Bike maintenance tips

It is very important that you take enough care and maintain your motorbike to avoid any unpleasant breakdowns on the road. Here are some basic yet important and easy do-it-yourself maintenance tips to maintain your metal piece in perfect condition:

Check tyre pressure of both front and rear tyres periodically. Keep the tyres under optimal air pressure. It ensures that you have got great grip as well as stability; needless to say that it enhances riding comfort and life of tyres.

Check for uneven wear on tyres and if it calls for change of tyres do it. Both under and excess inflation of tyres cause uneven wear and they also affect riding and handling comfort. After every 100 km distance check for air pressure in tyres. If you travel through uneven roads this has to be done even earlier.

Bike Tyre Pressure Checking

Take time to check for cuts and bruises on your tyres and if a change is called for go ahead. Get the wheels aligned periodically to have a smooth and balanced drive comfort.

Engine Oil

Engine oil ensures smooth operation, so maintaining engine oil to appropriate level assumes so important in bike maintenance.
Check oil level at least once a week. Make sure its level is between the upper and lower marks. If need be top up the oil. Make sure that there is no oil leakage from the vehicle.

Clean the two-wheeler periodically to maintain a good finish of the surface. Cover the HT coil, ignition switch and the silencer with some water proof sheets.

Motorcycle Washing

Painted surfaces maybe washed with water. Use water under low pressure water. Never use cheap detergents or kerosene on painted surfaces as they will ruin the paint.

Spark plug
Spark plug should be kept clean periodically. The electrodes or the spark points should be given a clean with sand paper every 1,500 km run by your 4-stroke bike. Make sure that the gap between electrodes is not too big or too small.

If bike receives some maintenance and care so does the battery need one to last long and give a hassle free functioning. Check for the level of electrolyte and make sure you add distilled water if need be.

Check for leaks from the battery. Even if you don't use your bike for long still the battery needs full charge and the level of the electrolyte be at the upper end mark.

After every 1500 km run, clean the float chamber of the carburetor using jet of clean air.

Ensure that both brakes are properly spaced; too loose and too tight can be perilous. Tighten them as per your convenience and comfort.

Check for bends, frayed ends and kinked cables. Replace when you more of the broken strands. If the bike meets with an accident, no matter how small, take it to a mechanic and call for his attention. Let him ensure that it is perfect.

Abiding by these simple tips, you not only have a hassle-free motoring, but it will last longer than you've ever known.

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Don't use the compressed air directly to the carburettor. It may damage your valves and seals as they are too thin.
By Shubham Singh Rathoure on 22-02-2016
By Gautam Jain Chennai on 03-08-2009
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