Karnataka Government to Ban Pillion Riding on 100cc Bikes

The new rule will affect the common man and will be a huge headache for automobile makers.

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As a precautionary measure to reduce road accidents, the Karnataka State is now full-fledged to amend the long-forgotten Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989, which prohibited the installation of a pillion seat in motorcycles falls under the 100cc engine capacity. The rule, implemented in the state will affect new vehicles produces under the 100cc range but vehicles which are still now on roads are exempted.

The bringing up of the forgotten old rule without any foresight was welcomed with much criticism from all sides and was also subjected to a matter of conflict with the certificating agencies, including the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) that allows bikes with 100cc or less to accommodate a second person. But now as per latest reports, the government is reconsidering the rule and will ease it up the old norm from 100cc bikes to 50cc bikes and less.

Moreover, with only fewer vehicles on production that falls behind the 100cc and below range and that too made and sold especially for customers with less income or revenue the new rule will be a slap in the face of the common man. The automobile makers will also have to go through the new rule and this will affect the full-scale production of the motorcycles. If every state like Karnataka starts to follow the drill of implement rules without much foresight or scientific basis, the whole automobile industry will face substantial effects.
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Last updated on 20-12-2017. Published on 23-10-2017.
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