Suzuki GS 150R Wallpapers

The powerful commuter class motorcycle from Suzuki for Indian cutomers. Mated with a 6 speed gear transmission, the GS 150R has become a miracle between Indian motorcycle customers. Along with 6-speed transmission, the GS 150R provides best in class mileage. Check out the stunning wallpapers of the GS 150R.

Suzuki GS 150R

Suzuki GS 150R

Suzuki GS 150R

Suzuki GS 150R

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Last updated on 27-01-2017. Published on 23-02-2009.
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The bike is real awesome and fun to ride; have been using it since its launch; its a no issue bike; there are minor complains reading the kind of metal they use for their body - gets rusted as i live in coastal area; other than that it its COOL Bike!
By Clister on 02-09-2014
gs150r is the first bike in my district
By Pranay on 25-11-2012
i want to purchase your bike, please cont. me 9969042001
By Mithun Das on 20-02-2012
iam interested 2 buy ur bike
By Khezer on 30-11-2011
it is mingled
in all 150cc bike and also in style
By Sasi on 24-11-2011
i want to sell my suzuki gs 150 r in pune any want intrested mail me colour orange feb 2010 km 39000 price 45000
By Raj on 16-10-2011
i hv drived 36000 in 1.5 years with no problem
now i hv to repaire chain set and brakes leather
By Karan on 04-02-2011
if anybody frm punjab or anywhere in india want any information then u can chat with me at
By Karan on 04-02-2011
6 gear can be applied at speed 35 only
By Karan on 04-02-2011
i hv gs150r bike it's average is 48 km. i hv touched 118 speed in fifth gear it is very powerful bike
By Karan on 04-02-2011
mai apni gf vaste layee c bike but hun mainu chadd ke chali gyee mai hun ki kra pooja g
By Karan on 04-02-2011
Good one....
By Prasad Bhosale on 31-10-2010
I am impressed with sling shot and wants to buy one for me Pl send the dealers name and location close to my place Adyar
By Guru on 10-11-2010
hi my name is bharath... i am intrested in ur byke... can u just contact me... my number is 8971644733............
By Bharath on 16-11-2010
i got a suzuki gs 150cc bike it is very nice and buttiful i well
By Shylu on 14-10-2010
but u r very good
By Rakesh Pan on 24-06-2010
hi.. v good bike
By Bharath on 22-02-2010
hey, i want to sell a brand new GS150r in bangalore becas i got a job in Pune and have relocated. Stylish orange colour and just 2500kms done. Oct09 bought. Price negotiable. Call me at 9740177442 for further discussion.
By Bharath on 22-02-2010
I want to sell this bike in bangalore.. anybody interested let me know.. i moved to pune..
By Bharath on 22-02-2010
i want to purchase this bike i m from lucknow my no.09889155153
By Nazrul on 07-04-2010
hello every body do not purchase second hand gs 150 some times manu defects are thare wich is difficult to claim after changing ownership thank you
By Jitu on 14-04-2010
hey dude i want to buy this bike , can u tell me ur range(bike value)
By Naga on 11-04-2010
contact me at 9845880552
By Pradeep on 27-04-2010
Very good design,smooth firing,good milage in 150 segment and very sexy bike of the year 2010
By Patil Balkrishna on 30-01-2010
Hey guyz! I own a gs 150 which has run 6000 plus in 7 mths. Every month i in for a long ride without any problem. Nice bike vid value 4 money.i recommend this bike 4 everyone for good road grip,stability,speed,style etc.
By Jairaj on 10-01-2010
hi friends,
i want Suzuki Gs150R bike 2nds in chennai, if any one willing to sell his bike means pls contact meeeeeeeee!.

