Test Drive Report of Suzuki Gixxer SF and SF Fi

Here we compare the two variants of Suzuki's best selling entry level sports bike

A person's fortune can be changed from time to time and place to place. It is somewhat similar for industries and their business. Sometimes, a single product could change the fate of the whole brand. We have numerous examples in the automotive sector itself, such as Pulsar for Bajaj, Activa for Honda and the Apache for TVS were such products. The 150cc Gixxer from the Japanese maker Suzuki, launched in 2014 was one such game-changing model for the brand. It has single-handedly lifted the brand, which was tangled in their second run without making much revenue. It is also known as GSX-150 in some Asian and European countries as well.

Suzuki Gixxer Sf Metallic Triton Blue

The Suzuki Gixxer SF is the full faired version of the naked street bike Gixxer. After tasting some bitter experience from the Suzuki GS 150R launched back in 2008, the brand has evolved much in the Indian market. Now, they had introduced the right product that lives to the expectation of this brand.

Suzuki Gixxer Sf Fi Glass Sparkle Black Metallic with Red

The faired version of Gixxer is available in Gixxer SF (carburettor) and GIxxer SF Fi (with fuel injection).

Design and Styling

Suzuki Gixxer Sf Front Side Cowl

Suzuki Gixxer Sf Fi Front Side Cowl

Suzuki has imposed a practical full faired design for its SF series. It definitely stays closer to the iconic GSX family DNA. The single thing that separates the SF from standard Gixxer is the full fairing.

Fairinig kit of Gixxer SF Fi

They even retained the headlight of Gixxer in the SF model. To make it even more fascinating, the SF version has been designed in the same wind tunnel where the mighty Hayabusa is being tested. The fairing kit has improved the aerodynamics of SF, even though it fails to gel with rest of the bike. Apart from that, the massive sculpted fuel tank, side body panels, instrument console, rear fender, tail lamp and grab rails are retained in the SF version.

Sculpted fuel tank of Gixxer

The Gixxer SF is the cheapest 150cc full faired motorcycle in the market, thanks to their part sharing ability with the naked Gixxer. It is rather a clever move from the Japanese maker to develop a naked motorcycle which is capable enough to bear the fairings. As we talk about the changes, the Gixxer SF and SF Fi gets a pair of clear lens indicators at both the ends.

Suzuki Gixxer Sf and SF fi Tail Section

Flexible and clear lens turn indicators of Gixxer SF series

These indicators are made of flexible rubber and plastic composite material, which is very flexible. Along with the indicators, SF and Fi get new aluminium exhaust covers with a different shape and rear view mirrors have been moved from the handlebars to the fairing.

New Aluminium Exhaust Covers of Gixxer SF

Visually, it is pretty difficult to separate these two motorcycles. One has to give a walk around both the SF and SF Fi to differentiate the two. The Gixxer SF Fi does not have a kick-starter and it also bears a small sticker named 'Fuel Injection' on the front fairing. Apart from these minor cosmetic changes, both the Gixxers look alike.

Suzuki Gixxer Sf Fuel Injection Badge


Both the SF and SF Fi gets same instrument console and switchgear. It displays all relevant information like tachometer, speedometer, engine warning light, trip meter, service indicator and much more.

Suzuki Gixxer Digital Instrument Console

The switchgear quality of the entire Gixxer series is excellent. However, the SF Fi lacks the kick start option and it has to rely on the electric self-start at each and every time. We cannot say this as one of the drawbacks of the bikes. However, almost all the premium bikes do not have a kick start option. Being a 150cc entry level sports bike, kick-start option would have a greater addition as we faced one for ourselves when the battery of Gixxer SF Fi drained completely while test driving. In addition to that, both the SF variants gets AHO (Auto Headlamp On) feature alongside the BS-IV emission standards.

