Yamaha FZ 16 Gallery

A baby FZ1. That would be the presence you feel when the FZ 16 comes closer from a remote place. A naked street machine. In Yamaha's usage, 'The Lord of the streets'. Meet the Lord and checkout the wallpapers.

Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper

Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper
Yamaha FZ 16 Wallpaper

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Last updated on 09-12-2013. Published on 20-09-2008.
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Yamaha's greatest bike was the RX 100.
The idiot responsible for putting girlish names like "Alba" on an RX 100 successor needs to be shot.
Now the FZ is trying to recapture the lost glory, and the name is a step in the right direction. The LCD tachometer is absolutely a waste of money, adding to the user's maintenance bills without adding anything worth value. So that is a bad design move.
In my view, all the Yamaha has to do is relaunch the RX 100, probably add a 4 stroke fuel efficient engine. Everything else should remain the same - the great riding posture has not been replicated in any other bike.
By on 06-10-2008
My friend recently bought this bike and my other colleague bought an Apache RTR and so they were discussing something about their own bike. When the other person says something, the other person will say something else. I just ignored them at first but one day i was walking down the road and i saw a brand new YAMAHA FZ16 parked in the roadside, its red in colour, i was just shocked and i stood there for sometime, speechless. Its really and awesome bike and since my dad used to ride YAMAHA RX 100, i am a crazy fan of YAMAHA since childhood. Good work YAMAHA team, you have really come back with a great wave!!
By on 13-01-2009
When i saw this yamaha fz16 bike for the first time, i was completely shocked by this great stylish featured bike only for 65000 and im sure that its gonna hit the indian raods and everyone would go for this bike instead of going to pulsor and at times pulsor was a #1 leading bike in india and this time i'm Dam sure that this yamaha fz16 bike would lead the roles and this would be the #one.

By on 30-09-2008
Nothing can match the RD & RX series.. Still awaiting the other RX series ... I think U can do it.. Pls dont show this type of unworthy series ... Ur like a MAN therefore pls Show the manely Model coming from YAMAHA..
By on 24-11-2008
finally yamaha made d much awaiting bike 4 new generation as complemented by its(fz16) styling & colours.but unfortunately m not seeing decent colour yet like blue or dark red etc which is normally favored by 30+ people.
By on 10-10-2008
i owned fz16 and it is the smoothest ride uptill now ........
By on 23-11-2008
from a long time break yamah launched a very good segmant in 150 cc range. i hope it will reach near rx 100 popularity. yamah must re introduce it RX100 model.
By on 23-11-2008
now i want this bike price FZ16 bike price pls give replay of that bike as soon as early possible
By on 13-03-2009
It is a great dawn of Indain road and yamaha will break all record
By on 11-12-2008
really i ,like this bike . my life wid yamaha only
By on 16-11-2008
When i saw this yamaha fz16 bike for the first time, i was completely shocked by this great stylish. So this is the awesom byk ,for which even i was waiting for ..
By on 04-12-2008
its really completely awesome bike . sporty stylish damn gud look. and low cost exellent gud look. but waiting period is to long time i am waiting. i love fz really.
By on 16-11-2008
same here.... wanted know whether blue colour... but heck, i already booked orange one...
By on 08-01-2009
awsome liiks i rode it but i feel the cubic capacity should have been more she has to be more powerful for t kind a lokks she has.....
nways best till now for the indian market...value for money
By on 09-12-2008
Yamaha Fz 16 is most stunning bike of the year. I have buyed Tvs Flame. But I am not lucky enough to buy Fz 16 because it came afterward in the market. In future I will buy it. I like it styling perfrmance
By on 09-12-2008
I really dont like the bikes.but when i saw this FZ 16 my heart said yes this is the bike i was really waiting for......a perfect handling, most attractive silencer,and nothing more but a perfect bike for cool guyzzzzzzz..............
By on 25-11-2008
hw about its milage??
By on 01-12-2008
well achivment i like this bike but i hope yamaha doing better,in futher super bike look like yamaha R1.............
By on 08-12-2008
when i was saw yamaha fz 16 i was shocked i was fully impresed from this bike this is my favourite bike
By on 09-01-2009
its speechless bike, no words ,