my mob no is: 9790857387
By Raja on 18-06-2010
ur bike is a female..................may be pregnant thats why............swapnil.............its 2 slow........
By Antappan on 21-08-2009
reply to swapnil..............wht the hell man...............f*ker.............dont u know 2 ride a ct 100 clocks upto a speed of 105 / hr............f*ck u man
By Antappan on 21-08-2009
melil paranja karayangal ellam VELIYA NUNA ANE.............nan ningale pattiche................poi poi poi..............
By Antappan on 21-08-2009
driving nan padichitilla pinne licence athenikilla........pinne karakkan pokumbol vandi vende..........athukondo oru suzuki medichu.............ente kashum poyi ippo karavem illa.................
By Niyas Toll on 21-08-2009
ente ponno muttu power machu andi kidilum......alla vandi kidilam...........
6 gear .......ooooh nan kasta pettu poye..............ente hayabusa ikka...........
By Thankamma on 21-08-2009
ente ponne enthu vandi ayithu myre..............
koppile gear box........eppozum slipping.............pinne tyre eppozum air adikanam............petrol illekill vandi orinju polum pokulla........ethuttu bike anithu?????? ENTE KASHU POYI MONE>................
By Kanaran on 21-08-2009
what the fukkin byke??????????? it simple sucks dude...........never buy this shit.............okkies
By Dennis on 21-08-2009
hello, akash i have to sell my royal enfield bullet .88model in good condition rs>22,000 if you are interested plz cont.
By Shavezmax on 02-07-2009
By Neak on 18-08-2009
everybody have a complain man, any car or bike, even you have complain, ask your GF, she will exlain you for your complain. But don't you think that you are the very nice person in the world ??
By Subrata on 22-07-2009
Good desigen bike & power pick up & best style
By Paras Rathod on 08-08-2009
By Deepak on 09-08-2009
GS150R,DRIVE MAKE GRAZY EQUAL GRAZY.millege also 62per ltr.exelent looking i m buy this GRAZY.
By Ashokkumar on 09-08-2009
tell whats prize of suzaki 150cc in delhi & tell the address of east delhi showroom. give the best deal because i m intersted to buy this bike.
By Ashutosh on 27-07-2009
complient about Suzki 150 bike
By Ardh on 27-06-2009
fuel tank looks very big , tel me one thing why this 6th gear is really,when all r strugling to apply the 4th gear ?in the city, is it made for highway?
why cant u people make a bike which looks sexy like pulser(bajaj)that too specialy in india atraction is very very important.Look at bangalore residence ,in every house u can see a pulser bike(may be the performance is poor)
zr150 is very costly bhayi,if i pay 32,000 more i can go for nano car(tata)thats what i am thinking man because it is all money saheb--------------
By Ravindra on 26-06-2009
good looking & making crazy 4 ride.................
By Amit Sharma on 26-06-2009
i want to buy this bike so give price detals plz & the bike detail on my email id.
By Prashant on 02-10-2009
What is the max speed this bike can run with?

Average seems to be fine , can this bike prove a second option for the people looking to purchase Honda unicorn?
By Swapnil on 19-06-2009
It's excellent and very fast for everyone. Also it suits for each and every age in this world
By Sourabh Bhoje on 22-06-2009
It's excellent and very fast for everyone. Also it suits for each and every age
By Sourabh on 22-06-2009
Guys. Dont be lazy. Just check for price in your city. Suzuki Gs150r is the best 150 cc available in india today. Best value for money. You get digital speedo, 6 gears, engine balancer technology, rear LED tail all for just 2k more than unicorn. The bike is also smooth as unicorn and pickup is also same as unicorn. This bike has 1 extra gear, engine balancer, and twin rear shcoks, so bike is just 3 kg heavier than unicorn. While riding you will not feel the weight. But if you have say 10 liter petrol in unicorn and 7 liter petrol in suzuki GS150, then both will weigh same weight. You can use 6th gear in highway, for high speed and smooth engine without vibration. In city, you will get good mileage riding in 4th and 5th gear itself. Actually, you can ride in 6th gear even at low speed of 35 km/hr without jerking in city. Only prob is while parking, the bike feels heavy, but all 150 cc bikes like hunk, CBZ, pulsar are also heavy except Apache and Fz16, which are easier to ride and park. But heavy bikes are more stable on highways at high speed. Another prob is while taking U turn, you need wide radius, but its a minor thing you will get used to as you get used to the bike and its weight. Afterall, the bike is only 3 to 4 kg heavier than unicorn and pulsar. The dry weight of suzuki gs150 is 134 kg, kerb weight with full tank fuel is 149 kg. Unicorn dry weight is 130 kg, kerb weight with full tank fuel is 146 kg. Unicorn is easier to turn at high speed due to monoshock, but on bad roads unicorn rear-end vibrates. Twin shocks of gs150r are better for bad roads. Unicorn and gs150r are comfortable commuter bikes meant for family usage/daily office goers and people who travel a lot everyday, you ride sitting without bending your back. Unicorn and gs150r are not meant for college goers who want instant power as in apache and pulsar and style, but you need to bend your back to ride. Fz16 is only good in looks and for city ride, but on highways its not comfortable for long ride with pillion, as pillion seat is very small. Also, it is difficult overtaking trucks with fz16, it lacks higher-end pickup. Fz16 is overpriced.
By Antony on 07-11-2009
this bike really rocks in a city like bang too impressive to look with a sporty design wit a good milage
By Akshay on 01-10-2009
bike is really gud performance wise... total paisa vasool.... priced at 59000/- ex showroom.. 1st six gear bike in india... runs very smooth in 6th gear also at lower speeds.. amazing pick up... gives a mileage of approx 55...
By Dhruv on 03-06-2009
By Abhilash on 29-09-2009
By Akashay on 29-09-2009
avg is around 45-55 its hw u drive...price can b checked on its official site fr respective cities...i bought it for 68700/- worth it....
By Godfather on 15-05-2009
ur jst sm fool matt...bikes too good for a looser like you,i m a proud owner 2 gs150r bie roxxx avg is around 47-52 n highway 55-60...very smooth it has style+grip+comfort+economy evrythin a biker needs.i bought it for 68700/- frm a dealer south mumbai....
By Godfather on 15-05-2009
good looking bike
By Paras Rathod on 28-05-2009
sucks!!!!!!!! ain't cool...
By Matt on 13-05-2009
By Eric on 08-09-2009
By Eric on 08-09-2009
Nice Bike plzzzzzz

