Aprilia Launches MotoGP Replica Versions of SR GT 125 and 200 Scooters: Special Editions Hit the Market

Aprilia SR GT MotoGP Replicas Blend Racing Aesthetics with Adventure Scooter Functionality, Targeting European and Asian Markets

Adventure scooters like Honda's ADV 160 and Peugeot's XP400 have set the trend in recent times. Aprilia SR GT has also carved a niche for itself in this growing segment, particularly appealing to riders in Europe and Asia.

Aprilia Launches Motogp Replica Sr Gt 125 And 200 Scooters

Aprilia is taking its SR GT 125 and 200 scooters up a notch with the introduction of MotoGP Replica editions. The racing-inspired visuals include the iconic Aprilia Racing colors—matte black complemented by red and purple highlights. The Replica models don't stop at visual tweaks; these editions switch from dual-sport to road-focused tires, adding a dash of racing verve.

Aprilia Sr Gt Replica Full Details

While retaining their original engine configurations, the SR GT MotoGP Replicas bring a flair of high-octane racing aesthetics into the mix. The 125cc SR GT produces 14.7 horsepower, and its 200cc sibling pumps out 17.4 horsepower.

Aprilia Sr Gt Replica Hero

For those closely following Aprilia Racing and its MotoGP athletes, Maverick Viñales and Aleix Espargaró, the special editions allow the addition of MotoGP racing numbers, giving them an even closer affinity to Aprilia's racing heritage.

Aprilia Srgt Replica Features

Eager fans can lay their hands on these MotoGP Replica models come October. The SR GT 125 is priced at €4,449, and the SR GT 200 will cost €4,749, not including additional charges such as road tax and registration. Aprilia aims to redefine adventure scooters by introducing the SR GT MotoGP Replicas. These scooters are built for both daily commuting and extended jaunts, marrying practicality with racing excitement.
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