Apache RTR 160 vs. Hero Honda Hunk 150 cc - The war ends in a result

Choosing between a two leading bike brands with a stipulated budget in my mind might raise many doubts and questions for the buyer. And when the bikes in question are TVS Apache RTR 160 and Hero Honda Hunk 150 cc then the confusion obviously increases. All-in-one package with power, style, performance and best price would be the ideal bike. Let us see which is that surprise package that you can bet your money on!

Looks: Design and styling
The Apache RTR 160 belongs to the TVS racing series and it truly looks like a racer in every sense of the word. While the Hero Honda Hunk 150 cc in many ways seems to be inspired with Apache's looks, there is nothing to beat Apache's aerodynamic air scoop, which is the appealing factor of the bike. It gives the bike a bigger and a muscular look, which fits perfectly to the sporty image of the bike and the racing stripes run through the length of the bike adds to the glamour. And where does Apache get the masculine effect from? Well that comes loud and clear from the front fairing and the side panels, so the makers of Apache have smartly provided both sporty and muscular looks to the bike. The handlebar stands apart from the rest of Apache's competitors and the naked chain in the rear are simply outstanding.

Apache RTR 160

Talking of Hero Honda Hunk, this one too looks majestic with side skirt tank and a butterfly shaped headlight, the 3-dimensional logo, front forks with gold finish, silver color for the central part and the solid rear cowl serves the macho look for Hunk. Despite its uniqueness Hunk does not equal with Apache, which scores higher in the looks department.

Engine and performance
The Apache RTR comes with a 159.7 cc, 4-stroke engine that delivers power of 15.7 Bhp @ 8500 rpm and one can expect a maximum torque of about 13.1 Nm @ 6500 rpm. Apart from the style quotient that Apache exudes, it is also a clear winner in delivering superb power and this not only compared to Hunk but it even beats CBZ and Pulsar in this regard.

With a 150 cc engine Hunk gives a power of 14.4 PS @ 8500 rpm and torque of 12.8 Nm @ 6500 rpm. Hunk is not an under performer too but for that adrenaline rush you can always swear by Apache; it will not disappoint you. Apache is a power packed performer. And this obviously had to go right for TVS, as Apache is a racer.

Handling and comfort
The Apache RTR gets full marks for handling; the front disc brake is 270mm and the optional rear disc brake offer great confidence to the rider. In fact braking in Apache is rated one of the best in the segment and handling Apache in the corners is super cool. But the tyres, at least the rear one should have been wider and long drives on the Apache will be hurting to the back for sure.

HH Hunk 150 is not bad when it comes to handling, but a 240mm disc brakes rate low in efficiency on any day than the 270mm disc brakes. But still to compensate on the low efficient brakes Hunk runs on wide rear tyre. With straight handle and nicely positioned foot pegs and wider rear tyre it offers good ride.

Coming to gear shift it is smoother in Apache RTR 160cc as compared to tighter and stiffer gear shift offered by the Hunk 150cc.

Fuel economy
The Hero Honda Hunk gives a mileage of an average 50-60 kmpl while Apache RTR gives about 50-55 kmpl depending on riding conditions.

Colors and Price
The Apache RTR 160 cc is available in three variants with following prices: Apache RTR - Rs 66,500, Apache RTR Refresh - Rs 67,300, Apache RTR Efi - Rs 72,900. The choices of colors for Apache are yellow, red, black and silver.

The Hero Honda Hunk is available in silver, red, sports red, brown, black and grey with a price tag of Rs 65,000 on road.

Hero Honda Hunk

Last word
Do you still need to know which bike to go for? Of course it is Apache RTR 160 cc, as the bike is way ahead in terms of power besides sporty looks, power, and great handling comfort and performance in comparison to the Hunk although the New HUNK comes with muscular look and overall good performance. And Hero Honda is known for reliability and easy maintenance. Come to think of this Hunk spares are 20% cheaper than the TVS' and TVS service and the bike maintenance a persistent problem still. The rear of the Apache RTR 160 can be bettered, can't it?

Anyway this boils down to - if you should be looking for power and sporty looks don't hesitate but go for the Apache RTR 160cc, but if you look for cheaper maintenance even with a compromise on power it should be Hero Honda Hunk 150cc.

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Last updated on 12-12-2016. Published on 08-08-2011.
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Apache RTR 180 Rocks ...... Its Racing DNA !
By on 02-10-2011
Well guys.... Now Appachi Rtr 180 Cc.... Is A Super Powerpack Bike Than Ever to Compair Any Bike Even Pulsar 180....as its A Racing Bike.. But Appachi Beat It To...i have live Seen Perfomance... So The guye Who Have RACING ADDICTION should Defnatelly Go For All New Appachi RTR 180...Once If U Test Drive U will Understand The Differances ! By- Deepak mishra Gujarat !
By on 02-10-2011
apache rtr ka koi mukabala ni h.....great handling and pick up.....
By on 17-12-2011
I can tell from this biased review that you are an owner of apache. Have you even seen a hunk. If you had, you would have known better than to rate that puny apache above it.
And talking of the gearbox and engine refinement, you seriously think TVS can score above Hero Honda? You must be on marijuana!!!!!
I believe you didn't include 'Maintenence' section on purpose. Hunk kill apache there.
And mileage???? I challenge your apache against my hunk with single litre of petrol. Perhaps the you'll know.
Sure, Apache is better track performer than hunk, and yeah those petal brakes really help, but that does not make apache an all round winner.

