Hellcat, the 16th Bike of Dhoni

India's captain cool might have lost IPL 5 but not his craze on motorcycles. M.S.Dhoni, the Indian cricket captain, added 16th bike to his pavilion, this time an X132 Hellcat. With this MSD became the first South East Asian to own a Hellcat. "I have got a new bike and I am waiting for the number," MS said to the media.

Hellcat Dhoni

A break is essential for everyone. After such a flimsy loss to KKR in IPL, Dhoni had been looking for a recreational break, that could provide a partial relief. Finally he got the rhythm with the Hellcat. "Bikes are an obsession for Dhoni and it doesn't comes as a surprise that he has made another addition to his list of mean machines" quoted TOI.

Hellcat is product of an American motorcycle brand, Confederate Motors. Building only two X132 Hellcats per week, the motorcycle remains a very limited edition. It costs a fainting tag of $49500(27,77435.1 INR). The bike is powered by a 2163cc V-Twin engine, which has a torque of 150 foot pounds and horsepower of 132 BHP.

Hellcat Dhoni

"Dhoni has 11 bikes in Ranchi. He has two others in Chennai and two more in Mumbai. He has nine cars and all of them are in Ranchi. Dhoni is expected to return to his hometown on June 10. We haven't had any discussion regarding this Hellcat. We have neither seen such photos nor are we interested in them. Such acts of going topless smack of cheap publicity. Dhoni isn't interested in all that," commented Dhoni's brother-in-law Gautam Gupta.
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Oh my god, it's an awesome, it's feeling like haven for the bike riders... I just say WOW...
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Waah dhoni Bhaiya aapka hi maja hai , Tanik Hamare Tarfa bhi Dhyan do
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