Motor bike stickers that can tell about you and your bike

No wonder you love your bike? If you have harbored the wish of making it look unique you can just personalize the metal piece by having it custom painted (be prepared to fork out some extra cash for this) or with some stickers. If money is not a constraint go for custom bike parts, a different saddle will make your bike stand out in a crowd, so do different handle bars (make sure you pick ergonomic ones that look stylish while giving comfortable ride). You can give wheels some fancy looks, try different spokes, thick tread tyres also will grab extra looks. Remember while personalizing the bike see that it reflects your personality but never fiddle with tweaking the safety aspects of the bike, it can become unsafe to you which isn't your motive in the first place.

Motorcycle stickering is the cheapest and the easiest way not only to give custom look to your bike but to please and attract others on the road. You'd be more than surprised at the change they can bring to your bike. The best part is these stickers shine in rain and sun and stick to the metal for long (most instances for as long as you may them want to).

Once you get bored of seeing them, take lighter fluid on a cotton cloth and dab it along the sticker area and then wipe off with another clean cloth.

So what are you waiting for, we have done all the dirty work for you; picked some good sticker quotes and written some cool bikeworthy sticker quotes (most of them original) so you just go enjoy customizing your bike with the stickers and become talk of the bikers community.

*** It would be just great if you can add more to the list of sticker worthy bike quotes for the benefit of bikers community ***

1) Cars Suck My Bike doesn't

2) Bikes don't kill people Cars Do

3) 2Wheel is good 4Wheel is bad

4) For the love of bikes

5) Bikes don't pollute they help us commute

6) My next vehicle is another BIKE

7) Wish my girl is as sexy as my Yamaha FZ

8) Honda Shine - at night too

9) Traffic sucks not my bike

10) Please start seeing bikers TOO

11) My bike takes me to places any car never could

12) Mom gifted and my girl fuels

13) The buses miss one passenger

14) Live to Bike

15) Bike for 5 hours work for 3

16) Riding relieves stress

17) Eat sleep and breathe my bike

18) This is a kickass bike

19) My bike has been my bitch for long

20) I am B+ and my bike is A+

21) My bike takes me extra mile every ride

22) Be the change... Follow me

23) My car loves to be in garage

24) If there's no Yamaha in the heaven, I'm not going

25) Cars are for silly nerds Bikes for sexy guys

26) Will be born again for Yamaha

27) My last take fastest bike

28) Anything for the bitch called Yamaha

29) Kawasexy

30) I am soft... My bike isn't

31) My bike is my fave chic

32) Life is cool my Yamaha is hot

33) What's life without a bike

34) These two wheels move my soul

35) Does thrill of speed overcomes fear for death?

36) Reflexes should be quicker than luck. What's yours?

37) My guardian angel lost track of me once I bought Pulsar

38) I would sleep with my Yamaha

39) Get a car you will regret, get a bike you will not until you are alive

40) Sitting on my butts and riding my Yamaha is only thing I am best at

41) Work sucks my bike doesn't

42) Girls suck my bike never

43) Life feels great only when I am bike riding

44) I have GPS on my bike... Lift it to get a life

45) This bike comes with AUTOCOP

46) God created Earth man created 2 wheels

47) Girl let me down my bike lifted me

48) Alcohol doesn't give me high as my bike does

49) Addicted to riding

50) Biketarian here

PS: You can always replace your bike brand to just bike in any of the quote here to make it even more personalized

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Abt ktm
By Ktm on 04-05-2021
Tvs victor keliye kuch suggest karo
By Kanhu on 15-01-2021
ns pwoly
By Arun Dev on 15-10-2019
I m a proud owner of baby pulsar ie 135ls .
All my pulsar friends are full filled by pulsar DNA. A donkey does not know about pulsar DNA and likes the karizma 😂😂😂😂😆😆

