Suzuki GS 150R v Honda CB Dazzler - War between Japanese bikes

Honda CB Dazzler or the Suzuki GS 150R, which bike will you choose? Oops, that could strand you in a cross road. For an amateur rider this decision could all the more be difficult, nevertheless this comprehensive analysis of the two good looking bikes might solve your problem. Honda modified the design element of Unicorn to give us the Dazzler. The other hunk Suzuki GS 150 R is an absolute delight as well making your decision a bit more challenging.

At the first glance both Dazzler and GS 150R look real hot and you are sure to feel proud to own either of these bikes. But after improvisation the Dazzler dazzles even better than its older sibling.

While the Suzuki GS 150R is not a show stopper and looks more or less an orthodox 150cc bike around, it still exudes kind of unique charm and looks adorable as well. The headlight and the turn indicators in the front look no doubt sharp, but you will not see any exclusivity feature. However, they along with rear disc brakes add meaning to the looks.

Suzuki GS 150R

Dazzler has gone through a lovely transition that trapped many youngsters although it seems to have been greatly inspired by Twister. While the Suzuki GS 150 R bears an independent design with a big fuel tank, stylish tail lamps and great body finish, there is nothing that you feel it is outstanding in the bike.

The Dazzler sports a long seat (too dandyish maybe) to keep the pillion rider comfortable and the dashboard is cool, which scores most of the points for the Dazzler.

Honda CB Dazzler

The two bikes are head to head in terms of looks, but the Dazzler could be the choice of a college rider and the Suzuki GS 150 R might get the votes from all segments for its simplistic yet looks like true commuter bike without showing off too much muscle.

All said Dazzler will still remain the better choice while deciding on looks between the two.

Engine, performance and mileage
The 149 cc engine of the Suzuki GSR generates a maximum power of 13.8 bhp at 8500 rpm and a torque of 13.4 Nm at 6000 rpm. The engine balancer technology used in the bike ensures that the vehicle produces minimal vibrations. The 6 speed gear transmission is plus thing about GSR as it can prove to be very advantageous while riding. But come on let us be practical, can it be used in bumper-bumper ride conditions. I may sound rude but other than mouthful of boasting you can do nothing about the sixth gear in city riding.

The Suzuki GSR can easily touch 100 kmph and you will be surprised that the bike remains steady as rock even at that speed and you are right if you are thinking the bike is a best vehicle on highways. But while handling it in traffic snarl could be a challenging task as the bike is a bit heavy when compared to the Dazzler. The Suzuki GS 150 R gives around 45-55 kmpl of mileage.

The Dazzler is equipped with a 149 cc engine that delivers a power of 14 bhp @ 8500 rpm and the maximum torque of 13 Nm @ 6500 rpm. Long rides could be a pleasure on the Dazzler and it has better pick up in comparison to the GSR. The Honda CB Dazzler is quite easily manoeuvred in the city riding too. But if you will feel that the gear shifting is not so smooth and no matter how many services it would have gone the bike gives out strange and unpleasant noise. Dazzler gives a better mileage of 56-57 a little greater than Suzuki GSR which clocks about 50 kmpl fuel economy.

Colors and Price
The Honda Dazzler is available in gold, red, black and silver with a price tag of Rs 74,800. The Suzuki GS 150 R is available in black, orange, grey and greenish blue with a price of Rs 70, 814.

Final Verdict
Definitely Dazzler would get the maximum number of votes for its better looks and style, tubeless tyres, disc brakes in the front and rear, digital console, Honda's engine reliability, the speedy transmission and for its quicker time to attain top speed. If there is anything that Suzuki GS150R can boast of it's gear shift indicator and the 6 speed gear but as said the 6th gear is as good as not there especially when you ride in city.

Keeping these things in mind Honda CB Dazzler would surely make a better choice.

