Is Vespa VX a Value For Money Scooter?

The Vespa VX proclaims the history and tradition of world scooter industry. The scooter is nicknamed as the premium scooter in commuter class in the Indian scooter industry.

It's the third time that Vespa is entering to the Indian two-wheeler market. At first, the Italian scooter giant found alliance with Bajaj. And the next time, it was LML who became the partner of Vespa. Well, this time Piaggio's subsidiary firm planned to come India without any partnership. It seems that it has been worked somewhat.

The Vespa LX is the scooter that was firstly launched in the third entry of Vespa. Following a hyping excitement, the launch of the LX 125 became spellbound for the company. The scooter was paid attention in no time. Magazines, news papers, television channels, and websites covered the story of the Vespa. Its look is everything that is blended with classy and modern finish. However, the Italian firm failed to provide a better pricing.

2013 Vespa VX

Though the company offered a temporary reduction for the scooter, the pricing was again raised, which is now even costlier than the previous tag. That is, the first price tag of Vespa while launching was Rs. 66,666. When the firm cut down the price, it was dropped to Rs.59,996. Now, along with the launch of the Vespa VX, the Italian firm silently increased the price of the Vespa standard version to Rs. 67,462 (all are ex-showroom Delhi prices).

2013 Vespa VX

Let's talk about the Vespa VX
The Vespa VX is an optional variant which is offered with additional features such as a 200mm front disc, a color-changed instrumentation cluster, beige seat, a grab rail, and two new colors- Metallic Green and Pink. Apart from these stuffs, it's the same scooter with a more expensive price tag of Rs. 71,380 (ex-showroom Delhi). That means an increase of Rs. 4,000. Is that worth buying? Let's check it out.

2013 Vespa VX

Its 200m front disc is a much needed one. It certainly gives you confidence to take the scooter to top speeds. It becomes very useful, especially in city rides. Well, it's a scooter which is limited with small diameter tyres. So even if the machine is attached with a front disc brake and moving at high speeds through national highways, and when a sudden brake is applied, chances are higher to get skid. But, the Vespa VX really feels better than the LX.

2013 Vespa VX

The meter console is not a new one. It's just color-shuffled. That is the new console comes in black with white border. And now, it's also available in the Vespa LX as well. So it doesn't make sense at all.

2013 Vespa VX Beige Seat Color Option

There is Beige color option, which is not a standard part of the Vespa VX. To have it, you need to pay even more than the above mentioned price. Well, the Beige option looks great and very attractive. It will definitely help you to get noticed very easily. But, it will also get dirty if you don't care it well.

2013 Vespa VX

Then the new grab rail. Piaggio claims that the grab rail of the Vespa VX is attractive. But, I never find it attractive at all. It's something bulgy and looks like it's is fixed to carry goods or more stuffs. It certainly kills the modern touch of the scooter. The new grab rail pushes us to the previous generation. And Piaggio hasn't given any option to choose between the grab rail. If a customer wants the grab rail of the Vespa LX, he need to buy it for extra pennies. That's the new grab rail (of Vespa VX) is a pure waste of money.

2013 Vespa VX

Last but not least is the addition of the new two colors- Metallic Green and Pink. Well, these colors have also been added to Vespa LX 125.

Final Word
Except the front disc brake, the all new Vespa VX looks the same Vespa LX. And to own the optional variant customer needs to shed more money, which makes the Vespa VX a bloody expensive scooter. Yup! It's a premium scooter with built-quality and all. But, Piaggio must think about the likeness of Indian customers at least for once before thinking about a new scooter in India. See, the on road price of the Vespa VX is above Rs. 80,000, at which price we can go for performing motorcycles such as Yamaha FZ-S and if spending more, the unbreakable Hero Karizma. Yeah! It's clear that scooters and motorcycles are of two classes. And for that class, to ride with a premium pleasure in the Indian scooter segment, you may choose the Vespa VX or else drop it.
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