i just fade up with pulsor, now yamaha back with the heavy bone
By on 30-11-2008
The YAMAHA Rules again.
I Have The Legendary YAMAHA RX 135 now i have going to buy the all new combination of Technology style and Powerrrrrrrrrrred FZ 16. This is the original bike which made by YAMAHA. No one like yamaha.
By on 07-01-2009
hello, does anyone knw abt the blue colour in f 16????
is it going to come????
pls reply...
By on 07-01-2009
this is the awesom byk ,for which even i was waiting for ..
By on 27-11-2008
Superb bike.Got it one week back.Gud in style,Milage And all aspects......
By on 20-12-2008
By on 21-12-2008
i want that fz... in seconds
By on 11-03-2009
i love yamaha fzzzzzzzzzzzzz... amz... my dream bike,... its look so beautiful.....
By on 11-03-2009
i really like this bike i love this bike very very very much it has a great stylish great look
By on 07-02-2009
now,dis bik is i waitin for man its not for the guys who rids pulsar........but if u r similar ridin with cbz ok,it works the is all abt ,caption lord of the streets dude!!!
By on 07-02-2009
By on 09-03-2009
By on 09-03-2009
sexy bike ra........i suggest u to buy.....for me gonna its working great.....try out
By on 20-02-2009
yupp...i ve n own fzzz...i bought itt just around a weekk.............it was amazin..but now..................i feel it super amazin...........

thabks YAMAHA..............4 givin me a bike lyk fzz..........really
By on 16-01-2009
By on 31-01-2009
FZ16 is Great bike BUT BUT it can hold 200 or 250cc engine for that body, i m disappointed only 153 cc :( . FZ16 beats R15 in looks.R15 beats in perfomance. i will wait for 200+ cc bikes from yamaha. (till then i will enjoy my Rx135). waiting for ninja250 too....
By on 21-01-2009
i want to down load this picture
By on 07-03-2009
this is the very very sexy bike
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this bike
earlier i m gonna take this bike
really really cool bike ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
By on 03-03-2009
my fav bike is enticer i like this bike also but not that much
By on 24-02-2009
yamaha fz 16 is the one of the best bike i hv ever seen in my life...i like the looks of this great bike the price of bike is very comfortable its my dream to buy this as soon as i can ......thats great
By on 29-03-2009
in kerala i was the first person to own yamaha FZ 16.
it is really amazing & cool to ride.
but not as fast as my suzuki hayabusa.
By on 04-03-2009
yamaha fz baike is verey sexy looking i like it bike
By on 30-04-2009
yamaha fz baike my like it i love you fz
By on 30-04-2009
cool bike i like it. top of others
By on 01-05-2009
this is a most stylish bike in low price i luv that
By on 23-03-2009
it just amezing bike
By on 20-04-2009
Hey dude, I m really happy that u likd yamaha FZ -16, but let me tell you that if are under the impression that it will do the roads of INDIA , then i suppose you have to improvise your knowledge about INDIA.
Becoz' PULSAR is a real INDIAN and would not come across a girl like FZ-16, because PULSAR is as all of us know "A DEFINITELY MALE BIKE".

Therefore, i am again really happy that there are some of girls like you out there who like Yamaha F_Z 16....so cheers...and happy riding
By on 23-04-2009
i love the bike
By on 21-04-2009
it is a grate bike when compare to all its compdtr in its segment .
and much better than pulser a bike with full of vibration
By on 07-06-2009
Hey guyz sexy bike really .Ma bf got it too it gives lot of pleasure lolz
By on 06-05-2009
I like the fully musceled fz16
but its head light is not matching with its body.
any way its good looking bull with small head
By on 27-05-2009
i love this byk n this is such a sport byk so purchease it. its rocking bike like dhooom................
By on 15-10-2009
i love yahama fz16 i have full detailes of fz16 in my email id thank you yahama.
By on 06-09-2009
i love yahama you will sent wallpaper of all the bike of yahama and i want the cost ofyahamafz16 second hand thank you.
By on 06-09-2009
By on 05-09-2009
yamaha company should launch rx100 bikes for students
By on 21-06-2009
i ever seen this kind heavy designed bike in India b4. Gud aesthetic look....
By on 21-06-2009
FZ 16 bika is very very hot

