Honda Unicorn CB 150 now comes with a waiting period of six months

Planning to buy Honda Unicorn CB 150cc? Then you should know that Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India has increased the waiting period to six months from the day of booking due to increasing demand.

The bike major's flagship model Unicorn 150cc has racked in so much of fan following ever since it was first launched in 2005. It was made-for-Indian-roads model, although there was some revamping that it underwent and then the company has relaunched it with the name Honda Unicorn CB and it complies with BS III norms.

Unicorn CB continues to fierce fight in the stiffly competitive 150cc segment, which also has Pulsar 150cc and Apache 160cc.

The news of waiting period for six months for the Honda Unicorn CB 150 has been confirmed by company official and it is due to the increased demand for the bike. The official admits that production hasn't been ceased and on course to make the bike available in six months.

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India has its first manufacturing plant in Gurgaon which has capacity of producing 16 lakh units per annum, and recently the company opened its new plant in Tapukara, Rajasthan with a production capacity of 12 lakh units per annum.

Honda Unicorn Cb 150

Unicorn CB 150 was the first bike in India in its segment to have come with mono shock suspension and is one of the most sought after 150cc bikes in India and the bike runs on a 149.1cc air-cooled 4-stroke engine producing maximum power of 13.3 bhp with a peak torque of 12.8Nm. Honda Unicorn is known to deliver good mileage of around 55-60 kmpl and is known for its good pickup too. The stretching of 6 months waiting period for the bike is sure a test for all Unicorn fans.

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Last updated on 03-01-2017. Published on 25-07-2011.
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This bike good.
By on 15-01-2018
I am very interested to ride unicorn 150 cc
By on 14-05-2016
I am book tha cb Unicron 150cc contact
By on 01-05-2015
Honda moto corp please Re launch Honda cb Unicorn 150 this bike is awesom in mileage comfort pick up and also family look
By on 27-07-2015
Re launch the honda unicorn 150
By on 27-07-2015
plz Re launch the Cb Unicorn 150 cc
By on 12-08-2015
I want to buy unicorn 150 cc, when it will relaunch.
By on 29-08-2015
Relaunch Honda unicorn 150 cc.I want to bye one...
By on 02-09-2015
please let me know how can i book to get honda unicorn CB 150cc .
By on 07-09-2015
Please relounched the cb unicorn 150cc because i am a big fan.
By on 04-10-2015
Please relaunch honda cb unicorn 150cc bike. So I want buy it unicorn 150 bike.
By on 25-10-2015
Plz relunch cb150 unicorn bike honda company because it is real bike for indian normal person and say when will it get relunch and how to book it pls mail to me
By on 22-10-2015
re-launch cb unicorn 150cc
By on 30-10-2015
pls re-launch the Honda CB unicorn 150
By on 09-11-2015
When can v except the relanch
By on 30-10-2015
relaunch unicorn 150 cc plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
By on 02-11-2015
Relaunch unicorn 150cc I will by
By on 07-01-2016
plz relaunch the cb unicorn 150.. I love this bike toooooooooo
By on 01-12-2015
pls pls pls RELAUNCH the UNICORN 150 pls pls pls pls
By on 04-01-2016
contact 7758039411 guys unicorn 150 available in vasai mumbai
By on 04-12-2015
In andhrapradesh unicorn cb150 was most popular bike. Even I am also waiting for that.. Relaunch.
By on 04-01-2016
Please relaunch honda unicorn 150cc bike
By on 22-12-2015
Plz Re lunch CB Unicorn150cc
By on 30-12-2015
I want to buy, when launched in mumbai. Any changes ? Pls contact or mail .. Mobile no.9969008787
By on 10-12-2015
i need uniconn 150cc plz inform this mail id
By on 01-02-2016
i waiting honda cbunicon150 relaonch
By on 19-01-2016
Please relaunch Unicorn 150cc i am waiting
By on 20-01-2016
I am also interested please try reduce waiting period
By on 20-01-2016
i waiting honda cb unicorn 150cc relaunch
By on 21-01-2016
Please relaunch unicorn 150 cc bike
By on 21-01-2016
Kinly Re launch honda unicorn 150cc . m very excited to TAke that plz let me know
NAme - ABRAR VOICE - 9985123838
By on 02-02-2016
Is unicorn 150 getting relaunched in India in 2016? Pls share the news if anyone knows about it..
By on 25-01-2016
plz relaunch cb unicorn 150 cc
By on 26-01-2016
I want honda unicorn 150cc please relaunch it.
By on 04-02-2016
When will Honda relaunch CB Unicorn 150?
By on 04-02-2016
Plz lunch cb unicorn 150
By on 04-02-2016
Plz , relaunch Honda CBR unicorn 150........
By on 06-02-2016
Please relounch unicorn150
By on 23-02-2016
I want honda unicorn 150cc please relaunch it.
By on 07-02-2016
Honda cb unicorn 150 booking start
By on 08-02-2016
plz relaunch the honda unicorn 150cc. i ve buy one
By on 08-02-2016
i want to buy Unicorn 150 cc , waiting ..............
By on 08-02-2016
Plz do not stopped the production of unicorn 160bcuz it is Better and look is very immpressive
By on 25-02-2016
Place re Lanchester 15th c b unicorn
By on 10-02-2016
Where to book the bike all dealer say no more 150 pls updated
By on 10-02-2016
When can v get the unicorn 150 with dealers which month it may arrive please confirm me
By on 12-02-2016
I am also waiting for UNICORN 150cc bike.plz relaunch it
By on 12-02-2016
company when relaunched honda unicorn cb 150 in case company relaunched with waiting but, its comfirm or not about waiting
By on 15-02-2016
Honda unicorn lounched in six month dont worry guyesss
By on 15-02-2016
nice bike but pleased tell me whatever he come in showroom in 2016 at bhopal
By on 15-02-2016
Plzz mail me I want to buy
By on 16-02-2016
I am waiting for cb unicorn 150
By on 16-02-2016
Igbd huh jnmjcvj
By on 16-02-2016
Iam waiting for unicorn 150 cc
By on 16-02-2016
How to book this time?
By on 17-02-2016
01st march -2016 company will
By on 17-02-2016
iam waiting for reback unicorn 150c
By on 17-02-2016
I am also waiting for UNICORN 150cc bike.plz relaunch it
By on 18-02-2016
I want to book a Honda unicorn 150 pl give the pH no
By on 18-02-2016
Please I want unicorn 150cc relaunch.
By on 02-03-2016
Bike is avilable in latur shiwroom price 81000
By on 19-02-2016
Please relounch unicorn 150
By on 19-02-2016
i thank God for re lunching the bike i am waiting very badly please let me know when it is lunching
By on 27-02-2016
can call me
my payment is fully cash>>>
By on 04-03-2016
I like honda unicorn 150cc bike very much now I am using this Bike for the last one Year.
By on 05-03-2016
Hai my name is mohan my home is vijayawada cb unicorn 150 cc How much cost
By on 09-06-2016
New honda unicorn 150cc kab tak launch hoga, mujhe kharidna hai.
By on 17-07-2016
I am very interested to for new unicorn 150 cc
By on 03-08-2016
I am very interested to buy for new CB Unicorn 150 cc,how much time to relaunch in Delhi.
By on 20-08-2016
pls give our dream new unicorn 150.
By on 16-09-2016
Hi sir I am Maqbool from hospet Bellary Dist sir I want 150cc unicorn bike so pls give me address for stock point call me my no 09008462257
By on 21-12-2016
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