send me it's price or detail of bike............................
By Aakash Baliar on 02-05-2009
please tell me is it a paisa vasool or not and its average and price thanks
By Ankit on 17-04-2009
Sir/ Madam
I wana to buy Suzuki GS 150R, so can u send me the price detail and also tell me about its average.
By Lalit Mohan Bhatt on 03-04-2009
nice look i want to buy this bike so give price detals plz
By Sameer Zujam on 28-02-2009
that is a good bike
By Akhil on 25-02-2009
nice look i want to buy this bike so give price detals plz
By Dr Ashfaque on 03-03-2009
the bike was good ........but it looks like honda unicorn in the side view but it was not bad.....
By Pooja on 06-04-2009
It's not so attractive as FZ from YAMAHA... But after knowing the performance only we able to tel this is Right chose or not...
By Venkatesh on 06-04-2009
nice look i want to buy this bike so give price detals plz
By Ragu on 02-03-2009
Nice look tel price
By Sandeep on 07-03-2009
Specification of Suzuki GS150R

Displacement: 149cc
Engine: Four Stroke, Single Cylinder, SOHC, Air cooled
Maximum Power: 13.8 Bhp @ 8500rpm
Maximum Torque: 13.4 Nm @ 6000rpm
Gears: 6 Manual, 1-down and 5-up.
Valve Per Cylinder: 2
Carburetor Type : BS26 - Throttle Positioning Sensor

Length: 2095.00 mm
Width: 775.00 mm
Height: 1120.00 mm

Ground Clearance: 160.00 mm
Fuel Tank: 15.50 ltrs
Wheelbase: 1340.00 mm
Headlamp: Multi Reflector Halogen Bulb
Wheel Type: Die Cast Alloys
Wheel Size: 2.75x18 (front) - 100/90-18 mm (rear)
Colors: blue, orange, grey and black
By Yogesh on 12-03-2009
Suspension(Front): Hydraulics forks
Suspension(Rear): Gas charged
Brakes (front): Disc
Brakes(rear): 130mm Drum

The Suzuki GS150R is priced amazingly at Rs 59,000 ex-showroom Delhi
By Yogesh on 12-03-2009
Well pretty impressive features and specs but will it be able to compete with other bikes in the same category. Hoping to test ride one soon. Suzuki best of LUCK. Welcome to the 150 CC category
By Yogesh on 12-03-2009
Looks seems to be borrowed from Pulsar & CBZ Xtreme, will it be able to pay back?
By Abhishek on 14-03-2009
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