Suzuki Gixxer Sf Fi with AHO

The Engine and Performance

The Gixxer SF and SF Fi gets the same 155cc, single cylinder, SOHC, air-cooled engine. The most prominent change between the two lies in the mechanical section as the SF Fi comes with Advanced Fuel Injection Technology. It works with the help of 6 sensors, which would calculate and monitors the right amount of air-fuel mixture that goes into the combustion chamber, resulting in improving the fuel efficiency and throttling response of the bike. With the Fuel Injection onboard the 'Fi' version feels bit more peppy and responsive while cruising. The engine delivers a maximum power of 14.8 hp @ 8000 rpm and a peak torque of 14 Nm @ 6000 rpm. It is mated to a 5-speed gearbox, which fails to impress me at times. On comparing our test vehicles, the Fi seems to be smooth and precise while the SF remains to be solid while shifting gears. In both the variants, the engine is tuned to deliver a wider low-end torque, which enables the engine to start at a standstill even on 2nd gear.

Suzuki Gixxer Sf BS-IV

Being a 150cc commuter it offers a fair amount of mileage and supreme riding comfort in and around. With the Suzuki's SEP technology, the carburettor variant claims to have mileage over 60 kmpl and the fuel injected model to be delivering even better figures. However, it is rather easy to clock 3-digit speeds in both the faired variants, thanks to the dynamics. Top speed of the Gixxer SF and SF Fi is in and around 120 to 130 kmph and it varies with the track conditions where it gets tested. The front fairing of the bike offers a decent wind protection at higher speeds, especially on the highways. Meanwhile, it is one of the fastest 150cc full faired motorcycles we have.

The throaty exhaust note of the bike is same as that of Gixxer. It always maintains a pleasing sound without making much nuisance at higher revs.

Ride Quality

Suzuki Gixxer Sf

Apart from the fairings, there are no other mechanical changes in the SF and SF Fi version to enhance its dynamics. The improvement in the aerodynamics is the biggest change could come across as we move from naked Gixxer to the SF model. The rigid framework of the motorcycle with the presence of 41 mm front hydraulic fork and adjustable rear monoshock provides a class-leading dynamics and comfort to the rider.

Suzuki Gixxer Sf Telescopic front fork

Suzuki Gixxer Sf Fi Rear Monoshock

Moreover, the beefy MRF rear tyre provides a commanding road grip and a higher level of confidence while cornering. However, both the SF and SF Fi offers the same cosy seating position of the Gixxer because of their unchanged mechanical parts.

Suzuki Gixxer Sf Fi front disc brake with BRYBE caliper

Suzuki Gixxer Sf rear disc brake

The braking duties of both the SF variants are safe enough in the hands of 266 mm and 220 mm disc brakes at front and back respectively.

The Verdict

Both the Gixxer SF and SF Fi targets the young Indian customers who are looking for a motorcycle with a powerful engine with a fair amount of fuel efficiency within a fairly crafted motorcycle with good road presence. The 155cc Suzuki engine with SEP technology proves to be a perfect balance of power and fuel efficiency. Moreover, the throaty exhaust may please some customers as well. After all, the visual presentation of the bike is the major crowd pulling factor. Especially, the MotoGP livery in the Metallic Triton Blue one we tested bears the mighty GSX-1000 essence in it.

Suzuki Gixxer Sf Side View

Apart from the fuel injected engine, both the SF variants looks equally good. Gear shifting remains to be the only factor that places the SF Fi slightly above the carburettor version. However, the riding dynamics of both the bikes are equally good. When it comes to riding posture and the comfort of the seat, it varies with different riders. Somehow, the makers have to upgrade the seating standards of the bike. The SF variant costs Rs 1000 more than the naked version and you may get the fuel injected version by paying an extra 4000.

Altogether, the Gixxer SF is one solid motorcycle which bears a brilliant engine under the skin, satisfying all the needs of an entry level sports bike. According to me, the Fuel Injected version scores more grades than the standard SF.

Photos By: Jithin Johnson

Test Vehicle Provided By: Aluva Suzuki

Full Details, Specification and Pricing of Gixxer SF

Full Details, Specification and Pricing of Gixxer SF Fi
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