Honda company planning to merge HMSI and HSCI

Honda company is planning to bring some reforms in India in coming months. They are planning to consolidate its various holdings and merging its two automotive entities in India, Honda Motor Scooters and India Ltd. (HMSI) and Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI) into a one company.

These two companies were working as two separate units in India. HMSI is two wheeler subsidiary of Honda Motor Corporation of Japan in India where as HSCI is a four wheeler joint venture between HSCI and Shriram Industrial Enterprises Ltd (SIEL).

This is one of the major step forward taken by the company after their split up with the Indian biggie, Hero group. Now the Hero company is working individually as Hero MotoCorp.

It is to be seen how Honda will merge its both automotive entities since in HSCI, Shriram Industrial Enterprise ltd. also owns stake and its joint venture between Honda Motor Corporation of Japan and Shriram Industrial Enterprise ltd.
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Last updated on 02-04-2012. Published on 02-04-2012.
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