Kawasaki Ninja 250R vs Honda CBR 250R

The Kawasaki Ninja 250R enjoyed monotony for a long time in the 250cc segment and it probably woke from the sweet slumber with the Honda CBR 250R making a wild entry. Remember that the Ninja had ruled for more than two decades (1983-2007) which is due to two reasons;

a) Because there isn't a better sporty looking than the baby Ninja (shall we say ninjette) and yet it was regarded as the most comfortable bike to ride on, and

b) The attention of most bikers around the world was shifted to hi-power sports bike.

Thus, Ninja remained undisputed in the bike market for a long time and then came technologically advanced Honda CBR 250R to lock horns with seasoned Ninja, now lets us see which one overpowers and outscores the other...

The Ninja 250R does not boast of looks that are of international standard nevertheless it is bigger and sportier (while being lighter) as opposed to the Honda CBR 250R.

While the CBR 250R is compact its front is not as impressive as the Ninja looks; however, the rear end is designed to impress us and it is simply awesome and seems to be the best in the Indian market. The looks of Honda CBR 250R is greatly inspired by Honda VFR1200F and the smaller body of the bike makes up for a easy maneuvering and comfortable ride, so does its ABS-EBD to give great suspension

For commuting on the urban streets ergonomics does contribute a lot and both these beasts are designed well to offer a comfortable ride.

The sporty thumper Ninja adorns a wide windscreen and as a big bike it can be dream bike to ride on the highway, mind you it doesn't come with the ABS technology but with it the Honda CBR 250R is easy to maneuver on the city roads and its smaller build and light weight make handling lot easier.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Engine, performance and mileage
The two bikes do not share the same power output; while the Ninja 250 cc engine delivers a power of 33 PS @ 8500 rpm and a peak torque of 22 Nm @8200 rpm and a top speed of 162 km/hr. While Honda CBR 249.4 cc 4 stroke, 4 valve DOHC, water cooled engine produces power of 26.2 PS @ 8000 rpm and a peak torque of 22.8 Nm @ 7200 rpm and touches a top speed of 152 km/hr. Honda's DOHC engine comes with he PGM fuel injection system to ensure smooth delivery of power with of course less fuel consumption.

The top speed of the Honda CBR 250R might not be as high as the Ninja 250R, but is it so important? Most of the riding is done in city where 80 is rarely touched let alone 162 kmph

We can clearly see that the Ninja outsmarts CBR in terms of power deliverance. Even at the top speed Ninja doesn't give you an ounce of doubt that it is tiring whereas CBR tends to huff and puff as it attempts to touch 100 kmph speed. Both the bikes bear 6-speed transmission with smooth gear shifts but handling the clutch in CBR doesn't quite impress you, which is such an important factor for riding on the Indian roads.

The Ninja 250R with bigger wheels offers firm ride but its overall huge body may cause a little inconvenience why turning at speed. While the CBR is perfect to handle especially for day to day commuting in the city traffic; it will be a smoothie even for beginners. But all said and done Ninja still has a mass appeal despite the fact that it looks grumpy.

Honda CBR 250R

The Kawasaki Ninja 250R gives a mileage of 30 kmpl and the CBR gives close to 35 kmpl. It shouldn't be one single criterion to set these two beasts.

Color choice and price:
The Honda CBR 250 comes in candy rudy red, sword silver and asteroid black metallic and with a price tag of Rs 143,000. Kawasaki Ninja 250R though comes in attractive lime green, white and ebony black colors and with a heavier price tag of Rs 269,000.

Final Verdict:
The Ninja 250R and Honda CBR 250 stand almost on the same rank, although Ninja gets a few extra points on its power and looks. Nevertheless, in the case of these two bikes personal preferences and requirements will help you decide the right bike.

If the Honda CBR 250R gave some extra horses, and could cruise past 100kmph easily then I would be so happy with it. Low power output and cant cruise past 100 kmph with the same balance and nimble ride quality which the Ninja 250R does very easily. Ask me about its seat, its cool and extremely comfortable.

For those folks that are price sensitive, the Honda CBR 250 can so much of what Ninja 250R could but for a tad cheaper price, the Ninja's price could well be the major deciding factor. With that said remember that for a parallel twin like Ninja the making cost would be expensive and it's a fact.

If you don't take me mad, I'd say for beginners it is the Honda CBR 250R for its easy handling.

Ask me I would go and buy even a pre-owned Ninja for the same price for which I can get a brand new Honda CBR 250R........this is just me who prefers looks and is obsessed with the power of the Ninja over the Honda......call me a Kwacker but guys that's just me.

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Incorrect article...KAWASAKI NINJA 250 R is 33 ps @ 11000 rpm not 8500 rpm...
By on 23-10-2011
Kawasaki is the best bike
By on 30-11-2011
Good comparison.would help many .
By on 12-01-2012
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