1)I think DTS-I brotherhood suits for all Bajaj riders .
2) PULSAR (strictly for men).
3)for NS -follow me for stunt
Being a naked for him
Sorry I m only for boys
Girls are restricted
Don't mess up with
Sry I did not see you
2) RS - faster I run faster I finish
Try to beat me
She needs only oil not make up
By Varun G on 25-09-2018
I have dominar 400 please . Suggest me something to write
By Noorain on 27-01-2017
The sentence should be good and if we split and read it should be double meaning
By Vivek on 28-01-2017
Bring your Karizma and I can bet you, my Pulsar 220 will fc*k you the cheapest way.
By Ravi Shaul on 20-12-2016
mujhe b bta do meri activa 3g k liye
By Vishal Kumar Yadav on 06-12-2016
plz suggest something cool and unique for my fascino cool cobalt colour ......
By Sk on 17-10-2016
Mom says no Race!!
By Bappadebnath on 21-09-2016
Awesome Awesome all quotes are Mfo.....
By Akaaash on 30-09-2016
By Ankit Patel on 28-07-2016
plz give me a rules brake quotes
By Kavi on 19-06-2016
I win my life nt immediately bt deffinetly
By Vivek Raj on 14-06-2016
Hii i own a pulsar AS 200 suggest me some quotes
By Akash on 06-06-2016
For those who owns a Duke 200.... This might match u like a glove.... IT'S NOT AN ENGINE IT'S A DETONATOR ?
By Akash on 06-06-2016
Friends are born... Not made!
By Adla Coorg on 03-06-2016
Mom says No race...
By Jd Ansari on 11-05-2016
i have hunk 150 piz tell me any through...
By Salman Ali on 06-05-2016
Life is a trash & girls needs cash
By Sushil Singh on 12-05-2016
East or West 220 is the best...Its best of business.. Best for ride...a good overtaker...a good handler...U want some...Get Some...have fun with every ride
By Born2win on 13-04-2016
racing is not my ambition chasing is mine
By Azeem Rayan on 08-04-2016
I have pulsar 220 bike iwant to make my bike stylish and wonder by stickering and wordings plzz send some..qoutes
By Praveen on 13-03-2016
I have pulsar 220 i need stickering and wordings plzz send me
By Praveen Kumar on 13-03-2016
hi frnz...
i hav hero glamour pls give some quotes...
By Rabi on 07-02-2016
Yaar k0i mere Passi0n Xpr0 K liye bhi bta0 plzz ,, I m waiting
By ???? ??????? on 14-01-2016
i have new yamaha ray z
pls suggest some
quotes for guys..
By Lalan on 13-01-2016
By Vignesh on 11-12-2015
I'm not a racer but fast driving is my bad habit
By Hari on 08-12-2015
go to hell pulser hater....... cozz....220, fucss all that dump r15,..... and krizma .....called kabaad
By Deepak on 04-01-2016
I have new yamaha ray Z
Plz suggest some quotes for guys... :)
By Anubhav on 15-12-2015
Don't Be a Begger of Love...
Be a Donner of Love....
By Achyuth Shetty on 02-12-2015
pls suggest me some dhasu line for my yamaha r15
By Rahul on 02-12-2015
By Rk on 06-01-2016
Hi bro I have pulsar 220 ...wanna say one rocking quote fr me bro...
By Tarun Tillu on 04-11-2015
Bro I have new pulsar 220 ...ny one say one rocking quote msg me on wats app bro plz...7416116617
By Tarun Tillu on 04-11-2015
Bro msg me on wats app 7416116617
By Tarun Tillu on 04-11-2015
My life total damage
By Pavithran on 14-11-2015
I forgive but not forget..

Love me like u do..

I can't forget u so easily..

