In House Training To Be Mandatory For All Superbike Owners In Kochi

The R.T.O of the district has introduced a circular from the District collector for all superbike dealers to give an all round training for their customers.

The two- wheeler industry in India has been growing tremendously fast with the availability of all major International heavy weights here. For the last 5 years, India has been one of the leading superbike market. When it comes to a small state from south India, the figures are astonishing. After the likes of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai, Kochi is one of the fertile ground for superbike industry. The dealership ranges from KTM, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, Triumph, Aprilia, Ducati, Honda, Yamaha and Benelli. As bikes above 200cc is considered as superbikes, many more brands joins this pack.

The ever growing number of superbikes have been causing a major headache for the Traffic Police and Motor Vehicle department of Kerala. Many deaths and many major injuries have been reported for the past couple of years due to the accidents caused by superbikes in the city. One of the major cause of this accidents are rash driving. Unlike European or Western Countries here, youngsters do not have proper knowledge of how to handle a sportsbike. While Kochi is one of the densely populated city with congested roads, bike accidents are one of the matter for daily concern. In order to control this number to a limit the district collector has taken some serious measures by joining hands with R.T.O and all the motorcycle dealers of the city.

Training For Superbike Owners In Kochi

The district collector Mr. Mohammed Y Safirulla has called out a meeting comprising all major bike dealers of the city here at Kochi last day to organize a well-expert training for all the superbike customers. The training will be mandatory for all bike users having 350cc plus motorcycles. All the necessary training classes should be undertaken by the respective dealers for their customers. It is meant for the current customers, as well as for those new customers who has already booked their motorcycle. The first stage of training will be only for selected 100 people and they will increase this number gradually.

The collector has also asked the bike dealers to present a detailed report on the number of bikes they have sold in last 5 years and also the number of accident repair works they have undertaken in these years. This model of preventive measures can be adopted and implemented in all major cities of India as we say always, "Prevention is Better Than Cure".
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