TVS Jive Test Drive Report - Simple, affordable, and fuel efficient bike to jive

There are lots of machine brands in India today. Most of them have been tried without appealing to the demands of the public. That is why TVS- a leading name in the motorcycles manufacture has come with another stunning invention- TVS Jive as they called it the bike is the first ever clutch-less motorcycle in India.

The invention has brought in so many features which was not a common in the 100cc bikes that have been there on the market for sometime now. The outstanding features make the TVS Jive a first choice in the minds of people around who are interested in getting a new 100cc motorcycle, the first bike for them.

Looks and styling of the Jive
The TVS Jive has nothing to disappoint a buyer in its looks. It is very safe and saves a lot for the buyer. The bike comes in attractive colors such as blue, black and red to give variety of picks for the buyer. People who have used the TVS Jive have boldly confirmed that it is indeed "the no-tension bike" that brings maximum comfort when riding.

The TVS Jive was built to have a lot of space even for the tall riders. This means that it can perform more tasks than so called popular bikes. The motorcycle was built with its very effective 100cc engine. Besides the bike handles well and is very easy to operate.

Some more unique features about the TVS Jive include: the ability to change the gears without using a clutch, the presence of rotary gears that enable straight conversion of the gear from the highest (4th gear) to neutral, but kind of risk involved if your focus goes off. So changing the gear from the 4th to the neutral should, however, be done when the bike is stationary. It also has an anti-knock mechanism that makes possible for the engine to be protected if the bike is moved at the wrong gear.

It is true that the gears of the TVS Jive can be changed without using the clutch. It is possible to believe this because people have actually tested this. Anytime the gear has to be changed, the accelerator should be first closed. The closed accelerator makes the centrifugal clutch disconnect the engine from the gear. When the gear has been disconnected, it becomes possible to change it. After changing, the accelerator can be twisted again to establish a reconnect of the gears to the engine.

TVS Jive

How does it help a rider?
The feature makes it possible for the bike to be stopped at traffic even when the bike is running in the 4th gear. To restart the bike again without going to neutral, the accelerator just has to be twisted to make this effective. The TVS team has designed the bike in this way without the risk of "snatching" the engine. *Clap for the TVS team*

As for handling it is easy to handle the TVS Jive because of its light weight. The light front is particularly suitable for the city riding conditions. The way the Jive regains speed after applying the brakes at traffic points is completely satisfactory especially for our Indian traffic. The grab rails of the Jive are quite tough made from polycarbonate materials which add to the safety of the pillion. With electric start and digital IDI ignition the fuel efficiency of claimed 60 kmpl will make Indian riders some smile.

New bike riders or learners can start well with the TVS Jive because of the easy-to-ride mechanisms it boasts. Good enough, it is not expensive and can be bought at affordable price of around Rs 41,000 (ex-showroom Delhi and subject to vary).

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I like to drive TVS jive Bike very much.
ITS mazing experience to ride this bike on ROAD.
Tvs jive bike is very good and fuel saving bike.
By Makwana Vitthalbhai Shivabhai on 28-09-2015
No ctrl over fuel since no clutch , total wastage
By Nikhil on 23-06-2012
i do not understand. if all these advantages were present, then why the bike is not selling like hot cakes.
By Mahesh on 05-10-2011
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