Nice na...
By Jubzzz on 02-11-2015
i have enfield bullet plzz suggest me some quotes.....
By Nomesh on 14-11-2015
Caution!!.very slow rider!!
is another option
By Vknu on 18-10-2015
Aaja baby aaja tera gana chala du......
By Mr.nd on 21-10-2015
99.9% zidddi
By Dinesh Chaurasia on 15-11-2015
Hi guys just now bought my new buddy Yamaha R15..
Anyone pls msg quotes for this bike
By Herbert Joshua on 16-09-2015
i have new graphic deo scooty plz suggest me some quotes to be written on head side....
By Manoj Baskey on 15-11-2015
Give me loan leave me..... ALONE....
By Jaggivk on 08-09-2015
U dnt follov me, Couse....
M sunami
By Jaggivk on 08-09-2015
It's toofani...
By Himanshu on 29-08-2015
Its toofani...
By Himanshu on 29-08-2015
U mean indias most selling bike is th choice of less knwldge peoples....i think u should improve ur own knwlodge
By Himanshu on 29-08-2015
By Prashant on 01-08-2015
Pls suggest me dashing quote for my TVS Apache 180 rtr...white colour.
By Pramod on 19-08-2015
Perfect thoughts........i also have some thought

Love Is love
Riding is Life
By Asep Sayyad on 04-08-2015
I have pulsar 150.... Pls send me quotes.....
By Balaji on 20-08-2015
Dirty Rider
By Altaf Raja on 06-08-2015
one mistake game over...
By Satyam on 13-07-2015
I like girls but only 10 minutes....
By Satyam on 13-07-2015
my problemis
By Nitin on 11-07-2015
SuGhu is my
SpeeD is my
'GAME' !!!
Hwz it!!
By Sughu on 08-07-2015
Guys pls say me any rocking quotes for my pulsar 200ns
By Vishnu on 06-07-2015
sachin is

my name KaNwaR s !!

race is the !!

my game? king s!!
By Sachin Kanwar..!!! on 21-07-2015
By Dinho on 04-07-2015
Live the stunts to the professions RIDE safe and sensible ..
By Vikas Gp on 27-06-2015
I am devil in race ...........
By Shabu Mohammed on 27-06-2015
Nobody can judge me !!!!!!!!!!
By Shabu Mohammed on 27-06-2015
love sex dhoka don't mirage sallu bhai
By Salman Shaikh on 18-08-2015
Always V I P
By Vm.mohan on 15-05-2015
Never Look back
By Prasant Patro on 10-05-2015
Think before you act
By Kiran on 06-05-2015
Fend I have my new cbr so plz send me one quote for it
By Shaanus on 19-04-2015
59 sec left...
By King Shoaib on 16-04-2015
I have fzs fi v2 please give some super quoates
By Mohd Zair on 14-04-2015
I m virgin..plz..give me a chance
By Shakeel Khan on 12-04-2015
I am having Honda activa (white colour)can u suggest me few cores .. it should be catchy and crazy too
By Vino on 09-04-2015
If your cute then I'm single.
By Preens on 29-04-2015
my bike is totally waste.....
By Karthi on 27-04-2015
Boys ride Toys
Mens ride enfield
By Rocky on 26-04-2015
if ur tiger ! I am hunter...
By Imran on 02-05-2015
who's next...
By Imran on 02-05-2015
I hve Yamaha fzs blur colour plz suggest me owsum quotes
By Gaurav Sharma on 03-04-2015
Actualy! Fyndn a nyc wording for my brand new black aviatr wch is disc brk! So do suggest me some of related to against boys... attitude :')
By Sarah on 27-03-2015
Yamaha fz-s Army colour
By Hyder on 25-03-2015
* Cover the face fcuk the base
* Down to earth but still above uhh all
* Mr. X
* @ttitude Master or Attitude Maters

If you want more, then my name is Shreeyansh Shrivastava from CKC ( Christ The King Academy )

