Types Of Tyres

Here tyres are classified according to its use

Tyres are the fundamental part of an automobile. It comes in various sizes and quality. We can classify tyres in many ways. One such classification can be done based on the use of tyres. And they are;

All Weather Tyres

These are commonly used tyres, which are found in almost all production cars of our country. According to Indian standards, all weather tyres are mostly recommended due to the climatic conditions of the country, as we experience all 5 seasons throughout the year. These designs are designed by compromising many features like life expectancy, performance, grip and noise. All weather tyres are made of harder rubber, which lacks grip and cornering ability. The tread design too is compromised to withstand wet-road conditions as well.

Bridgestone All Weather

Summer Tyres

These tyres are more keen on performance and grip. Such tyres are made from soft rubber compounds with short life span. The tread design of summer tyres provides outright grip and lacks the ability to remove water efficiently on a wet road.

Michellin Summer

Wet-Weather Tyres

Wet tyres are specially designed tyres for wet roads alone. Their water dispersing ability is a lot more efficient than all weather tyres. These tyres have small zigzag sipes and slit-like grooves in the tread blocks, which allows the block to flex. Siping process improves the traction in wet and icy conditions. Such tyres increase the traction by creating an additional biting edge known as Aquachannel tyres. Wet weather tyres are made from soft compound rubber with 50% less life span with all weather tyres. Goodyear Aquatread and Continental Aquacontact are finest examples.

Mrf Wet Tyres

Snow/Ice Tyres

These tyres have larger tread blocks as compared any other tyres. Moreover, snow tyres have small metal stud inserts which will bite into the snow for maximum grip. Such tyres are usually noisy on dry lands and tarmac.

Pirelli Winter

All-terrain Tyres

This type of tyres are used in a special category of vehicles like all terrain vehicles, 4 wheel drives, SUVs, pickups and off-road vehicles. These range of tyres has to withstand some extreme conditions like loose sand, dirt, rocks, high angle descends and even on rivers or puddles. They are larger in size with stiffer sidewalls and bigger-tread pattern.

All Terrain
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