative and positive points of this bike plzz help
By Amogh on 04-07-2009
I am going to buy a new bike. should i buy new pulsar 180cc 2009 ????????
please tell me guys......waiting for reply.......................
By Tanul on 01-09-2009
you said it! the pulsar should be released to water now..
By Harish on 30-06-2009
hi... this is prem.. i vil take 180 with in two days.... thanks for your comment....
By Prem on 11-08-2009
hum shoche rahe ke apun koun si leva but, apun ke paas money problem hai,lekin apun shoche rahe ke jindagi me gadi leva toh keval&only and only pulsar 180cc 2009 edition leva
By Satya Pandit(maharaaj)niwai Bay on 25-11-2009
it has already been 5 months now for ur bike wid u. may i know the millage and it's condition now?
By Kishore on 18-11-2009
hey am gonna buy p180... its amazing..... style+speed ........ hooooooo
By Arun on 15-11-2009
Its Been Superb....The person who invented Pulsar...He has a Big Brain...Not just a Kidney...Dude...Enjoy...the Ride..

Ex: Pulsar..cant even beat Yamaha 135....Bikes..even if it is a 5 Speed Vehile...Cheers..........
By Alfred on 16-11-2009
Guys, need your serious input. I want to buy the 180cc but I am dissapointed with the new seating posture (by sending the footrest towards back)..It's again like 200cc. I fear I'd get a back pain. I heard this from few of the 200cc owners. Always sitting in the bent position is bound to throw in chronic back pain. I was very confortable riding my friend's Year 2007 model 180cc. New 180cc owners: request you to give your feedback. Riding continuosly for more than 2 hrs - will it make a difference wrt back ache?..
By Amit Patil on 01-12-2009
dear amit, i'm also planning to buy this bike. i also wondering because of the riding posture but when i took the test drive, i came to know that it's riding posture is much much better than that of 200. infect it's also better that appache180 or 160. with appache u have to sit in more bending position. previously i also drove pulsar200 so i also thought so. it's because of what i think the split handle in 180cc which was single bar in 200cc. u just do one think go and first drive apache180 & then drive pulsar180cc u will definitely fell the difference.
By Prashant on 11-12-2009
dear amit, i'm also planning to buy this bike. i also wondering because of the riding posture but when i took the test drive, i came to know that it's riding posture is much much better than that of 200. infect it's also better that appache180 or 160. with appache u have to sit in more bending position. previously i also drove pulsar200 so i also thought so. it's because of what i think the split handle in 180cc which was single bar in 200cc. u just do one think go and first drive apache180 & then drive pulsar180cc u will definitely fell the difference.
By Prashant on 11-12-2009
joss byk...i like it..
By Sn Rozin on 11-12-2009
Pulsar 180CC best for the beast.
By Funki3 on 23-09-2009
sir i want new pulsar 180cc price in (mumbai) ,milage &downpayment
By Mayuresh on 07-10-2009
pl. sir i want to new bajaj pulsa 180cc price, milage&downpayment
By Ranjeet Gop on 07-10-2009
Hi, From Bangalore - Have bought the New Pulas 180 CC two days, ago. The on road price will be 75,000 + Change.
By Kutti on 05-10-2009
can u give me the wallpaper or photos of pulsar new 180cc
By H!ms on 12-07-2009
i m fan of new pulsar 180cc .i lov pulsar bt i dont want to
By Rusan Shakya on 11-10-2009
what is the on road price of 180 in beed?
By Nikheel on 18-09-2009
hi........ i am going to buy this bike................ is this best one........... and which color is best and look attractive......................... pls tell me guys.............
By Ashwin on 25-06-2009
yes its true man, it's really a mean machine.
By Tanul on 16-09-2009
i will definately buy this bike . <>
By Tanul on 16-09-2009
should i buy this bike
By Tanul on 16-09-2009
go ahead man buy this bike because it is beast of all other bike
By Shaheer on 16-09-2009
i owned a new pulsar gives me a mileage 50...........its lukz is killing than old 180 and can b cruised through the roads with btr seatin position wth comfort and riding in two piece handle itz two piece handle bar and split seat..........