Send me request or message me. I will be there. I have over 2000 collections. And much more ideas.
By Shreeyansh on 12-03-2015
Shame gals still
I am bachelor
By Krishna Prasad on 18-03-2015
Jeeo aur jeene do
otherwise ill f.......k you
By Abu Shaikh on 05-03-2015
Be carefull because
I'm carel'ess
By Sai Kumar on 15-03-2015
"Rock the road"
"Wanna lift Get on ma backseat"
"It's your last chnc 2 break my Hurt"
"My bike have DisK's break"
By Babla on 14-03-2015
girls r idiots
By Raja on 22-03-2015
frds my bike is yamaha fz-s bottle green pls give superb short @ sweet quotes
By Raja on 22-03-2015
By Mathivanan on 03-03-2015
I have Pulsur 150 whats say about my bike
By Suraj on 01-03-2015
...aviod girlzzz fuel......:)
By Shubhu on 26-02-2015
Win against winner
By Pras on 21-02-2015
hai guys ,i got pulsar 150 ,send the slogans about playboy
By Thiru on 18-02-2015
"Girls r beutifl xcept u..."
By Hari Haran on 18-02-2015
side se nikal le gadhe....!! on my xcd 135
By Harshit Chandrawanshi on 31-01-2015
All the funs on the two wheels
are btw my legs....!
By Vijin on 25-02-2015
yeah This is my dad's Road
By Yogesh Thakur on 23-02-2015
Learn my tricks..... than take risk. if u like this quote contect me I have many quotes like this
By Barun on 15-01-2015
By Prasad on 04-01-2015
if some one hates you with no reason
Give the mother fuc.....a reason...
By Rahul Banik on 08-01-2015
pls sugest single words for apache rtr msg me on whtsapp 09858630554
By Anirudh on 03-01-2015
give me one quote fr my yamaha fz
By Bala on 03-01-2015
nic yar.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,
its hart touching.
By Aj.ansari on 07-12-2014
All girls r devi n my girl friend is Der queen
By Sachin on 30-12-2014
"How's my Driving"

What about this quoto.
By Debasish Moharana on 30-12-2014
pls use this on your bikes

