Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler - Comprehensive Review

It is very true that nobody will like to invest on a bike that will not give the desired performance with respect to fuel economy and speed. Do you?

The Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler is a ride everyone must love to feel again after a first touch. When the Honda launched the Unicorn Dazzler industry circles talked that it was a threat to the then top seller Pulsar. Pulsar sells well still for the killer price stag, but for those who love quality ride with fuel efficiency then they will not look beyond a Honda Unicorn Dazzler. In few months time from its launch the Dazzler has set a benchmark for the 150cc vehicles. Read on to have the Dazzler grow on you the way she grew on me.

Empowered by a 150cc engine capacity the Unicorn Dazzler promises more power than any other Honda models. Its highest power and torque are 8,500 rpm and 6,500 rpm, and these have no comparison with the previous machine from the Honda stable.

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler

These combined features of the CB Unicorn Dazzler-less weight plus high power makes it an excellent ride. In spite of absence of the V-box on the bike, it is evident that one can easily reach the speed of 100-105 kmph without much ado. Some other properties of the Dazzler include: a standard rear disc brake, a digital display of speedometer that comes with a digital clock, the presence of the tubeless tyres on both the wheels to measure up to standard. The bike also comes with a maintenance-free battery and a self-start mechanism.

Dazzler bedazzles by looks- It is funky and appealing
Upon first glance the bike looks very attractive and beautiful. It kind of resembles the 110cc Twister except that its tanks are bigger in size (take it as scaled up version of Twister) and the rear end kind of slimmed down. The edges of the Dazzler are better quality to make the machine last longer than usual.

The fit and finish of other components of the bike are but alluring. The wheels measure only 17 inches and it has 110 section rear tyres. The 17-inch length of the wheels makes it possible for more space to be available between the rear portions of the bike and enables the monoshock rear suspension to work more effectively.

The oversized-tank extensions create the best angle at the front three quarters from where the bike has an amazing look. From behind, the bike looks slimmer and more attractive. The style used in designing the Dazzler makes it fit for some romantic ride. Never try and compare with an Apache or a Pulsar or get disappointed by comparing with beasty Yamaha FZ. The team from the Honda had tried hard and can be said succeeded in their attempt to differentiate the Unicorn Dazzler from its predecessor Shine.

Engine performance and handling
The engine makes it very active and more suitable for sports than the Unicorn. The Dazzler can be used over a long period of time (up to 8,000 rpm) without wearing out because the vibes do not amplify as the revolution is increased. Riders that have tested the Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler can drive at top speed, usually above 105 kmph on the highways. The bike's gear box and clutch operate excellent and the presence of just a toe-gear shifter has gained the approval of many, it hasn't been approved from many too, but that's just fine. You will note that the foot pegs are set a little rearish but it kind of adds to the comfort of the rider, especially if the rider is not very tall. Handling is easy and ride quality little firm. That said the Unicorn dazzler is designed to provide optimum comfort for day-to-day commuting purely, and maybe for occasional drag racing. Its position is straight when riding to beat traffic congestion. The brakes of the bike work excellent if not the best, responding at any time they are applied. As for fuel usage, Dazzler gives a good fuel efficiency of about 45-48 kmpl and for a 150cc it's a neat figure.

Final verdict
The dazzler is in general very active and sporty bike only disappointment is lack of unique styling that it can boast of. And with a price tag of around Rs 70,000, it is actually on the pricey side as compared to other 150cc bikes. Notwithstanding the high cost, it is a good property to own.

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