it w rck in roadzzzzzzzz

secong luk guarnteed
By Vishnu on 19-06-2009
i get a mileage of around 48-51 consistently in the city riding conditions and in the highways it increases to 53-55 at an average speed of about 60-70... more than the impressive mileage, engine refinement of this bike has taken it to astounding heights.. which is very different 4m all other bajaj motorbikes including 200 n 220...
but riding comfort has taken a beating in city conditions as the manouvering has become somewhat awry,but in highways riding comfort switches to another level has the handling and stability of this bike is really excellent even at the speeds of over 100kmph..
yet as a bajaj fan i want them to enhance the engine refinement and overall quality of their bikes even further to reach the top..
By Ashwin on 16-06-2009
hi this is shaheer i have an older version of 180 but this bike looks mean machine built for mean riders
By Shaheer on 15-09-2009
hi this is shaheer i have an older version of 180 but this biker looks mean machine built for mean riders
By Shaheer on 15-09-2009
Hi frnds,
I'm going to buy a new pulsar, but I'm little confuse about the upgraded model of Pulsar 180 or 220cc...
which is the best?
I want mileage, look and power all in one.

I'm waiting for your reviews.

By Deepak on 18-07-2009
Any help me pls, i m planning to buy this bike but is feared if there wl be great problem in starting bike, in case electric start fails
By Sonudmrc on 09-06-2009
Can i know the details of the BAJAJ PULSAR 180 CC - (price and effects )
By Lakshmi on 29-09-2009
Can u tell when it going to be launched the new bajaj pulsar 180 cc
By Yashwant Gupta on 27-05-2009
rate enna mama
By Sarav on 06-06-2009
Yesterday i bought dis amazing bike i ever had in my life .. I m very much happy with de pickup of dis bike . looks r unique nd best in his class bikes........
By Ravi on 07-06-2009
Hey Rocky,

Congrats on ur new grab man. how bad did it burn ur pocket and in which city did u buy it? cos m thinking of getting one as well.
By Black Hawk on 07-06-2009
when in comparison to 200cc ,M just concerned about the silencer.. that was what gave the 200cc the unique profile look. other that that the 180cc sounds a gr8 deal.
By Black Hawk on 07-06-2009
hi frnds..m a colg goin student .new pulsar 180 is 68 on i don't knw its mileage buddy...nybody can tell me..??plz..
By Sahil on 15-10-2009
Can u say the price of the bike,and what is the mileage it is giving now..
By Rahul on 08-06-2009
i just bought this bike last week
its fun to drive because of increased power also wider tires provides better traction and changed Handel bar provides easy handling in traffic.

gear and break lever are like sports bike and millage is also good. before first servicing i got around 50KM/Liter.

two step seat has changed look drastically also bike is little bit heavy but altogether its a better deal.
By Gaurav on 14-06-2009
thats what the company says I guess 48-52 kmpl but even if its around 40 kmpl it shud be good enough!
By Kumar on 19-05-2009
hi rocky,

what is the mileage your getting.
By Sandy on 03-06-2009
Just yesterday i bought the bajaj pulsar 180cc it's just a combo of both pulsar 200 and 220 cc,the handle bar looks like pulsar 220 handle and the entire look will be of pulsar 200cc,bike lovers will surely have the fun while riding this bike
By Rocky on 30-05-2009
Itz dazzling.i think one should not go for 200 or 220.he should go for only 180cc because the blend of those 2 are there in this model.
By Subhamoy on 29-05-2009
Great to hear tht new 180cc bajaj pulsar is going to be launch but when it will be launch?
By Prachin on 14-05-2009
hey guys are u sure abt the mileage... ? 48-52 kmpl... ?
By Prabhakar on 04-05-2009
Can u guys tell when it going to be launched!
By Rocky on 26-04-2009
Are we talking about the Phantom which was already launched or are we talking about the incredible Phantom yet to be launched in a weeks time ?
Its great to see that new Bajaj Pulsar 180cc model generates 17.02PS at 8500 rpm. I love the change in mileage from 45-50kms/liter to 48-52kms/liter even in harsh traffic zone. I love the back shape as it looks like a shark tale lamp. I wonder when this shark will be released into the water.
By Nathan on 26-04-2009
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