***If you read you will die ***
By Ashok Rebel on 15-12-2014
it's ma Dad's
By Amal on 25-11-2014
By Rohit Antil on 04-11-2014
I don't care myself.coz riding is my life.
By Prakash on 07-11-2014
Don't dare while driving. cause "Handle is it in ur Hand"............!
By Sadiq on 23-11-2014
Don't dare while Riding. cause "Handle is it in ur Hand"............!
By Sadiq on 23-11-2014
On my Rx....Can u hear me ???
By Yuvraj Gowda on 21-10-2014
if you are bad... I am your dad...
By Athar on 22-11-2014
Apex prediator
By Rahul Rob on 22-11-2014
Tiger on hunt
By Rahul Rob on 22-11-2014
Life is so short play nacked with girls
By Manjunath.s on 17-10-2014
Belive Snakes but not girls
By Manjunath.s on 17-10-2014
Hii fndzzz,I hv splender I-Smart bike,plzzx help me for a gud hrt touching thought...
By Sachin on 16-10-2014
Born BHARATHIYA....! Damn Proud...!
By Anand Rajaram on 20-11-2014
Plz guys send me some rocking quotes for my suzuki gixxer...??
By Manish Singh on 07-10-2014
''chacko mashu ente appanalla, ninte appana''
By Melwin on 09-10-2014
This one is for ol pulsarians
By Harry on 25-10-2014
Plz help me a best quote for my new splendar ismart ! Plzz
By Mukul Bagwar on 12-10-2014
Born 2 Fcuk...
By Deepak Gowda on 12-10-2014
East or west my royal enfield classic500 is the best
By Raghuvansh on 21-09-2014
By Raja on 29-09-2014
Life has bike doesn't
By Prabhu on 10-09-2014
yours is pulse ..., mine is Pulsar.
By Prabhu on 10-09-2014
"Feel the Pulse..."
By Prabhu on 10-09-2014
Hi frndz this quotes is fully funny try it.....
I' will MARRY who looks pretty on her Adhaar Card
By Gopichand Chilla on 08-09-2014
my every riding is my practing to make me perfect
By Asad Jamshed on 06-09-2014
100% of Girls are playing
1%of girls playing with sports, other
99%of Girls playing with boy's life
By Joel Abraham on 05-09-2014
Koi dashing bala comment bhejo
By Katal on 02-09-2014
These all r not a bike quotes ......I think tis isz crt fr all bikers
NO license NO papers
just piss off...
By Uehuday Ulysses on 16-08-2014
I have Pulsar 200 NS nd want some bold quotes. will any one tell me....!!!
By Shubham Kumar on 19-08-2014
Plz tell me thougths for mah
Pulsar 200NS
By Arora on 05-08-2014
my attitude your problem ...
your attitude my foot...
By Lovekush on 03-08-2014
give me line for my saplander +
By Lovekush on 03-08-2014
Don't follow scooty.......
By Iyyappan on 03-08-2014
my bike is220 & g**ls r 420
By Akram on 28-07-2014
By Manas on 19-07-2014
my life
my bike
my rulz
By Shahzad Ahmad Khan on 18-07-2014
born 2 die. do befor die. don,t cry.
By Shahzad Ahmad Khan on 18-07-2014
If U caN reaD thiS U arE FUKING closE tO mE...!
By Albin G B on 25-07-2014
hiiiii frnds any thair
By Avinash Nani on 18-07-2014
Dad Gift
Mam Petrol
Son N Joy
By Avinash Nani on 18-07-2014
Give me one thoughts for my pulsar 220
By Vishal Mishara on 16-07-2014
Give me one thoughts for my ACTIVA
By Vishal Mishara on 16-07-2014
Hell out of my way..!!
By D Soumya on 16-07-2014
Wanna Riderz Follow Me ;)
By Ankit on 13-07-2014
plz sent to me rocking & hate love quite 4 ma new pulsar 220
By Balu C Babu on 13-07-2014
Life has no ctrl+z
By Juhil on 13-07-2014
I have avenger 220 in grey colour I want some new words to be writen on my Bike guys help me t
By Furkan Khan on 08-07-2014
i m not a playboy but i know how to play..
By Shaggy on 03-07-2014
Dont fall in love.. better fall from bridge itz painless..
By Karthik on 02-07-2014
hEll WaS full SO I AM back.
By Nitesh on 02-07-2014
Pongadi Negalum Unga Kadhalum..
By Billu on 21-06-2014
my bike dialogue..

only do what your heart tells you
By Billu on 21-06-2014
Plz send me a funny quotes....I have pluslar 200
By Khan Khan on 29-06-2014
Kalakal machi
By Raja 87 on 26-06-2014
love is trash girls need cash
By Manas on 17-06-2014
I have a new apache 180.. I want some rocking words....
By Ayan on 17-06-2014
By Pradveen on 17-06-2014
Rule the roads
By Dhurmesh on 16-06-2014
u r awesome
By Manas on 12-06-2014
I hav pulser 180 cc I need exlent Quote plzz send me
By Kranthi on 04-06-2014
my bike quote...
HATE(dark blue)
By Anand on 06-06-2014
Love all..!!!
By Praveen on 09-06-2014
Love all
By Praveen on 09-06-2014
Death is My Way,Race is My Life
By Rajesh on 10-06-2014
Catch me if u can...
By Mintu Verma on 10-04-2014
U r rite dude i hate plsr fmly toooo
By Alvin Sachin on 04-04-2014
Hy dude i too hv same byk nd try tis
"" wanna die jst follw ""
By Alvin Sachin on 04-04-2014
i am different
By Thoufiq on 03-04-2014
Hell was packed...So I'm Back..
By Viswa on 27-04-2014
Is it ur dad's road...!
By Viswa on 27-04-2014
yes,my stupid pulse.
By $#@$#!!! on 11-05-2014
kills ur love b4
she kills u
- yamaha fazer
By Libin Sha on 22-04-2014
chitke to fatke
beast unleashed
attitude adjustment.