By on 28-08-2012
hero hunk is more better than apache trt 160
By on 12-07-2012
Very biased review. I consider thak appache has good accessories like excellent brakes, kick lever, ignition-kill button etc and its more powerful; but when we talk about a comfortable ride on practical Indian road condition, appache badly loses to Hunk. And pick-up wise Hunk is just next to Appache, but on high-speed Hunk is more stable while appache provides vibration. Mileage figures of both are more or less same, depending upon maintenance and handling. Short guys go for Appache, taller guys go for Hunk or Cbz.
By on 04-10-2012
i like hunk more than apache because of its good performance and low maintanance...and also hero hönda company have more resale value than tvs...in always i like all new mighty muscular HUNK
By on 16-11-2012
just found the hunk rockin at speeds of 80 kmph's to 90 kmph's with no vibrations at all........compared to other 150 cc bikes.........
By on 17-11-2012
this review is posted by any childish thinking guy.. you have appache thats why u r very found of it ..bt true is there is no comparision btw HUNK & appache..... appache cant stand in front of this BULL.. herohonda bull is beyond ur expecttaions.... in milage, comfort,maintanence,of course speed...and looks...have u ever heard of engine of cbz xtreme, unicorn and one more bike i forgot its name... any way.. all dis bikes get popularity for its smooth drive, exellent pickup, and awesome mileage.... same engine is placed in new hunk(2011-2012) model... this bull will kill appache..in no time.. place RTR and HUNK together it is look like..... one is like a mature muscular man and other one ofcoures RTR is look like a thin week boy of age 17....hahhah....always first gain some knowledge of bikes then only post any rewiew...
By on 07-05-2013
Hunk is real a great muscular bike
By on 09-09-2013
Hero honda HUNK is the good & awsm byk...if u ride d hunk in one times u can know it..the speed of 90-100 hunk had no vibration.
But in apache full of vibration in all times..
The case of perfomance u can not catch the hunk.
B'coz it is a BuLL..
By on 09-02-2014
We all apache lovers know that apache vibs and it is bit rough than hunk butapache has maximum power,torque,accelaration and hunk cant catch apache bcse it has maximum speed than hunk. Hunk is a bull but apache is a beast. A small kid also loves hayabusa so its nat a bike of kids. Am i right vinay? Or I am right
By on 19-02-2014
We all apache lovers know that apache vibs and it is bit rough than hunk butapache has maximum power,torque,accelaration and hunk cant catch apache bcse it has maximum speed than hunk. Hunk is a bull but apache is a beast. A small kid also loves hayabusa but it is not kids bike. Am i right vinay? Or I am right. It depends upon the rider
By on 19-02-2014
Dude.... Infront of apache.... Hunk is nothing... Apache is a powerhouse... Hunk is also a good bike but apache is boleto baap...
By on 16-04-2014
Hero honda karizma zmr rs.com
By on 02-08-2014
By on 02-08-2014
Hold on! Apache is bike with power but with no leash at it. It has nice power and thats it. You just don't want to spend 80k for just one year. I've heard many apache owners sayin that its the bike for one year. Quite unsafe bike i'd say. Hunk is nice alternate. Apache clearly has a 10 cc advantage which puts it in an another lot. It just does'nt belongs to 150 cc segment.
By on 26-10-2014
I am short(5.4 in height) so I think Apache is better for me??
By on 05-01-2015
I am agree with ur point . Hunk means Hulk . its always powerful . Tvs engines have some maintenence problem but Hero bikes are always healthy and fit looking .. by the way Hunk can beat Apache of all categories like 150, 160 and bigger the 180 .. . I love Hunk ..
By on 25-07-2015
Yes HUNK is the best package under the 80000 rs.Low maintenance,muscular look,comfortability,smooth engine,safety... all are there in the HERO HUNK.Any one looks for a indian made 150 cc bike with balanced features then it is the HERO HUNK!
By on 13-09-2015
friends i want to buy new bike will you please suggest me which is bet
hero hunk or apache rtr 160
By on 30-03-2016
Hello guys just dont play on comments get some practical facts first the new hunk is packed with high bhp 15.6 and higher torque that is 13.5 nm which apache has 15.1 bhp and 13.1 nm.torque define how fast your bike can accelrate itself.so hunk is on top.of course apache has ultimate look but in practical riding hunk provide better sitting posture,smooth ride and it will not shook in the after wind of trucks and buses rushing on highways and dont forget to compare the built quality of its chassis,alloys and many parts jUST compare them side by side in practical.
By on 21-11-2016
And if u will ride apache for more than 1 hr your shoulders will going to ach but this doesn't happens in hunk u can ride it for 3 to 4 hrs i know because my friends have both and we rode them for long time.
By on 21-11-2016
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