i love yahama you will sent wallpaper of all the bike of yahama
i want to prise of yamaha bike
i love yahama fz16 i have full detailes of fz16 in my email id thank you yahama.
By on 13-10-2009
i love yahama fz16 i have full detailes of fz16 in my email id thank you yahama.
By on 17-09-2009
yamaha fazer is the cooooooooooooooooooooooool bik in india......in this time

By on 02-10-2009
What a great looking little bike the fz 16 is. Just heard that it's coming to South Africa. There is going to be a big market for it here. This is the ultimate commuter with lots of style. Must get me one of those.
By on 17-09-2009
i wana purchase it but its v costly so its better to go for 2nd hand

if any body intrested to sell contact me 09226773666
By on 10-10-2009
i want to prise of yamaha bike
By on 21-09-2009
great,great i have never seen such a bike
By on 22-10-2009
yamaha you are a fantatic companyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy what a bike? FFFFFZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ NICE MODEL
By on 14-08-2009
its great , i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it . more sexy then a girl , he he he
By on 19-10-2009
hi i like yamaha bike in that RX100 is the best bike. If you have the RX100 bike in the showroom please give me the details of the bike prise so i can think to buy.i have liked the FZ16 modal but i thought that it's silincer does not match the bike instud of that if you replace the R15 silincer then it will be rocking.
By on 27-11-2009
it`s so hooooooooot
By on 01-12-2009

By on 16-11-2009
fz16 relive the yamaha's passion in indian youth again??????????????
By on 21-11-2009
This bike is so comftable and good
By on 17-10-2009
mad mad mad ......................on FZ
By on 28-07-2009
ples ples send me details of yamaha FZ bikes i wnt to buy
By on 28-07-2009
i love yamaha fz
By on 29-08-2009
cost of FZ on road
By on 02-07-2009
I Want Full Detailes Of Fz 16 IM in Coimbatore (DT) Udumalpet.