ur attitude can hurt me .
but mine can kill u
By Irfan on 23-03-2014
chitke to fatke
By Irfan on 23-03-2014
"better don't come my way" my bike words frds.......
By Praveen on 01-04-2014
Fnds I have pulsar 150 give me some 4 words (MASS) Quotes.
By Narayana Dass on 14-03-2014
I wanna race....
By Saddam on 17-03-2014
*Game of death
*Biker nerver dies
*Do good(with my bike)-
Have good(from me)
*Stupid bike but respect it
*My life only 4 thizz
*Game Over....
By Mubeen Xajid on 22-02-2014
Every Girl is My Sister Except u.....
By Sadam on 25-02-2014
i had a new pulsar 220. i need some funky quotes.
By Ashok on 17-02-2014
girls exprs deir feelings vit tears bt boys exprs der feeling vit beers
By Kartheek on 17-02-2014
horn broken ......:/ watch for finger
By Jeevan on 11-02-2014
life get once live it
By Jeevan on 11-02-2014
virgin hunter
By Faheem on 10-02-2014
devil hunter!!!!
By Faheem on 10-02-2014
when i'm rich, you'll be my bitch:
By Navi on 09-02-2014
Sufi sarkaran
itz awsome naaa
By Anmol on 09-02-2014
its my Dads Road
By Amol on 20-01-2014
Street race addicted. This is best of the qoutes for pulsar
By Parul Rao on 17-01-2014
please keep away clean..coz i juz wanna play with dirt...!
By Bad Catz..(sal) on 06-02-2014
I have pulsr 150 plz give me some quotes
By Ashish Singh on 01-02-2014
I want small message to write on my back side of bike specially on grls
By Sagar Ghatal on 01-02-2014
plzz help me wid a quote which can be written down of a devils sticker......
By Kartik on 31-01-2014
Hai frnds I have 220pulsar can u say sm wording for me
By Kamal Raj on 04-02-2014
Sufi sarkaran
i have pulsar 180 nd i wrote on back side of my byke itz awsome naaa
By Anmol on 09-02-2014
im single.....
redy 2 mingle....
By Krishna on 25-12-2013
hi frnds....i hve a yamaha fazer pls give me some mass quotes
By Mathan on 25-01-2014
See u n helL
By Aman Panmana on 22-12-2013
1.Mom says no girlfriend
2.Hell riding machine
Judgement fail tr ____ jail
3.Doz who guyz ha8z me my middle finger rises to salute demhai
4. Zindagi zand hai
Fir bhi ghamand hai
NY guyz want to share or to Xchange quotez share widmi
By Aditya on 22-01-2014
Devil seeds grow naturally.....

These two wheels move my soul
By Armaan on 02-01-2014
To fast To furious..
By Karun on 19-01-2014
so nicf
By Kailash on 03-12-2013
Ready 2 Race ......
Any body can Chase me.........?
how izit frnds....?
By Dada Tiger on 04-11-2013
Ready 2 Race ......
Any body can Chase me.........?
By Dada Tiger on 04-11-2013
" ME ! :
By Venkat on 24-10-2013
hi friends i have access black bike. please send me some thoughts
By Chethan on 12-11-2013
rules my foot...... howz that my frnds
By Shubang on 21-09-2013
my next rider is your gf...
By Aakash Kaushik on 07-10-2013
i have atitude in my dont ever mess with me....
By Aakash Kaushik on 07-10-2013
my bike is apache 160 pls send any like quotes
By Nayagam on 08-09-2013

