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The all-new revamped Honda Dio launched this year could well be every college goer or teenagers' delight, why not? Honda engineers have worked their butts off to enhance the style quotient that Dio already oozes. But is that enough to impress the young guys who look at the fast and the aggressive bikes? An automatic scooter though can it compete and stand in the race among other scooter brands, let alone appeal to bike lovers?

If you take its sibling Activa, it's has been a star performer for a long time now. But it doesn't mean Dio doesn't have a place in the market. Because we need to remember that the Activa is wholly family-oriented scooter and certainly not targeted at youngsters who are looking out for vehicles with a pinch of flamboyance. It is for them that the Honda has launched the new Dio an upgrade to its predecessor with a refreshing look, better performance and color choice. What can one expect in this automatic scooter? Here is a quick take on the new Honda Dio's ergonomics, power and performance and its roadworthiness.

Looks and style department
The sleek body of the Dio gives an awesome euro-chic finish that instantaneously grabs your attention and even when the scooter is static it exudes superb aggression. In fact you might believe that it might race away at 100 km in an hour, (although it shan't really gallop at that speed). The major take away features are the dual-tone body finish as well as the not-so-gawdy but attractive body graphics. Of course the wedge design combined with fiber body and aerodynamic appearance are huge contributing factors to add to its style and appearance.

The long and the distinctive blinkers along with the unique headlamp dominate the front of the Dio and the body-colored handlebar does not follow the traditional style of holding the headlamp and turn indicators but the black colored rear view mirrors come mounted on the cluster while the front fender comes in the body shade and is movable. The levers and switches aren't changed much but they are decent and suit well for the desired operation. The side panels with 3-D emblems give attractive look to the scooter from side.

The flat foot board (it's enhanced as compared to its earlier version) can accommodate your groceries and the hook in front of the seat can hold your hand bag or other belongings. The seat saddle and grab rail offer good comfort for riders. Yet I somehow felt it can't make a saree-clad woman seat comfortably as a pillion. If you want to take you mother out, this shouldn't be your choice, but if your mother wants to ride this, appreciate her taste.

New Honda Dio

The rear panel has the tail lamp and the rear turn indicators and the sword-like cowl gives the needed sporty look to the new Dio. Foot pegs and footrest make up for the safety & comfort features for the riders. The bold graphics of the Dio 2012 at rear panels stand out to complete its super cool look.

Engine, performance and mileage
The new Honda Dio 2012 features a 4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled, OHC power plant, 110 cc engine that delivers a power of 8 bhp and in fact the engine is borrowed from the second generation Activa. The gearless Dio has a V-matic transmission and a CDI ignition along with self and kick-start options. The new Dio does give a top speed of 70 kmph (try to go past the 70 kmph speed and the scooter will start acting like crazy) and comes equipped with a maintenance-free battery. As regards handling and maneuvering the new Dio, it's easy and smooth thanks to its light kerb weight and size.

The scooter gives a mileage of 45-48 kmpl even in traffic and around 52-55 kmpl on the highways.

You can choose the new Dio from an exclusive color range including; black, blue metallic, candy palm green, sports red and leblon violet metallic. The front panel, mud guard and rear side get the body hue and the seat also comes with dual tone. Furthermore, each of these body colors are painted with a pearl white hue, which enhances the overall look of the scooter

Final verdict
The new Dio is a practical scooter that combines uber cool looks and decent city traffic performance and mileage, which could be the personal favorite of every youngster. Why should we go for the oh-so-bored and conventional looking Honda Activa on our parent's insistence, when we have a better choice here? Be different, switch to the new Dio and turn your friends green. But wait if you wanted much better performance you may want to take a look at the new Mahindra Duro DZ 125. Still better, take test drive of both the scooters, check out the waiting periods and prices and follow your heart.

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