The Suzuki TU250X: A Perfect Thump Killer

Suzuki's retro-classic model TU250X could be a good alternative for Royal Enfield models, if it is launched in India.

Royal Enfield calls Classic 350 and 500 as their retro classic models. And to many extend, it is. The English born RE is considered to be the most desired and valued motorcycle brand in India. The trend and desire for motorcycles changes from time to time and it is considered to be a good time for the Royal Enfield. And for the past 4 years, there is a major hike in their sales figures too.

It is true that, many of the current RE owners are not the real retro-classic lovers and they are just following the trend by owning an Enfield. This scenario has destroyed the legacy of Royal Enfield to some extend. Many hardcore classic bike lovers has started looking for a better replacement of Enfield due to this. The UM motorcycles from America arrived here with such a difficult task to deal with, but rather failed to impress the market due to many reasons.

Suzuki Tu250x

While talking about such “Thump Killers” Suzuki's TU250X could be one strong contender to fight the RE ruled classic motorcycle market. Suzuki introduced their TU250 clan in TU250X, ST250 and ST250 E-Type models from 1994. The first generation of TU motorcycles was introduced in Japanese Domestic Market, in 125 and 250cc, single cylinder, air-cooled engine. The second generation model has been marketed in Asia, North America and South West Pacific regions. It has received a healthy reception from all over these regions and been also described as the bike having, “1960's-era British aesthetics”.

Suzuki Tu250x 2016

Coming to the technical section, the TU250X is powered by 249cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder engine with DOHC system. It features Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) plated cylinder for efficient heat dissipation and durability. Moreover, SDTV fuel injection system and PAIR (Pulsed Air) system is also used in the engine module to improve the performance and efficiency of the bike. Engine is mated with a 5-speed constant mesh gearbox, which transmits the power to rear wheels using chain linkage. The mill churns out a top power of 16 bhp @ 7200 rpm and a peak torque of 17 Nm @ 4500 rpm. This 148kg motorbike clocks a top speed of 121 kmph, which is quiet decent for a 250cc classic bike. The engine sits on a lightweight diamond-style steel tube frame, which makes it agile and strong handling.

Suzuki Tu250x 2017

The cosmetic department consists of chrome plated headlight case, speedometer cover, tail lamp housing and front fork outer tubes to bring out all the retro classic elements of the bike. A new gray and black paint schemes with contrasting stripes along with a polished crank case side cover complements the bike's classic sports appeal. Classic two piece rider and passenger seats with low 30.3 inch seat height enhances the visual beauty as well as riding abilities.

Tu250x 1

All the facts and figures of TU250X makes it a perfect alternative for Royal Enfield models. Suzuki is yet to make their statements on the India launch of TU250 and let's hope that would happen in near future.
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Last updated on 03-02-2017. Published on 30-01-2017.
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Nicely described nd very informative
By on 31-01-2017
Yes indeed this machine from the SUZUKI stable should by all means hit the Indian shores. The SUZUKI TU250X should definitely be launched in India, however, with the following changes as under :
A larger fuel tank if at least 15 litres, instead of fuel injection, it should have a superior quality Japanese carburettor, it should have a heavy battery 12 V, 9 amh battery, a small 3 watts pilot lamp should be incorporated within the round headlamp assembly, the enter speedometer should be analogue I with a trip meter included within, as for the Indian market, it should be priced around ₹ 1,25,000/-
By on 03-02-2017
@ Ruzbeh: Definitely
By on 03-02-2017
Nowadays we can see enfields in each and every corner, a tough competitor is required,eagerly waiting for this machine
By on 03-02-2017
TU250 from Suzuki will be a reliable bike in reasonable price tag with a classic look.But I don't think that it can beat Enfield bikes.The fan level of Enfield is really high.Various age group people love Enfield.The acceptance of TU250 may not reach the level as of Enfield.
By on 04-02-2017

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