By Aazad Khatik on 25-08-2013
Hey frndz i m having honda cbr 250r.i want rite sexy quotes. So guys help me out.
By Gurassis Singh on 08-08-2013
stay clear becoz ur dad is here
By Ashish Singh on 15-10-2013
I Hv one quote for al of u
"my middle fingure salutes your attitude".
By Ashfaq on 04-08-2013
who cares
when i cry
By Thoufeeq on 02-10-2013
Rules only for fools
By Sundar on 03-09-2013
"wild wave" for ma pulsar 180... howzthatt
By Mudasir on 26-07-2013
By Dreamy Gal on 26-07-2013
..Itz Just Ma AtTitude..
By Karthika on 26-07-2013
Hey I have yamaha sz rr plz send me some good and short quotes for my bike....
By Aditya on 17-09-2013
hi friendzz i have yamaha fazer plz send me some short word and short quotes !!!!!
By Ajay Vaviya on 03-10-2013
am not speeding
am qualifying
By Anjun G Alex on 21-07-2013
Hi guys..i hav polsar 135..plz say me short & funny quote 4 my sweet bike..
By Kishor Chandak on 26-06-2013
i have royal enfield n d lines r : ' THE ROYAL RIDER RIDES A ROYAL ENFIELD'
By Abhishek on 19-07-2013
It's true
By Uday on 24-06-2015
yes, itz ma dad's road
By Alex Paul on 03-07-2013
Dude check out this............

Ass kicking horse power..............
By Pramodh on 02-08-2013
Most Wanted ...
By Anandh on 23-07-2013
My girlfriend is better than your wife.........
By Jhoncena on 16-05-2013
GF ALRT... Ma bike is oN roD !!!!
By Arun Daas on 30-04-2013
for my 200ns...
My BiKe .....
My RuLeS.......,
By Khaleel on 21-03-2013
howz this for pulsar 220f
By Wasm on 05-06-2013
fallow your dreamz
By Wasm on 05-06-2013
so true i hate pulsar none of the bike of the series ever impressed me
it has standard lower then many other commuter bikes in town!!!
the person who has less knoldge of bikes likes pulsar
By Aafaq on 18-04-2013
loving u is my favorite mistake.
By Ankit Kumar on 12-03-2013
hi frds i hve my dr bike yamaha r15 version 2.0 give sme words 2 my r15 plz...
By Bala on 10-03-2013
i have tricolor cbr 250 abs please sugest me some quote(try if u can give quote related to"my bike takes extra mile every ride"
please also suggest me what color i should get it in
By Aafaq on 11-04-2013
Pls send me quotes related to death
By Kunal on 10-04-2013
I was DEAD wen i was BORN
By Kaustubh on 30-03-2013
suicide machine
By Mithun on 04-03-2013
"ChAnge The GaMe"
By Athul Santhosh on 26-02-2013
"next race with your girl friend"
By Arun on 26-02-2013
tell me some two word quotes
By Santhosh on 24-02-2013
Frnds for Apache 160..sujjest me some heart break quotes frnds..

one line meaning like tis..." HeArt is an Art".. plzz
By Pavan Budda on 14-02-2013
here comes the beast#rx100#
By Shivam on 04-02-2013
i got my new r15 suggest me some funny and attractive lines.. thank you :)
By Puneeth on 16-02-2013
I have two commts

1. "You look like my next Girlfriend".
2. " Next target your Girlfriend.
By Syed Qayyum on 06-01-2013
Superb Quotes.
By Pawan Charpe on 05-01-2013
i can but i won't
By Shyam on 19-12-2012
no fuel only neutral,drive care fully don't kiss me
By Vignesh Balan on 08-12-2012
hi frnz...
i hav yamaha sz-r pls give some quotes...
By Ragu on 11-12-2012
Hey guys..... I have a good quote for u all chec it out

"Hell was full.... So I am back..."

Howz this guys tell???????

