TVS Wego comprehensive Review

Is the WEGO the wonder that TVS had kept it hidden until now?

The TVS' Wego was adjudged as the best scooter of the year 2011 by CNBC TV 18 in collaboration with Overdrive just a week back. The scooter was even touted as the best unisex commuter scooter from the TVS. Let us check the facts of what it takes for this gearless scooter from the TVS to be really the best scooter of the year with much competition and beat the dust of the competition.

TVS Wego has slowly entered the big segment of gearless scooter segment during later part of 2009. Conservative TVS has taken enough time to go far from its Scooty image to bring out Wego which could appeal to both sexes. Wego, besides such an appealing name, the scooter was made to meet needs of the metropolis' consumers. TVS has had to offer a package of features to stand atop in the segment.

Before we move ahead to the wonderful features that the Wego banks on, it should be noted that that the scooter is a full metal body unlike other scooters including Dio or Scooty.

Looks and styling of the TVS Wego
The metal body Wego has much to offer to the chagrined consumers. The rugged look may appeal to the biker in you and the sleek design will appeal a girl who'd want to own one. The big multireflector headlamp will enhance visibility to the driver during nights and also during winters. Every car can see the TVS Wego behind, and the big rear view mirrors ensure that the Wego driver sees everything behind. The speedometer guides the rider to keep a check on the speed control and the twin dials give it an international and sporty look. The golden eye indicator lights are so designed to increase visibility through any angle. The LED taillight ensures safe ride during nights.

TVS Wego

Powermill of the Wego
The gearless TVS Wego has its power coming from a 4-stroke, single cylinder air-cooled 110 cc OHC engine that generates maximum power of 8 PS @ 7500 rpm and a produces a peak torque of 8 Nm @ 5500 rpm. Stuffed with latest tech features from computational fluid dynamics and response analysis technique combined with all-aluminum engine the TVS Wego ensures to give good fuel efficiency of 40-45 kmpl - it sure gives a good justice to what you spend on your petrol. The aluminum engine also helps in reducing friction of the moving parts of the engine, helping it last longer. Wego hits a maximum speed of 75 kmph and it does vibrate at that speed. But honestly, who would want to speed past 75 kmph on a commuter scooter?

Performance and handling of Wego child's play
Talk about the noticeable Body Balance Technology? Besides shifting the center of gravity to a little front, this body balance technology ensures more stability and handling of the vehicle. The technology enables the rider to lean a little front and steer lower without too much of a hassle; the technology enables rider easy maneuverability of the vehicle even through the crammed and pothole-laden Indian roads. With all this if you feel you will have the peppiness of riding a gearless scooter missed, you are wrong; because you will love the ride on the Wego.

Riding comfort of the TVS Wego
The TVS Wego comes with larger and in fact 12-inch alloy wheels (as much as 2 inches larger than any other scooter in the segment) which add not alone to the aesthetics of the scooter but also to its safety features, as the increase in wheel size increases stability at lower and higher accelerations by about 20%.

The front has Hydraulic Telescopic type suspension and it's a sports gas filled hydraulic dampers at the rear (well, TVS' attempt to satiate the bikers among the fairer sex). The suspension increases the ease with which a can glide through bumpy roads and speed breakers. Braking is stable as well with drum brakes at both ends.

Convenient features that add to the aesthetics of the TVS Wego
There's a no need to get down the scooter, lift the seat up to have fuel refilled, an external fuel filling facility with just a hinged cap is added convenience especially during rush hours.

The 15-liter under-seat storage allows storing full-face helmet, or one can avail the combo charger facility (comes as an optional) benefit by having the mobile charged while riding the scooter. There is a small default glove box in the front.

The combo lock allows opening of the fuel tank cap as well as the seat. Clockwise rotation opens seat and anticlockwise rotation of the key from the combo lock on the side panel of the scooter opens the fuel tank cap. Every fair sex rider of the Wego will thank TVS for the patented EZ center stand. Now this is what is called as taking in customer feedback the positive way. There is no scooter that allows women rider to easily park one on center stand. Wego makes it possible.

