Menza to launch their very powerful electric motorcycle Lucat in India

Lucat is an unconventional motorcycle with aggressive and sharp looks. The Lucat comes with carbon fiber body works and has a top speed of 121 km/h.

The Menza is an electrical automobile manufacturing company based in Ahmadabad, India. Menza, a name that's been derived from the Mensa breed of horses; which are used to perform in races is placed very thoughtfully and resonates with the making and purpose of motorcycles produced by this Indian Startup.

The Lucat is a one real performer electric motorcycle. It is very customizable and looks very unconventional. The riders can easily customize various portions of the bike to meet their personal preferences from body-type, seat height to footrest position and so on.

Menza Lucat

The Lucat has carbon fibre running through the entire body, flat clip-on handlebar, cantilevered tailpiece and spoked rims. The Lucat has a very aggressive urban motorcycle looks. The twin-tube swing arm that is painted in contrasting red colour remains one of the Ducatis and other big sports bikes. The aesthetics of the bike is levelled up with the use of circular LED headlamps and the entire body styling keeps it on par with aggressive and violent sports bike and street fighters.

The Lucat runs on a 72V Lithium-ion battery pack with smart BMS system. The battery could be fully loaded within 4 hours and also gets fast charging capability that can fire up the charging process with just 90 minutes. The Lucat gets inverted WP telescopic front suspension and a custom rear monoshock. The inclusion of regenerative braking system helps the Lcuat to store energy to the batteries as brakes are applied. The Lucat can survive up to 100 km in the city traffic and 150 km on the highway with a single charge. The entire power of the motor is directly fed to the battery and this helps reduce much transmission loss.

Menza claims a top sped of 121 km/h for the Lucat which is very impressive considering that it is an electric motorcycle. The braking of the Lucat is done with 300mm disc brake at the front and 230 mm disc brake at the rear. The overall dry weight of the Lucat is around 153 kg.

The company is now aiming to set up as many charging stations around the country for the ease of use of their electric-powered motorcycle and currently, a charging station is set up at the Yamuna Expressway that is free for the customers to use.
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