India Superbike Festival October 19-20 in Pune

The second India Superbike Festival is scheduled to program on 19th and 20th October, 2013, in Pune. The event is mainly focused to bring up the Indian superbike culture like any other progressed country in the world. It's expected to see as many as 500 superbikes in these two-day event.

The festive is comprised of off-road experience zone, shops selling cool gear, manufacturers displaying their motorcycles, places to go grab a cold one, a cinema theatre playing motorcycle movies, vintage bikes, food, hangout with friends and more.

India Superbike Festival Pune

If you have a motorcycle with 600cc or more and you want to participate in the event, just go to the website of Overdrive and register your place by clicking to the home page of India Superbike Festival.
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