Other noteworthy comfort features of the Wego include a maintenance-free battery, bike-like gas-filled rear shock absorber, LED tail lamp with the optical guides.
In an attempt to make sure that the WEGO reaches potential parts of India, TVS have done quite a bit of advertising through various possible means. It turns out the aggressive launch was worth it, because there seems to be a lot of effort put into this vehicle.

With the sleek stylish international sporty look mainly grabbing the attention, people who are on the look out for a gearless scooter are going gaga over the TVS Wego.

All these said, TVS Wego definitely lives up to its expectation and fulfills the needs of metro riders. TVS Wego is available at Rs.50,689 (the pricing might vary depending on the TVS city dealers). If there are any cons, as with any product it is with the seat size. The seat of the TVS Wego scooter could have been bigger and more spacious, but then that's not a complaint from the slim guys. The pricing is also a let down if you compare with Suzuki access which is more powerful than the Wego but comes aggressively priced. These are the couple of let downs if anyone can see in the Wego, but its features are definitely worth taking checking and taking a TD to say the least.

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...I am totally dissatisfied with the WEGO tyres..Both tyres got punctured almost 5 times in last 2 months. Other things are good but what is thi issue with tyres ?? Why are they so bad..I have almost spent 1500 bucks on Puncture and tyre patches !!!
Is there any solution to this issue?
By Sandeep on 14-02-2014
plz plz plz awaiting really for your valued feedbacks, so that it can be helpful 4 me.
By Indira on 15-05-2013
1 mor edoubt plz
3.4 & half km's done in km's reading shown, while they gv it 2 me
asked d same
said like comp ppl will test b they release into market
if it' so, all models shud b like that only na
will ask 2moro
bcoz streak & pep + readings r differ
in d same show room only
i asked 2 gv me 00000000 reading bike 4 me
or plz mention that u hv given me 3.4 kms done bike on bill.
no prob mam , no issues, like said

is it , d comp will chk d 1st 2 km s b4 they release into market?
By Indira on 15-05-2013
hello all, i am getting fear really, that i just now purchased tvs wego today only 15 may 2013. having seen all these feedbacks, some fear is there , how my bike would be ? please give me genuine advises only, i will follow all the rules said by dealer , like day 1st start should be kick start only.i have just reached the house, not yet started the bike & the people of tvs dealers have given me the wego bike with 3.4 & 1/2 km s done shows in km's reading, when i ask about that, they have said like, company will check out the 1st 2 kms, before they release into market & while they are doing 1st wash before give it to me, they have made another 1 km around.

please clarify me as soon as possible, so that i will ask the dealer accordingly. please please please advice me, as i am new to bikes, having zero knowledge.

will wait for the accurate replies soon.

