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Listing out some general and technical facts about Scrambler Motorcycles.

For an off-road bike maniac, the word “Scrambler” seems to be nothing but an untamed wild horse, yet to be tamed. The word 'untamed' is so meaningful from the first sight itself. The chunky treads, growling noise, cruiser looks and the upright driving position has made the scramblers to set a new benchmark in the motorcycle category. Rooted in the USA, scramblers have fans around the globe. But this category of motorcycles is not so popular like others. But reverse engineered Scramblers are more common than selling products.

The Ducati has made scrambler as their brand name for a 1962 single cylinder motorcycle. Ever since then there is a deception among most of the people that Scrambler is just a model of Ducati. Actually, scramblers are nothing but any motorcycle with a high mounted exhaust, rugged tires and a high travel suspension. Scramblers are street bikes, reverse engineered or altered to cope up with off-road terrains. From the design point of view, these are different from motocross bikes as well as modern sports bikes and other cruisers.

Benelli Leoncino Scrambler

The partial naked look and high-held exhaust pipes are spot on features for a scrambler. The Triumph MY15 Scrambler is one of the best-selling models of Triumph motorcycles. Also, the Ducati Scrambler, Moto Guzzi V7 (Special & Stone), BMW R Nine T, Benelli Leoncino are other scramblers available in the global market.

BMW R nineT Scrambler

Reverse engineered scramblers are made, mainly in western countries. Anyone can transform their street bike or cruisers to a scrambler. But we have to be sure about the general ingredients like twin shock and air-cooled single or twin cylinder engine. The torque of the vehicle should be prioritized over the top speed. The visual simplicity of the motorcycle is also taken care of. It is to reduce visual bulk of the vehicle. High held handlebars give the rider an upright position. Closer headlights to the forks and shortened seats are other notable features. The On and Off road experience starts with the change of tires. The tire you choose defines your vehicle styling. Square tread patterns are more charming as well as the alloy wheel it covers. The fuel tank-seat gap, (as we see in older scramblers) looks very odd in modern-day motorcycles. Extra foam seats are also considered as the terrain we enter will be bumpy.

Triumph Scrambler

The riding experience of a scrambler would be entirely different from street bikes. One thing should be to keep in mind as these are not meant for good cornering experience or to hit 0-60 mph under 4 seconds. The character shown by these range of motorcycles are entirely new level and it should be experienced by ourselves. “Into The Unknown” (A television show) by David Beckham features Triumph Scramblers. This single film reveals the ups and downs of Scramblers. We cannot use the word adrenalin rush (for sports bikes) or muscular nature (for choppers) for scramblers. Their riding experience is quite different from all these. It is worth owning a Scrambler as well as riding one.

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Yes, we have a handful.
Ducati Scrambler series comes with 6 variants.
Triumph MY 15 Scrambler
BMW R nineT
Benelli Leoncino (2017 India launch) are the available models in scrambler category. All these motorcycles are currently imported to India according to the bookings and companies are yet to manufacture the models here.
Thanks for your patience
By Arjun Thambi on 05-10-2016
Is there any Indian OEM scrambler?
By Elvis on 04-10-2016

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