I Want To Bye.
By on 28-08-2009
i want the cost of yamaha fz...second hand cost
By on 16-08-2009
By on 19-12-2009
really frds yamaha fz iz coolst byk evr i saw,itz looks cool frm itz back wide type,n i love its digital meter,its totally digital hv no any needle in it,n its self iz 2 powrful,its a jst 1prssing start also in dat cold days in mrng...so going n buy it
By on 04-01-2010
hay dude/// I THINK u have no knowledge about bikes..what u think about pulsar???
it is a nice bike but not good because there is no any stylish ; macho looks..what u think that u can cross the hill areas with that bike like a model of 1980...girls like the fz with thats macho looks..who want to buy a pulsar in this time....so enjoy the ride of little babies with pulsar..dont drive your daddys bike fz....
By on 09-02-2010
I m planning to buy a bike in 150cc segment please advice me a bike which has great power,durable,long lasting with great style
By on 20-06-2010
Its Only 4 Man's Bike
By on 17-02-2010
ya Neha its Right......
By on 17-02-2010
this is b a b u model details of bike model name fz
By on 17-01-2010
i want bike 20000 only 2an
By on 25-02-2010
first of all i m going 2 tell u that i m a huge huge fan of this bike,because not only his looks is awesome, some other features is also great.this is really a perfect bike specially for college going students.so,keep enjoying this bike.the price if this bike is 65000-70000.
By on 04-03-2010
price of r16 yamaha
By on 04-03-2010
i'm planning to buy my first bike. Confused between the Yamaha FZ 16 and Pulsar 180 (same price). I have liked yamah FZ but i doubt about the plastic -fibre body of d bike. Is it durable? The metallic body of pulsar is gud but d bike seems to b too long for me. I hav luvd d stylin of FZ but d durability of 180. Confused.. Pls help
By on 05-03-2010
hey i think u dnt kno much about bikes..people like you just go and buy blindly A BIKE WHICH AL PEOPLE BUY.and about the FZ16 its the father of pulsar..1line about FZ///
By on 08-05-2010
who is the best bike bajaj pulsar 180 vs yamaha FZ-S plz reply me soon
By on 14-04-2010
Hey Piyush, i am probably a little late on your request for help, on which bike to buy since its april already but none the less here goes.
I have ridden both the Pulsar 180 and the FZ-16 (in fact i own a FZ-16). This yamaha is a great bike because the riding position is little better than the Pulsar's. Also the bike being considerably lighter is much better to control with the riding position. If you are above 5 feet and 9 inches tall, i would ask you to use the 7 adjustable suspension settings to best suit your riding posture otherwise the default settings are fine. The pick up of this bike is by far the best in the 150-160 cc segment, however as far as the top speed is concerned, i feel the Apache 160 Fi RTR might beat it by a bit. Thanks to the bike's tire dimensions, and the monoshock suspension system, the bike is extremely stable at speeds as high as 121 km/hr. That is the max I have gone to (my friend claims that he has taken it above that, but i'll believe it when i do it myself :) ). i don't think i would be comfortable doing such speeds on a Pulsar because it vibrates a lot.
The digital tachometer is a complete waste of money, but i guess its one of the draw backs of the FZ-16. I would prefer the bike with rear discs though because this is the lightest 150 cc in the market and also the most highly powered 150 cc (14.2 bhp) in the market, except of course for the R15, but that is a different segement altogether. That makes this bike's power to weight ratio pretty phenomenal and best in this segment. Though the braking is exceptionally good, a rear disc would have been better.
No doubt you would go faster in a Pulsar 180, but considering everything, the FZ-16 is a much safer and stylish bike. Oh and don't worry about the fiber plastic body, its durable enough. I was involved in a crash but the body though scratched horribly did not crack (thankfully neither did my bones :), though i thought it would). Moreover the body being plastic is much cheaper to replace. So if you get bored with the color of your bike you can get a complete cahage of colour for below Rs. 4000 (that includes everything from front to back and the exhaust cover), where as just to change the tank of the Pulsar you would shell out about Rs. 2000-Rs. 3000 i think. Well i hope this helps, but if you have already bought a Pulsar 180 i hope the bike really does good for you. Cheers...
By on 01-04-2010
By on 26-07-2010
i love fz
By on 26-07-2010
hello friend.
all comments regarding fz bike
but no one said about yamaha rx z bike and rd350
in135cc segment this is a road king.which can beat any bike anywhere. rx series bike almost 20 years technology but rx series is much better than other product.forget about bajaj bike.bajaj bike are just like use and throw.there r lot of tec. problem in pulsar discover bike etc.those who have rx series they r really great and lucky.now cheersssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
By on 11-07-2010
when i saw this bike i thought that it is notfor the indians
By on 24-08-2010
This is the worst bike ever to be made. all the parts are use and throw shit!! i just bought it a year back and i had to change most of the parts just to get this bike runniing... i would recomend people not to buy this bike! a PULSAR is way better!!!!
By on 11-08-2010
super duper beautiful sexy 5star 7star bike of my life i always reffer this bike to buy anyone
By on 06-08-2010
please tall me yamaha fz prize on road rajasthan
By on 02-09-2010
guys! go for yamaha fz . its lighter and easy to handle in traffic to have a comfort drive on indian roads
By on 05-09-2010
its a nice bike wareva...
By on 09-09-2010
can u also share the average of both bikes ( exact) on city and highways
By on 24-09-2010
By on 26-10-2010
By on 06-10-2010
myyyyyy best bike is yaaaaaaaaaaaamahaaaaaa fzzzzzzzzzzzzz
By on 10-10-2010
hi . . . .
I lvvvvvveee nd like my fzzzz byk . . . .
Its luks like a sports byk. . . . . . . .
By on 03-12-2010
yamaha fz is d real rockstar, nd i dis bike will be blast in d the market 4 hr great stylish.
By on 16-12-2010
i love yamaha FZ green&black color. please send details about the fz bike to myemail