thanks in advance.
By Indira on 15-05-2013
As my exp about wego is best for riding at higway roads
i had travelled about 200kms in a day without any problem and average about 55km/ltr as i just kept speed upto 50kmps consistently,
and about battery i got info from tvs service that daily atleast 30 km running must be taken for keeping up battery charge.
By Shashank on 19-02-2013
check your breaks...
it may be hold the wheels ..
By Sreekanth on 18-10-2012
ya i agree with u finny...
i am gng to by the wego...
By Sreekanth on 18-10-2012
Well said Finny mathunny, not a scooter anything which we use. We should give proper attention on it. So automatically it will be good. I heard TVS Wego is good scooter. The Cons: is battery problem, if we change battery exide with 5V then no issues with wego.
By Sekhar on 20-11-2012
Hey..I have gone at a speed of 85km/hr wid my wego..,.
can anyone beat mee!!!
By Kshitij on 16-07-2012
I am facing many issues ,Wego performance is very bad. NO pick up , NO balance,NO mileage,VERY WORST STARTING TROUBLE....
By Sat on 06-07-2012
I am facing many issues ,Wego performance is very bad. NO pick up , NO balance,NO mileage,VERY WORST STARTING TROUBLE.
By Sat on 06-07-2012
VERY WORST Bike, Please don't buy. I am facing many issues ,Wego performance is very bad. NO pick up , NO balance,NO mileage,VERY WORST STARTING TROUBLE
By Sat on 06-07-2012
Please don't buy. I am facing many issues ,Wego performance is very bad. NO pick up , NO balance,NO mileage,VERY WORST STARTING TROUBLE
By Sat on 06-07-2012
sudha i agree wit abt that battry problem.within 3 months ,my battery got spoiled bt i replaced i must say that it gives me the average abt 53km/ltr. and also a gud pick up
By Mansoor on 10-05-2012
people complaint a lot about wego.... i dont find any defect in the bike.... the fact is that i didnt bring my speed above 45kmph untill 1000kms. and so my bike is really in good condition.
we shuld not jst buy a bike..... we shuld take care of it like our own baby.... we shuld maintain it properly.... love ur bike and the bike will love u too... thts my policy.
By Finny Mathunny on 17-05-2012
one day i raced with my frnd who has the new activa. my bike is wego. at the start itself my bike overtook activa and smoked him till the end. thats wego..........
By Finny Mathunny on 17-05-2012
guys one thing...... pls change that stock tvs tires and put mrf zapper 90/90 r12..... it gives u superior grip. the stock tires suckkkkkkkk. wego has a small pblm regarding its brakes. at high speeds and when we have a pillion rider the bike wont stop at the point. if tvs rectifies these issues wego is the best bike..... engine is really refined and has awesome power. the full power is revealed only after 3000 kms..... another good point is that it has got aluminum engines. i get around 54kmpl.
By Finny Mathunny on 17-05-2012
guys I've heard about the battery pblm.... my wego is about 4 months old. it has crossed 4000kms. but still there's no complaint with ma battery bcoz daily morning i kick start my bike so it wont consume much battery power. at morning if u strt any bike or scooter using self starter battery will get over soon bcoz all electrical components are cold and so more charge will flow out......
By Finny Mathunny on 17-05-2012
Hey,.i have made it 89km/hr!!!
By Kshitij on 18-04-2012
TVS WEGO is a good scooter without self start. The self starter will functions up to 6 months only. The battery used in this scooter is of bad quality and it won't work properly in the guaranty period itself . The dealers will not replace the battery instead of they charge it and return to the customer till the guaranty period is over . then after we have to replace the battery at our own cost.
As an owner of TVS wego I will definitely dis-encourage everybody from buying a TVS wego. TVS is cheating the customers by using spurious battery.
But all other features of WEGO are excellent too.
By Sudhathottasseril on 17-01-2012
Reviews are ok but Mr Murtuza if you can highlight the areas of improvmnt that wld b appreciated....
By Kashyap on 21-12-2011
not satisfied , i am not proud , as i thought i would be , still lots to improve, i dont know how it is been alloted the scooter of the year
By Murtuza Dholkawala on 05-08-2011
tvs wego is very good scooter as compare to activa specially activa get hit because at that time there is no other scooter present in the market which compete it and tvs wego is definitely a activa killer in all aspects and i am the proud owner of tvs wego
By Shashank on 21-06-2011
This is an excellent bike compare to other model.. but within a month i had faced many time starting trouble and low milage.
By K.senthilvel on 26-03-2011
Total review of WEGO is very good. Highly informative and well described points. Good job done by you. Keep it up.

By Hatti on 18-02-2011
I still have 97 model tvs scooty which has given very good service and our whole family (2+2) used to zip around in that vehicle when my kids were young. Then in 2007 I bought a scooty pep + for my wife and she never shares that vehicle with me. Both these vehicle are highly reliable and never, ever let us down. And from tomorrow i am upgrading to TVS WEGO in 'x' change for my good old horse, scooty. My wego is ready in s/r waiting to be picked by me. Great job done by TVS! Keep going.

Hatti Mohan
By Hatti on 18-02-2011
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