Battery Maintenance

The 12v battery is the igniter of an automobile. And hence, maintaining battery in regular intervals of time is must to be done in order to hold a battery for its long run. Maintenance refers recharging and caring a battery. And certain mandatory procedures are ought to be taken care for a better life of a battery.

Battery Maintenance

Submitting the motorcycle at any authorised service station within the advised period or kilometre limit would be the best equation to keep up a long-life to battery.

Always remember to keep the battery cleaned and dried. Never drop a splash of liquid. As lubrication has to work properly, apply either vaseline or petroleum jelly to cable clamps. Never apply grease for lubrication.

Never add acid into the battery water. Refill it only with distilled water.

When battery refuses to ignite the electrical system in winter days, start the motorcycle kicked.

Make confirmed that all wires are properly connected with their pairs, so that the battery is well placed to the cradle and the cable clamps.

Check out the vent hose and vent plugs regularly. The vent hose should not be damaged or folded. Possibilities are there that the vent hose may get damaged by the exhaust. So a regular check would be pretty handy.

Above all, check your motorcycle frequently. If you feel any missing, dont wait any longer. Just ride to the nearest service station.
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