I have wrote it on my pulsar 200 NS
By Ankit on 02-12-2012
future first figure next
By Skanda on 27-10-2012
"Follow Me.........,
If You Can.............,"
By Kannan Kn on 10-11-2012
nice....but i need some different quotes.....if u know something just send me....
By Vinoth on 07-11-2012
No College but full Knowledge.
By Tarun Kumar on 14-10-2012
By Sachin Kolan on 25-11-2012
Hi frnds i have new pulsar 220 plz send me some quotes
By Santhan Kumar on 01-10-2012
Avoid girl friends save petrol...
By Bossterror Terror on 12-09-2012
i hv new honda cb shain.plz giv me some short qat's 4 mah bike...
By Monu on 17-07-2012
"If ur bad, i'not ur dad.... but i'm ur god father...
By Manju on 27-07-2012
Mom Says No Race
By Arun on 09-08-2012
By Hemanth Chowdary on 12-08-2012
I hv karizma R so0 plz send me a gud nd funny quote for me plz...
By Sandy on 05-09-2012
If u dont like me then dont think i m born to entertain u- Alankrit Aki
By Alankrit on 04-07-2012
Your Intelligence Is My Common Sense.
By Ramki on 23-06-2012
eat well,tweet male :)
By Dinesh on 05-06-2012
shame on you girls !
I'm still single ! ;)
By Gawtham on 04-06-2012
Tonite-I'm Lovin You !
By Aakash on 26-05-2012
1..> sexy chocolate..
2..> free trips for pretty girls..
3..> death messanger (with hood mafia sticker)
4..>single again but now with experience
By Smile 9697240067 on 14-04-2012
superb cote...... Dr!!!!!!!!! :)
By Sukumar on 09-04-2012
Dad is my atm
By Sharathkumar on 29-03-2012
1) if u r bad then i am ur f**kg dad
2) don't touch me still i am a virgin
3) love is a trash, girls need cash
4) if u dare catch me
5) no one can stop me
By Sakthi on 16-03-2012
i have 4 bikes-yamaha r15,apache,splndor nd vespa t5.sugest cmnts 4 al of my bikes.
By Pawan Soni on 10-03-2012
Escape from race
By Suresh on 08-03-2012
i have yamaha FZ pls send me some short quotes for my FZ.
By Suresh on 08-03-2012
I HAVE honda dazzler please email me quotes for my ' Honda Dazzler'
By Dhanraj on 24-02-2012
Wat will be cost for a sticker.
By Imli on 26-01-2012
dad is god...,god is mum
By Ganesh on 26-01-2012
i love bike's................
By Love Pasrija on 23-01-2012
Awesm quotes !!!
By Sachjote on 13-11-2011
its short 'STUDY SUCKS'
By Sameer on 05-11-2011
Me 2 having Apache 160 black color..... i have the following quotes that vil b paste on back of ur bike...

By Saran on 21-08-2011
i have a apache 160 rtr,plz send me some some quotes that paste on my bike fuel tank.
By Ni3 Tomar on 25-07-2011
I like this.I have one Apache RTR 160.platina colour. I wanna paste stickers for it.please send me some quotes that must short so as to print on the back of the bike.
By Dhanasekaran on 15-07-2011
bike will give the race experience that you need but the car will not.go for karizma it will give you comfort like a car and performance like a lightning
By Sai on 12-04-2011
bike will give the race experience that you need but the car will not
By Sai on 12-04-2011
go to hell pulsar 220.riding the pulsar is the cheapest thing that a human will ever do.dont get addicted in pulsar's looks itis only for looks it will never give you any thing that you want from a byke.its just a worthless piece of metal.
karizma will full fill your your dreamsgoforkarizma and rade to the end of the wqorld
By Rocky on 12-04-2011
racers are here with the legend that is well known for its superior accelarationthe karizma with k&n and dont get ready to challenge the legend with r15 or pulsar 220you will be defeated and killed by my legend
the karizma racers
By Rocky on 12-04-2011

wat will be d cost of it????
By Abhishek on 03-03-2011
Owners bitch
By B on 26-05-2018
Follow me😘
By A..jay Kumar on 31-03-2018
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