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Last updated on 03-01-2017. Published on 26-08-2011.
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The author of the article had a preset mind before putting down the comparative between the bikes. He has made Suzuki GS sound like useless as compared to Dazzler from Honda.
GS is a proven bike in the market, giving at least 55 kmpl, has superb high end torque, rock stable on roads (only next to bullets). The only thing not so good is since its the heaviest in the 150 CC bikes, the pickup is not the best. You will not be the first one to zoom the signal, but as soon as you engage the higher gears, you will be amazed.
As of today (27 Aug 2011), Honda has stopped the production of Dazzler, while Suzuki is relaunching the new version of GS in the October 2011.
By on 27-08-2011
we think gs 150 is best for longterm ownership
By on 05-09-2011
I think Honda unicorn cb dazzler is a better choice who looks for a 150 cc species.
It beats other 150 cc bykes by style,rear disc brakes,mono suspension,tubeless tyres...engine performance and engine life. . . . .
So guys, enjoy the quality of HONDA. . . .
By on 03-10-2011
Main point is Dazzler has no kicker. Yes, R15 has no kicker, but R15 has fuel-injection, not carburetor. Even cars have only selfstart, but cars have bigger battery and cars also have fuel-injection, not carburetor.

But dazzler has no fuel-injection, it has carburetor. All carburetor bikes should have kicker. Thats why now even yamaha has given Fz kicker.

Honda removed kicker just to make more profit, but ultimately only customer will suffer in the long run. Just think. When riding with wife/girlfriend/fiancee, what will you do if selfstart fails at traffic signal??

No kicker in dazzler and for this reason dazzler sales is low. Since Aug 2011, dazzler is not available in showroom. Sales people say dazzler production has stopped currently. Next batch of dazzler expected in 2012 only. Maybe new dazzler will get kicker.

Meanwhile, suzuki has relaunched new version of gs150r with better looks. Gs150r with 6th gear is definitely the best highway 150cc bike currently. But weight needs to be reduced to make it more rideable in city.
By on 16-11-2011
But for tubeless tyres, no other point can really stand true in the above analysis.

Undoubtedly Suzuki GS150R is the best in terms of looks with an overall composed design as compared to the Dazzler which looks like assembled with different parts of different bikes.

Regarding engine, Dazzler engine can never even come near the GS150R, in terms of quality and reliability. Pickup is all about tweaking the gear ratios. By tweaking gear ratio, you can make even scooty engine generate more pickup than Dazzler. Its all about distributing the overall power over different gears in a proper proportion, to ensure smooth ride at every speed level. In that way, GS150R is quite good. You can ride without hassles from 25KMPH in 3rd gear to 125KMPH in the 6th gear.

Dashboard of GS150R is the best in class. How can it be compared with Dazzler in this aspect...

No mechanic in my city suggested Honda but every body suggested Suzuki...

Review should not be means of marketing or brand promotion...
By on 12-03-2012's engine s the best two wheeler engine in the has been agreed world widely man..then comes yamaha..then only s in 3rd place..dude ride suzuki gs150 on hilly places,it sucks..u will be tired by changing the bikes have more resale value above all..k
By on 08-08-2012
Guys, let me make some sincere comment for you. Both bikes are excellent equally, with some pros and fewer cons. In comparison between the two, GS has kick-lever which Dazzler lacks; and Dazzler has monoshock-suspension rear-disk brake which are bit more useful for those who want to run their bikes on higher speed more safely and take small radius turns with ease. Handling Dazzler you will find easier in heavy traffic, as its 11 kg lighter than GSR and for the same reason Dazzler offers little more mileage.
But on highways, when you will ride on 80-110 speed, GSR will provide bit more stability, smoothness and fuel efficiency as well; the sixth gear is something that does its job here well.
By on 26-09-2012
what pavan... r u out of ur mind? u say that honda engines are not reliable than suzuki.... man next time when u ride outside just count no of honda bikes like shine twister unicorn activa.... then comment .... do u know world's best engine is honda
By on 26-10-2012
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