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UM Motorcycles will launch its first motorcycle by the end of 2015

Official word from the Miami based two-wheeler manufacturer, UM Motorcycles, said they were looking to introduce their brand into the Indian market by the end of 2015. United Motorcycles Global is a fairly recent entry to the Global motorcycle arena but have claimed a respectable chunk of the global market leadership. Their main aim is to produce affordable and reliable means of transport but with the usage of performance delivering engines.

The company had initiated its proceedings to enter the Indian market after appearing for the Delhi Auto Expo in 2014, bringing along four of its models: Duty, Sport, Commando and XStreet, with XStreet being the sole performance/sports oriented bike and the others being part of a cruiser lineup.

UM Duramax

As reported earlier, UM had entered into an agreement with Noida–based Lohia Auto to manufacture their bikes. UM is also looking at using its Indian manufacturing partner to set up India as their manufacturing and exporting hub to other markets in the Asia – Pacific region and also the US.

UM Xtreet

The company aims at entering the Indian market by offering bikes that suit the needs of the Indian biker and which can be affordable.

UM Xstreet

The first line of products will be based on engines in the range of 200-400 cc and will later be offering high-end bikes. With the promising entry of UM, the Indian biking segment will witness a major but gradual change in the biking choices and the stakes will be lifted higher in terms of the competition on who will claim the top position in the market.

UM Renegade Sport
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