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The Indian Roadmaster Hits The Indian Road

The 2015 Indian Roadmaster has launched in India.

The much awaited two wheeler in the tourer segment of bikes has finally made its debut in the country. The Indian Roadmaster from the Indian Motorcycles will be soon available in the Indian bike market. The official page has revealed the final details of the bike its price and other specifications and features. Falling under the Luxury Tourer segment of two wheelers, the Indian Roadmaster is one of its kind vehicle. Seemingly high priced luxury tourer comes with more than what it is paid for. A luxury tourer price at around Rs. 37,00,000 offers every single preferences and needs according to the perception of the rider.

Design and Style

Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster

The Indian Roadmaster named after the iconic model of 1940s is an innovative design which re-imagines the design, comfort, performance and styling of the vehicle. A motorcycle that is built upon a legendary name is designed in such a manner that it can hold its posture out on the open roads and in the hearts of many. A huge number of design elements adds on the overall look of this vehicle. Design elements have been used right from the front till the tail section of the motorcycle. First of it which is the Horizon Power Windshield, a typical design for a windshield which automatically adjusts according to the airflow with just a push-button which also features automatic glare protection and weather protection.

Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster

An all adjustable floorboard gives the passengers an ultimate riding experience and leg room. The seats, both rider and passenger, is the most beautifully designed component of the motorcycle. The heated seats, as the company calls it, can be controlled and adjusted separately and individually for both rider and passenger. The seat feature a height adjusting feature which can be set high or low for both the passengers separately. Comfort is thus never a question to be answered when the seats also come in a desert tan genuine leather material. Reaching the tail is a massive storage trunk which can store up to 37 gallons of utilities. The trunk features an all body waterproof storage. The much convenient storage space such as the side bags, roomy trunk and the lowers and fairing offers much more spacious room for storing.

Features and Technology

Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster

Engine specifications of the bike includes the all new Thunder Stroke III engine which delivers a stunning 119ft-lbs of torque at around 2600 rpm. The engine that is capable of producing an 1811cc power is a tribute design for its legendary Indian Motorcycle engine. The motorcycle come with a gear drive wet clutch transmission system. The adjustable Chrome Heel Shifter, also known as the Pinnacle Heel Shifter, adds on to the design, look and feel of the motorcycle and helps in easy and quick shift. Though the bike raves a bit slow, the overall weight of the vehicle enhances stability and balance even at its maximum speed and high performance.

Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster

Path finder LED lights is yet another feature of the motorcycle. Every single light in the motorcycle provides the riders with the brightest and reliable lighting option. The innovative key less ignition is a much secure and convenient feature of the motorcycle. A security code which is pre programmed for each rider (individual codes for each individual rider) helps to ignite the motorcycle if the key fob has been misplaced. A bunch of other innovative features that accommodates the bike includes a remote locking system for the saddlebags and the trunk which enhances security and safety.

Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster

The Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster also provides the riders with various custom options like the performance upgrade feature, The Thunder Stroke High Flow Air Cleaner, a significant custom option for the rider which helps to boost the performance of the motorcycle. This custom option not only helps to increase the power and performance of the bike but also improves the design and styling of the bike. The massive V-Twin engine increases the volume of air intake from that of its standard model and allows slightly higher performance for the motorcycle. A custom option for larger and spacious storage and a durable heavy duty duck canvas material saddlebag storage are also included in the custom option for the motorcycle. A chrome trunk armrest support increases the comfort for the passenger which can be positioned close to the passenger's body improves the comfort to a larger scale.

Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster

A Telescopic fork, 4.7 IN (119mm) – 46mm cartridge forks with dual rate springs assists the front suspension of the motorcycle. Whereas the rear comes with a single shock, 4.49 IN (114mm), Pneumatic adjustment suspension system. This enhances the riding comfort, stability and rigidity by properly balancing the motorcycle even at high performance. The braking system of the motorcycle is installed with a dual floating rotor with a four piston calliper assisted with a dual front 300mm Anti-Lock Brakes. A single floating rotor with 2 piston calliper assisted with a 300mm Anti Lock Brakes are installed in the rear wheels. The ABS comes as a standard option for the motorcycle, thus enhancing the safety of the riders. The front and rear tyre of the motorcycle comes with a Dunlop Elite 3130/90B16 73H and Dunlop Elite 3 180/60R16 80H respectively.

The motorcycle will be available in three different colour tones such as:
* Indian Red
* Indian Red with Ivory Cream
* Thunder Black

Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster

Price of the Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster in India starts from Rs. 37,00,000. The company has just one dealership in the country and which is located in New Delhi. The company have announced the opening of two more dealerships in India soon. With a high performance and comfort, the motorcycle also offers high distance riding capability. With innovations and features loaded in the motorcycle, it is expected to gain high rate of interest from the customers as well as the bike lovers.

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