By on 29-12-2010
pode grl.wich is grl bike.don't compare u'r pulzar wid fz.coz don't compare bajaj and yamaha.pulzar 220 cc bike cannot racer15 which is oly 150cc ....
By on 21-02-2011
ossam bike.. full control ...great looks ....amazing features
By on 20-03-2011
Really it is a sexy bike i never seen ever and ever i want 2 ride this bike
By on 30-03-2011
U can try it
By on 30-03-2011
UuuuMMM.... i think FZ16 is the best option
By on 24-05-2011
sama bike ma fz 16
By on 11-06-2011
This is an awesome bike to ride a traffic race:):)but not more than RX 100:):):):)
By on 11-07-2011
its really awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bike
its ma fav bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By on 27-07-2011
Guys.. I m using fz 16 sice 2 years. .i hv used pulser 220.. 1year n my brother hv karizma. . Withi experiance i m going to say. . .
I hv touched it 122kmphr. .
I did many times burnout. . Even at 4th gear.
Stroppy is too easy on fz. .
The best handling bike,it is stable at high speed,.
I use this bike very rough way. . But still it gives milage pf 43 to 48
u can take a turn at very inclination ... I promis u no other indian bike do this. . Even not pulser 220. . .
In shot it is a sport bike. . In very very low cost. . .
I hv drived allmost all bikes. . But not a single bike can stand wit fz. .
By on 23-08-2011
really the heart touching bike.................
By on 29-08-2011
I LOVE THIS BAIKE . YAMAHA FZ is most stylish baik in the road.
By on 31-08-2011
Ya u said right its a awesome bike and i took it
By on 26-09-2011
i love speed and this company is mental distarb for speed . so try once time in life. Enjoy the life and feel real feeling
By on 16-10-2011
hi i read all the comments which given by bike lovers . but i have a complain this bike is good but the bike back wheel is really not good it thik and huge they give us comfortable while riding but it's got punchutre high level irretating . and this bike sitting is not good for long route.

i love my bike FZ16 but how i can avoid this disadvantages

tell u guys are agree with me

By on 04-11-2011
i ,m loving it
By on 26-11-2011
This is my favourite bike
By on 29-11-2011
My dream bike FZ16.........wonderful looking of this bike..........i am
FZ16 fan.........
By on 20-12-2011
I am very interested in yamaha FZ S midnight special edition... And I want a second hand bike of midnight edition... my no is 9895220829
By on 18-01-2012
Hi~ Im using Yamaha, R15 sport bike 150cc four strok and cooled Fi bike 1 cylinder 4 valve electric fuel injection system ......... Stroppy is to easy Fz ,R15.
By on 26-12-2011
My gril frnd fav bike fz
By on 25-12-2011
i have a fz-s for sale, 2009 model contact 9986648000
By on 12-01-2012
i have 1 nd i am selling it becoze i am going out of india plz contact 9711303932
By on 19-12-2011
i am selling my fz-s 2009 model 22000km .....
Its urgent if some1 is interseted plz contact 9711303932
By on 19-12-2011
it's my dreem bike so cant do drive this
By on 23-05-2012
Its a very2 hote bayk so very nice oring colar sexy bayk
By on 07-09-2012
I love fz bayk yamaha sexy2bayk hottttttt yaarrrrrr
By on 07-09-2012
masttt hai yar....sexxxxxxxxxxxxxy looooookkkk......nd speeed mast
By on 30-07-2012
Yamaha FZ16 Black colour Good condition is available for sale at a
price of Rs 45000.The model year of the Bike is September 2009.The Bike shows a meter reading of 26000 kms. Interested persons can contact on +918988306783
By on 23-09-2012
hi i want 150cc baik wich baike best millage and good looking pls tell me
By on 12-11-2012
yamaha fz 16 is jst perfect....n its ma favrot bike.....!!!
By on 20-01-2013
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