5 Things to Know About the Upcoming Bajaj CNG Motorcycle

Bajaj's new CNG bike is set to launch on July 5, promising eco-friendly commuting and lower running costs.

1. Launch Date and Event

The official launch of Bajaj's much-anticipated CNG motorcycle is scheduled for July 5, 2024. The event will feature Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways, and Rajiv Bajaj, the Managing Director of Bajaj Auto.

Upcoming Bajaj Cng Motorcycle

2. Dual Fuel System

This innovative bike will feature dual fuel tanks, allowing it to run on both CNG and petrol. Bajaj claims this will cut running costs by 50% compared to similar petrol-only motorcycles, offering a cost-effective solution for commuters.

3. Design Highlights

The teaser image shows a flat single seat and a lid for the CNG tank intake. While currently codenamed 'Bruzer,' the bike's official name will be revealed at the launch. The design focuses on practicality and ease of use for daily riders.

4. Target Market

Bajaj is aiming this CNG motorcycle at the commuter segment, specifically targeting bikes in the 100-150 cc range. This model is the first of several CNG bikes Bajaj plans to introduce, providing more economical options for everyday transportation.

5. Environmental and Economic Benefits

The CNG motorcycle is expected to offer significant environmental benefits by producing fewer emissions than petrol bikes. Additionally, the reduced fuel costs will make it an attractive choice for budget-conscious commuters looking to save money on their daily rides.


Bajaj's new CNG motorcycle is a significant step forward in the two-wheeler market. With its dual fuel system, cost savings, and eco-friendly benefits, it is set to revolutionize commuter biking. Keep an eye out for more information as we approach the launch date on July 5, 2024.
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