Honda Dio Review- Duo on a Dio? Perfect matcho

Honda Dio from the stands of Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Private Limited (HMSI) is the first of its kind; it is a motoscooter or rather that combo of a scooter and a bike.

And as a combo piece Dio features comfort, style as well as performance. The Dio basically targets the younger customers with its sporty looks that give a good riding experience oozing decent amount of style. The biggest plus of the Dio is that it is gearless and even female riders will find this to be the most attractive feature. And, the lightweight body of the vehicle enables a smooth and an easy ride for all; definitely being good on mileage part.

Looks cant kill but Dio appeals young funky college goers
One of the striking features of Honda Dio is its looks that has the full potential to appeal to young eyes with just a glance at the vehicle says it all. The side panels of the Dio make it look sleeker although not stylish. The multi reflector headlight is trendy and it looks as though it is designed to accentuate the overall design (well, everyone can't agree on that).

The aerodynamic design of the body is an eye-catching feature and it is an inspiration from the European styling preferences. The seat is positioned low and has sufficient ground clearance in addition to the wide footboard for comfortable riding and pillion riding. The look of the Dio is sure its major asset that will draw many youngsters towards it.

Engine and Performance
The Honda Dio is powered by a 102 cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, OHC engine that generates a maximum power of 7 bhp at 7000 rpm and the maximum torque of 7.8 Nm at 5500 rpm. The Dio is available with both self-ignition and kick-start options and has a V-matic transmission.

The movable fender helps in avoiding minor collisions. The front suspension has a long stroke and the rear suspension has a unit swing with spring-loaded hydraulic damper. The chassis is highly rigid and bone type. You can stay balanced even after sudden braking. The Dio also is equipped with effective shock absorption, which gives it full marks for overall smooth ride experience.

Honda Dio

The lightweight body of Dio enables you to glide through the roads, and handling the vehicle becomes so much easier because of that. The slim width of the vehicle helps to easily zip through the heavy traffic snarls. The seat is wide enough for comfortable seating to give good experience for long hour rides. There is also a bag hook at the front of the seat, and you have ample under seat space too has room for helmet, lunch box, raincoat and some silly stuff you always like to carry.

Mileage, color and price
The fuel tank can store 6 litres of fuel and in the city traffic the average mileage can range anywhere close to 50 kmpl. The Dio is available in the following colors: Black, Grey Metallic, Candy Blue, Metallic Pink, Red and Moon Yellow

The Honda Dio is available at a price range of Rs 41,400.

Final Verdict
Honda Dio is definitely a smart buy; it has style, performance and comfort, which is the basic requirement you look for in any two-wheeler in this segment. The owner of Dio will seldom complain. And, especially, young women who are looking to change from Scooty can take a look at the new Dio, which can be their next best buddy.

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