Tips to Ensure Motorcycle Safety

7 pro-tips to saveguard your bike

Thefts involving motorcycles are prevalent. Because a bike can be wheeled away even while it isn't running, it isn't the easiest object to keep secure.

Riding a motorcycle away from a crime scene is the quickest way to get it out. It's preferable to pushing! And while occasional grab-and-drive theft does occur, motorcycles are usually far faster than a van or vehicle.

However, there are a few things you can do to keep your prized vehicle safe from the hands of criminals.

All motorcyclists should prioritize keeping their motorcycles safe. With motorcycle theft on the rise, we've compiled a list of helpful hints, from the modern way to the simplest ones, to keep your bike safe all year.

1. Install anti-theft alarms
Anti-theft alarms should be installed in your vehicle. You can install an alarm system on a motorcycle to alert people of attempted theft. You can choose from a range of anti-theft devices to keep your bike safe.

There are also alarm devices with GPS features. It might cost a bit more than just the alarm equipment, but it will surely give you peace of mind to keep your bike safe.

2. Install a GPS tracker
A GPS tracker is an easy upgrade if you want to take a more advanced approach. Install it, hide it, and you'll be able to track your bike's whereabouts. More advanced units can sound an alarm, detect motion around the bike, and turn off the engine. In the worst-case situation, post-theft tools are the best investment.

3. Use an alarm-equipped anti-theft lock
A lock with an alarm will prevent burglars, especially if the lock is prominently displayed. Rather than a steering/fork lock, a lock and chain is often the best option. The trick is to make sure that the lock and chain are both sturdy enough so that the thief won't be able to get into your bike. A disc lock can also be quite helpful.

4. Install a second ignition switch
A motorcycle with a screwdriver stuck in the ignition is preferable to none. You'll also have an extra screwdriver.

5. Install A Kill-Switch That Isn't Visible
Even if a thief has the keys, a kill switch makes it impossible for them to start or hotwire your bike. While a kill-switch is useless if a thief knows how to activate it, a concealed one makes the process much more difficult. Because burglars must act quickly, a concealed kill-switch might deter theft.

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6. Smart Parking
When parking in a public space, make sure you park in a high-traffic location where many people will be passing by your bike. If parking in a high-visibility area is not possible, consider parking near a security camera. Make sure the space is well-lit. Never leave your keys in the ignition.

When parking your bike at home, you want to keep it hidden as much as possible. You'd keep it locked up in a garage. Keep your keys with you, not on a peg near your bike.

7.Make Your Bike Unique
Customizing your bike will improve its performance and comfort, but it will also make it highly recognizable, which is something that thieves want to avoid. If you're going to customize your bike, make sure you photograph it to document the changes. This will come in handy to deliver to the police if your bike is stolen.

Preventive measures in keeping your motorcycle safe from theft have circulated within the bikers community. However, any safeguard can be circumvented. They're only there to slow down the scumbags. Unless you've added some post-theft security, if someone gets past your preventative security, your alternatives are pretty limited. So, better invest in an alarm system that will give you higher chances of protecting your bike from theft.
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